Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hands up for those people who agree that electronic devices e.g. handphones, laptops, mp3 players, cameras etc are not made to LAST as long as they should be.

*both hands are in the air*

You see, they either break, simply do not work, get slower, hang all the time, the screen breaks, the connection loose, the battery weakens or more commonly, get out of date.

I really hope one day there is this service where you can try a device for a week or two before committing to buy it.
Since my first laptop in 2007 (the year I entered INTEC), I've had 3 more laptops.
That's 4 laptops in the course of 6 years!
The laptop in INTEC, an ACER (Oh God I forgot the model now, Diana might still remember. We had almost the same model) lasted me around 2.5yrs.
After one year in IMU, the laptop screen was gone, something was wrong with the processor or smthing inside there (I am terrible with hardwares, softwares are alright).
What happened? My brother charged it for hoursssss and it just shut down. Old computer (eh?)
I brought it for repair in Low Yat, charged RM200 for screen replacement. The man said it might last, it might not last.
True enough, within a month the screen went off again.
If I want to repair it again, it'll cost me a few more hundreds. then I was very interested with the idea of having a netbook.

Netbook; small, compact, cute, and cheap! It's not powerful but hey I am not an architectural or engineering student who needs fancy designing softwares to work on. I need basic Microsoft Office, web browser and that's it.
And the beautiful Ms Hezlin, my biology lecturer in INTEC had it. It looked so good on her!

And I even wrote some tips on looking for a good netbook.

And so, my second laptop was a pink Toshiba netbook. I sold my ACER to the repair man. He said he cant sell it second hand but he can take my hardwares as spare parts. Whatever la uncle.
Which, I find annoying because it is very slow and takes forever to load.
It is very good in the sense that the battery consumption is very very little.
It can last for hours just on battery. At least 4 hours if I am not mistaken.
But to load a powerpoint of lecture slides especially if the slides are full of pictures and graphics, urgh!
So, by the time I got really really tired of this netbook, my brother is almost going into his foundation.
So.....I started searching for a new laptop, again!

This time, I told my brother that I will give (read sell) this laptop to him when he started his foundation program in college. So, I dragged him to look for the laptop that he want, the specs and everything. Even the design.
Our deal was that I am gonna use that laptop first, for abt 6 months or so before I buy a new laptop to bring to UK.
And he agreed. Boys are easy, aren't they? They are not fussy, at all.

So I gave (read sell for a very low price) my Toshiba netbook to my mum. Well actually, not sell. I gave it to her and she gave me some "compensation". Heheh..
And my third laptop was a HP G42. It was an i5 with 8Mb RAM with NVIDIA Graphic Card and some other things I could not remember. But I always go for the moderately powerful laptop.
I cant stand waiting for things to load.

By the end of my course in IMU, I started to take interest in macbooks.
They said macbooks dont hang, they said it's beautiful. Macbook owners are so proud and full of themselves they macbooks to everyone they know are in search of a laptop and even ridiculed Windows. But they are expensive!

But I received quite some money prior to departure to UK.
So....I got myself a macbook.
Was thinking to buy an iPhone too at that time but because I do not want to spend more money than I should, I refrained.
So, the HP G42, as promised went to my brother and I got my macbook about one week before I flew off.

And I've been using this macbook till now.
Who says macbooks don't hang?
Mine does, sometimes.
Who says macbooks wont give you trouble?
Mine gave deafening siren and the screen froze few times before.
Who says macbooks are the best?
It is heavy! And I feel so reluctant to bring it for travelling.

But the battery is wonderful. I can watch a whole 2 hour movie only on battery and I still have roughly 30% battery left.
And the design is beautiful. I mean the softwares, they look unique. Mine is a macbook pro so I am not proud of the outer design. I prefer macbook white but they dont make new macbook white i3, i5 and i7 series anymore.

And I intend to use this macbook till the day I graduate, at least (that'll be next July insyaAllah!). And if I am to buy a new laptop again, should I stick with macbook or revert to Windows? What say you?

And oh, I am in final year medical school now.
Time rockets, doesnt it?
And finals (THE REAL FINAL) is in 113 days!

-Because life is a test-