Friday, November 9, 2012

Manchester and the Joy


I am almost finishing the first semester of my 4th year, Alhamdulillah.
I'll be having my O&G mock osce today, having had my Paeds mock osce last Wednesday.
To my surprise, I did a lot better in my "talking stations" than my examination stations. In each OSCE exam, we will be tested on our talking skills and examination skills. Talking skills will include taking a good story from the patient- the reason they came to us and also to explain to a patient abt a diagnosis or disease or test results or a procedure. Examination station is, at the name implies, will test us on our competency examining a body, and decide what might be wrong with this patient.

I've always disliked the talking stations. Most of them are fake. Students who know how to talk well,even without good proper knowledge can score better than a student who can't speak well but knows a lot more.

Anyway, I am not going to talk about my exams today.
I am going to talk about what I did lately.
Did you know, my younger brother has recently came to Manchester?
Yes, he did! He secured a place in Univ of Manchester, studying E&E Engineering, sponsored by Yayasan TM.
He arrived about 2 months ago, after raya.
Although we are in the same univ, I've seen him only 4-5 times, since I am studying not in Manchester but in Preston.

Last weekend, Diana Rizal, a dear old friend of mine came from Glasgow. We havent met for a year! On Saturday, I brought her to Manchester for a walk around. That girl is one museum freak. I can bear museums, unlike some people who find museums dead boring and have to be literally dragged into a museum. But I dont't go and look for a museum in a city I visit. I will only go if it is really interesting, like Tower of London. Not because the exhibits but bcos I want to see the inside of the castle.

So first we went to the Whitworth Art Gallery. And my my, having not even one artistic strand of hair on me, I cant relate or appreciate the drawings, and exhibits there. I am sure they are nice, expensive and appreciable. But they are just not for me. However, the best part was when a group of musicians started playing music. There were cello, violins, keyboard, drums and even flutes. It was such a freestyle performance, I felt so relaxed and I do not know why, warm at the same time.

After praying in my brother's hall, we proceeded to the famous Jazeera restaurant, and then to Manchester Museum. Too bad we didn't have enough time, I did not manage to have a proper look at the museum. And because there was a match btw Man Utd and Arsenal (which Man Utd won, heh) we cant visit OT.

So Diana, I am looking forward for your next visit, and we can spend more time in the museum :)

With that, bye!

-Because life is a test-


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  1. Thank you having me around as well. Definitely will come again, insyaAllah :)) You missed one part though, the part when my jeans got burn on your portable heater, I didnt bring any spare jeans. HA HA HA HA.

    Good luck for your exams Akmar ! :)

    'Till we meet again :D

    p/s: if one day Glasgow calls, you have to come. ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee