Monday, July 9, 2012

Blackpool Olympic 2012 Torch Relay

"It is a once in a lifetime experience.
We should not miss it"

And that was the sentence that motivated me to chase the Olympic 2012 Torch Relay.
On Saturday, May 26th while Kiew and I were waiting for the bus to go home, one lady came and talk to us. She said later that week on Friday, there will be the Olympic Torch Relay in Chorley and asked if we are joining it. She was the one who said it's gonna be once in a lifetime thing.
True what she said, I do not know when will Malaysia get to be a host of the Olympics, if ever. And since I am in the country that is becoming the host this time, why would I want to miss being a part of it? However small it may be.

Well, not that Olympics is EVERYTHING, it is still just a sports event. But it is an international event. Superficially, it is a very nice and renowned event even though it may carry a nasty intention at its core. I do not know, but I don't like the one-eyed mascot.

But anyway, I found out that the Torch Relay that weekend is in Liverpool and I can't make it. The Torch will come to Blackpool on Friday 22nd June in the evening, Preston 23rd June early in the morning and make its way to Manchester later on the day.

Blackpool, Preston and Manchester.
Since I have a medical student conference on the Saturday, I can't make it to Preston nor Manchester Torch Relay.
Thus, I boarded a train with a friend on Friday to Blackpool.

Guess what, it rained the whole day.

My suede boots were soaked in water, my umbrella got severely damaged and I had to buy a new one, and it bent just 2 hours after that.
But it did not dampen my desire to watch the Torch.

The celebration event in front of the Blackpool Tower had to be cancelled but the Torch will continue. After waiting about 2 hours in front of Home Bargains, the Torch procession had finally make its appearance.

The Torch was carried by a lady in a wheelchair, in the rain.
Her arms must be aching from having to wheel at such a speed, in the rain.
The crowd cheered loudly when they saw her.

Too bad my camera wasn't able to capture the moment properly

See how bad the rain was? Fuh!

I like these kinds of celebration, where there are many people gathered to celebrate and cheer for something. It's like watching small kids running in their sports carnival and parents cheer for them from far.
My mother used to bring us to Merdeka celebrations in Dataran Merdeka where we tried our very best squeezing in between adults to get to the most front we can get so we will be able to get a good view of the procession with beautiful decorated cars.
But nowadays we rarely go to those processions anymore, everyone got busy with their lives and celebrations like that where we have to be in the middle in such a big crowd get more unappealing. But I sort of miss those times.

The procession here is nothing compared to Malaysia.
In Malaysia, the decoration is unbeatable. Here, they won by the loudness of music they put on and the staff who dance on the buses and vans.
It was pure entertainment, not so much on the effort.
Hmmm..but anyway, I can proudly say that


despite being wet and soaked.

'til then,

-Because life is a test-



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