Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mad about Blogging and Bloggers


Gler betul.
For the past few days, I have been sooo into blogging that I can't stop myself from writing (but I have been refraining myself from writing more than one post per day) and worst of all, reading others' blogs.
I don't know what has got into me. Mcm nak gler dok tekan "Next Blog>> - Next Blog>> - Next Blog>>" on top of the screen.

The funny thing is, all the blogs I stumbled upon are non-Malaysians and non-English.
Norwegian la, German la, even Spanish pun ade.
And pulak tu, all the blogs that suggested are the ones that are sooo outdated, latest post was like 8 months ago, 1 year ago, 2 years ago and so on. Oh come on la, give me something new la.
I really want to read people's stories. Like real people's stories.
Even better, I want to read my friends' stories but it seems all of my friends are in a hiatus now.
In fact, they have been hiatus for more than 6 months!
Haih, tu la. Kwn sume bdk medic, sape ada masa nk update blog all the time (or monthly at least).

I even revamped and declutter my Bloglist. Turns out many of my friends have private-ed their blogs. Patut le no updates from them. It took me hours to do these things.

I deactivated my Facebook account about two months ago, if not I would have written a status Sape ada blog cepat bagi link sinih. I wanna read your stories".
I ended up reactivating it for a very short while, went through my News Feed and looked at the "About" of all my friends yg rajin mengupdate fb. Who knows if they blog as well?
But none of them do.

So in the end I randomly googled "Jom Blogwalking" and I found this Jom Blogwalking blog. It lists out many many blogs (from A - Z) and all of them are Malaysians'!
So I went through the blogs one by one, not all of them though (I stopped in the middle of A)!

And from one of them, the writer mentioned bloggers like "Fatin Liyana Asri", "Maria Elena" and "Hanis Zalikha" have tens of thousands of readers/followers. So of course, I googled them haha.
Terus melekat! I read their blogs and from their blogs, I was directed to many other blogs.

And then I googled "Blogger Popular Malaysia" - hahaha..
And found even more blogs.
Envy jgk la, how could these people get like tens of thousands of readers?
No wonder they can make so much money out Ads and stuff.
Tp fkir2 balik, I don't want that many readers on my blog la. No privacy.

Oh, come la let me tell a bit about the "famous" blogs I stumbled upon today.

1) Maria Elena
She is a new mother, comel gmbr2 anak dia.
She writes about her life mostly.
And oh, I read somewhere that she wrote about her journey from being a free-hair to a hijabi. Well done~

2)Fatin Liyana
She is a fourth year medic student!
God... cemane la boleh ada masa to write so much. And she even models for some muslimah clothings.

3) Geek in The Pink
She is a young English teacher.
I have not read much of her blog but her writing is quite relaxed, I may read more if I have the time and will to.

4) Yuyu Zulaikha
She's a young married woman too.
Wrote about her life and her pregnancy so far.

From all the blogs I have read today, it seems most of them are fashionable women.
They usually have some make-up tips or shawl tutorials and stuff in the blog.
And they have nice and beautiful pictures too. Nmpk cantik glee in the pictures but of course, beautiful in pictures doesn't mean beautiful in real life. Boleh je mekap and Photoshop bagai.

And their writings are usually funny and so laid-back.
Something like "u'olls sume", "i'olls" and "Wahahahaha" and stuff.

Maybe THAT is the secret recipe to a successful blog.
Anyway, hopefully this post does not make me sound too envious of them!
Diorg best la, and we should not be envious of other people's achievement, right?
I have put up their links on my bloglist on the right side of this blog. Baca la kalau berminat :D

Ok, that's all for now.
Gotta go prepare dinner.
X sabar nak balik Msia, where meals are always ready on the table. Heh~

-Because life is a test-

06 June 2014

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