Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 5 - Hamburg and Manchester

It took me 9 days to write this!
Usual excuse, class started.

So that morning on the 31st we took an ICE train to Hamburg, the journey was only about 2+ hrs and Wasil finished watching Gadoh on my iPad.

From Hamburg Hbf we went straight to (I can't remember the station now) the nearest S-bahn station to Miniatur Wunderland. And my my, we had a fantastic time in Miniatur Wunderland!
You know what? I'll write a specific post on that later, either after my progress test (which will be in 5 days time!) or before if I find myself unable to focus on studying (like now).

Right after Miniatur Wunderland we went looking for a halal restaurant to eat.

Alhamdulillah, for the past 4 days we have been able to find halal restaurants in all cities we've visited. Some of the times we shared a foot-long Tuna from Subway though bcos it's a lot cheaper!

Upon googling, there was this one restaurant called "Cita Rasa". Apparently it was an Indonesian restaurant! So we made our way there. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed until early Jan but the area that we were in was I think a Muslim area, an equivalent of Rusholme in Manchester. It was along a road called Steindamm. We saw lots of dark haired men and women with hijab and robes and also many halal restaurants along the way.

However, to our surprise, we also saw lots of sex shops (as written on their signboards)! I'm not sure what it means but one of them were called "Men's Paradise", I can't remember the names of the others. But all of them had a sexy woman picture in front of it with a large dark, closed doors. There was no censorship at all, no effort to make the shop "unobvious"at all! So it was all so confusing really. An area with many Muslims, many halal restaurants but also many indecent shops. I hope that area is not known as a Muslim area in Hamburg or it will be a very bad connotation!

We had lunch at Kabul Restaurant, an Afghan restaurant. It had an "All You Can Eat" buffet for €6+ if I'm not mistaken. The taste was so different from the Mamak, Malay, Thai or Pakistani curries I've tasted before. And that was also the first time I saw a restaurant serving a full plate of long, thin but furious looking cili api (bird's eye chilli) on the table.

And after lunch we headed straight to the Hbf (it means central rail station) and to the airport. And then, we were in Manchester.

I realised in Manchester, that I lost £40 *cry cry cry*
I am sure I took it out of my little pouch in the toilet in Kabul Restaurant and put it in my jeans pocket. And then, I completely forgotten about it. By the time I reached Manchester, it was gone. Come to think of it again, when the airport security officer did a full body search on me (the alarm went off as I walked pass the gate. I hate it when it happens), I can't remember taking out the notes from my pocket. It was already gone by then, I just did not notice.

And so, on top of all the things I spent on my 5-days-trip to Germany, I have to add a careless £40 "spend" in my budget report :(

-Because life is a test-


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