Thursday, January 12, 2012

And The Result is Out!

I did not sleep last night.
Nt because I was too excited with the 901 revolution happening in Malaysia, but because I was afraid I wont be able to get up for sahur if I sleep.
But being awake enabled me to get real-time updates of what was happening in Malaysia.
A friend introduced me to a website where we can stream Malaysian TV channels and watch it online through our PC.
So I put on TV3 to the lowest volume, put on my iTunes volume a bit louder and study.
I can still hear what was going on on TV3 and planned to watch if there was any news.
So I heard MHI; Dr Harlina and Ally Iskandar were talking about the worrying increasing number of child abuse cases in Malaysia.

I did not realise when, some documentary program was being played.
I thought TV3 bought the documentary program and broadcasted it, like what TV1 did.
The documentary was about germs something2...I wasnt really paying attention.
But then I heard advertisements in English, like totally totally English.
And when I check the window (I had my ebook on the active window), it was really Discovery Channel. And after confirming the TV programmes on Utusan website, I realised the website was no longer streaming TV3, but Discovery Channel instead.
Arrrgghh! I don't mind watching a documentary, on GERMS but not when I desperately want to get real-time updates on Malaysia.
Anyway, my fb newsfeed then started to explode with joyous exclamation of Anwar being freed.

When I was a small girl, before I turned 8 I used to go to my neighbour's house to play.
She owned a board game called SAIDINA. It is the Malaysian version of Monopoly.
On my 8th birthday, my mother presented me a huge SAIDINA. I was so delighted and can't seem to stop playing it. I even brought the board game to the neighbour's house to play, and photocopied the money to make me richer, and I still have them at home till now.

Back then I didn't know that there were a lot of SAIDINA versions, but mine was Malaysian political states. We get to buy our own state/town and build houses/hotels in it.
Penang and Kuala Lumpur were the two most expensive states (RM1,300 each) while Kangar and Batu Pahat were the cheapest (RM400 each). And at one corner of the board, there was a jail.
If you get a "jail" card, unless u can pay the bail, u'll hv to go to the jail.

That year too, Anwar was jailed for his first sodomy case.
And Mahathir was the name most adults talked about.

So I imagined that Anwar and Mahathir were two players playing Monopoly, and Anwar got the "jail" card so he was jailed. And one day, he'll come out of it and continue the game.

True enough, he did.
But he was nearly jailed again today.


The thing about politics in Malaysia is, the politicians turned it into such a filthy field that the people do not know who to trust anymore (or at least I don't).
The normal people do not know these politicians personally, how will they know their true colours?
How will I know if these politicans are good men or good actors?

People can think, yes.
People can talk too, yes.
But people can think and talk, only based on what were presented to them.
And the things that were disclosed are not always true.
The mainstream media in Malaysia always report the good side of the government, hiding the bad ones and at the same time make the opposition looks almost like the worst coalition ever existed.
The opposition media will do exactly the same, the other way around.
The media makes u think what they want you to think.
And they'll tell you what they want you to know.

I think I sound rather pessimist here.
Let's stop talking about other people and continue studying.
Exam is just around the corner.
Ourgh! Exam is I believe one method of getting the attention of the youths away from current issues. Hahaha.. Beware, there are some truths in that.

p/s: This post was written retrospectively. I couldn't make it to post it on January 9th even though I started writing on the day itself.

-Because life is a test-



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    1. @Anyonymous.
      Thanks for reading :)
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