Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Glory Glory Man Utd! (Eh?!)

I've never ever thought that I will know anything about football. Like, really.

My dad and two brothers are not football fans, so I've never seen people staying up until 2, 3 am to watch a football match.
I used to say that football is comparable to a children game, since there are 22 grown ups chasing after one ball for 90minutes.
The first World Cup I remember was in 2002, and one of the girls in my class was so hyped up about it I thought she was just trying to get the attention of the boys (I still think she was).

Around my second year in IMU, I started to get exposed to football since the people around me were football fans.
And it all built up till now.
No no no, I am not a football fanatic, yet.
But can someone be in Manchester yet know nothing about football?

Sp yes, I've known quite a bit about football now. Heh...
And guess what, 2 weeks ago I went to visit the famous Old Trafford Stadium aka The Theatre of Dreams!

The museum and stadium tour cost me £13, after a student discount (can I forever be a student and get discount everywhere? Minus the exams!)

I read all about the history of Man Utd (no la, not ALL OF THEM) and I now know names like Matt Busby, Busby Babes, Bobby Charlton, the tragic Munich Air Crash and the class of '92. :p

During the stadium tour, I felt like recording the tour guide's description of the stadium; how big it is, how grand the stadium is, how disabled people-friendly they are and how proud they are of their success.

And I really can feel the pride the tour guide had in him while talking us through the stadium. True what some people say, Man Utd is a proud team. Haha...

Some time ago, Man Utd did a world tour and they came to Malaysia to have a friendly match. Snapshots during the tour in Malaysia were also archived and framed in the museum.

There was also a section in the museum showing the history of Paul Scholes, I think as a special tribute for him since he has retired. But after he reversed his retirement, the section was not brought down, courtesy I guess? I don't know, that's my theory. Perhaps other Man Utd fans has other thoughts on why was there a special section on him.

I've started to care about football that I felt the (pain? sorrow?) when Man Utd lost in the Premier League. I do not know neither do I watch properly the way they played but when Man Utd lost in the last minutes of the match, I was disappointed. Even Ah Kiew, my lovable housemate was! And the very next day was my exam in Manchester and I saw groups of people wearing Man City jerseys walking in the city.

Back to the stadium tour, I get to go into the player's changing room too! Too bad though, the pictures inside there were not good enough to be displayed publicly but, I did sit on the place where Park Ji Sung and Valencia usually sit.

And I hope Malaysian Man Utd fans who are reading this will be green in jealousy while the non Man Utd fans will be in some other colour with some other emotions! Yes, I am that terrible.

'til then!

-Because life is a test-