Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Layout! and Project Options.....


Yeayy!! New layout at last!
I am so satisfied :D :D

It took me so long to get this layout. Not that it is too hard, but just because I can't find the few hours to concentrate only on the designing. Well actually, I didn't do much but whatever.

All year 4 medical students in UoM need to complete an 11-week project called "Project Options".
My my my...11 weeeeks? I'd prefer it if they take 2 weeks of this project and put the 2 weeks into my Neurology block.

But anyway, in this 11 weeks, we can choose to do any project we want; research or non-research. Non-research can be critical appraisal or an audit. I am doing an audit on bisphosphonate therapy in symptomatic multiple myeloma. Well yes, it does sound posh. But what I am actually doing is just looking through patient notes and fill in the proforma, analyse the data, and at the end, write a report and present it.

I really think anyone can do that.
I prefer doing a case study.
And I'm too timid to do a research. I didn't even know what to research on for just 11 weeks.

This is already the 3rd week of my 11 weeks. And guess what, I have just started doing it today.
This is because my consultant asked me to do another audit for the past 2 weeks, for his department. Aigoo..
Not that I have a lot to complain but I think it is almost an exploitation of my time.

But I promise myself not to take up any other audit suggested by him until my bisphosphonate audit is finished.

'til then!

-Because life is a test-


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