Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weather changes and 11 Months of Rust

I reached Malaysia on the 13th of July, that was a Friday.

I was in the plane for more than 13hrs in total, and since we are not allowed to bring bring in more than 100ml of liquids into the plane, I forgot to keep myself hydrated. The excitement of coming home was a big contributor as well, I suppressed all the thirst I had, and also the fact that I sat next to the window, which means furthest from the air stewardesses, and it'll trouble them (and the persons next to me!) if I always ask for water.

And since I did not inform my parents of my arrival, I had to take public transport home, strolling two big luggages and another laptop bag. By the time I got home I was so thirsty I drank almost 1l of water. Apparently it was too late.
That night, I started having sore throat and the next 2 days saw me lying on the floor, bed or carpet, wilted.

My relatives from Jakarta also arrived on the same weekend, on Saturday night. I was too wilted to meet them that night, I only joined them for breakfast. The next 7 days were hectic. I went for a day trip to Malacca, drove a 2-day trip to Penang, day trip to Genting Highlands, covered most of the shopping complexes in KL and in between, the fasting month started with me not fully recovered yet. Haha...
My relatives were here for 10days. Right after they went home, I fell ill again and laid on the bed most of the days, going out only for iftars with family.

With the fact that I do not have data plan on mobile, I barely able to go online since July 15th thus explained the absence from this blog =)
But I'm back now, insyaAllah.

I found my "Malaysia mind" rusted.
I used to drive everywhere in KL but since last week, I noticed that I can't remember most of the roads. I made countless futile U-turns and went for wrong turns almost half of the time. With my relatives, I drove blindly heading towards KL trying to remember which route to be taken. I was too embarrassed to call my dad in front of them, admitting I cant remember the road. Haha... Alhamdulillah, I managed to remember the road halfway there.

I can't remember where did my mother keep the toiletries stock. I thought it was on the shelves above the washing machine when my siblings pointed out it has long been shifted to the shelves under the TV *facepalm*.

And the shop lots in front of my housing area has developed! It wasn't there 11 months ago. Now the lots are full with shops. And there is already a Wong Solo restaurant branch opened in Kajang. I want to eat there!

But apart from that, nothing much changed. My mum kept saying that I am still the same, old me. My aunties said I "grew up". When asked whether did I grow up horizontally, or vertically, she said both.
And a friend of mum said "She looked different". I'm pretty sure that that means "She's a bit flesh-ier" =.="

And oh, dengan kereknya I always divide the prices by 5. RM25??? £5 only..
RM96? Waaahhh.. £20! Hahaha.. To guide me in buying stuff here. I plan to bring handbags and clothes back to UK. A simple, cheap, non-branded handbag costs at least £8 over there while the same kind of handbag cost only RM25 here. In addition, I prefer the designs here than over there! Times Square, I'm coming to you!

Okay, gotta start doing something else now!
Lots of things to do.
Hurm.... :( I have only less than a month left in Malaysia :(

-Because life is a test-


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