Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella


I mentioned before that I am trying to finish all my novels before I go back to Malaysia, haven't I?

So few days ago I was in the middle of "Who's That Girl?" by Alexandra Potter.
It was a story about a "paranormal" experience Charlotte was having, where she literally "time-travelled" and see her 21 year-old self, and even talked to her.
Apparently she has changed so much over the 10 year period that even her younger self could not recognise her.

The story started by describing Charlotte and her hectic lifestyle.
At 31, she is a successful but very busy woman with her own PR company.

However, I find it hard to get very absorbed with this story. The storyline was very fast-paced, but not funny.
I tend to compare authors and although I find Sophie Kinsella's writing fast-paced as well, her lines are actually funny. The characters are funny and alive. But not this one.
So halfway, I gave up and put it in one of the boxes I am going to ship home - that means I will see it again in two months time.

I then picked up Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, which I bought for £1.40 from the market.
And I finished it about 24 hours later!

However, I really hate Becky Brandon - the main character of the Shopaholic series.
I think she is very immature and almost incompetent - she can't plan, she can't see the seriousness of several banks collapsing, she buys cardigans that cost more than £100, and she's married to Luke Brandon - a mature, calm, patient, handsome and successful businessman.
It's just unfair and unrealistic.

She wants to host a surprise party for her husband, and she wants marquee and fire-eaters and good food, and costumes and performances, basically she just wants to blow her husband's mind off with the "wow-ness" of the party.
But she has got no idea how much that will cost her. Instead, she started making friends with her husband's secretary and got her to send an invitation email to the surprise party - without knowing that her husband's acquaintances are those people of very high ranks - ministers and businessmen - well, Luke runs a successful PR company.
When she realised she could not please all these invitees (bouncers, toilets, valet parkings, masseur etc) she started doing all sort of unrealistic things to make everything work.
Basically she creates problem for herself, and solve it by creating an even bigger problem.
And that totally doesn't sit well with me.

But I kept reading.
I want to know how bad her failure will be. How will she get out of this mess. She wasn't willing to give the party up, she won't settle for a nice dinner with family members. She wants a party with such a huge scale that she herself has never been to.
This sort of thing happened in other Shopaholic books as well, Becky always get herself in such a mess (and most of the time it is a financial mess and most of the time it was due to her shopping) but in the end, because of her "strength", somebody will come to her rescue and she'll get what she wants and everyone will be happy.

In this book, her "strengths" were: never give up, stubborn and determined.
That is someone came and helped her fund that party for Luke.

Sophie Kinsella has written quite many books and some of the non-Shopaholic series I've read were Undomestic Goddess, Twenties Girl, Can You Keep A Secret? and Remember Me?
I like all these stories and their main characters.
And I really dislike Becky Bloomwood.
But I still want to read the rest of the Shopaholic series.

Oh, this book is called Mini Shopaholic because Becky has got a two-year-old daughter who is very stubborn and likes new things as well - new toys, new dresses and stuff.

Hmm, tu je kot nk cerita about this book.
My next book: either HRH or Vanished, both by Danielle Steel.

-Because life is a test-

I have read Shopaholic Abroad (I think), Shopaholic Ties The Knot, Shopaholic & Sister and Mini Shopaholic

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