Saturday, June 7, 2014

No More a Medical Student

Dah! It's already 06 June 2014!

Today is the day I "get discharged from" School of Medicine, Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, University of Manchester.
This morning the final result arrived by email. It says: MBChB.

So yes, starting tomorrow I am no more a medical student.
I am officially an unemployed medical graduate :)

My convocation will be on July 8th, that's one month from now! *gasp gasp x sabar*
My outfit for the day is ready, so has my hijab.
I still have no suitable shoes to wear, so I am going shopping with Kiew at Manchester next week. Hopefully TK Maxx has something nice and cheap :D

Haritu struggle gler when I wanted to measure my head circumference to order the graduation hat.
When I measured with Kiew, we have decided that I will take 155cm. Well, I need to wear my hijab and I don't want to squash my hijab awning kn. Nti forehead nmpk besar gler. So I measured only my crown bit, not exactly the frontal-occipital circumference. This pict is almost like a wedding pict, once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. I can't afford to look awful!

But then, when Akmal came to measure his (because in Preston, I am the only one with a measuring tape lol), I suddenly remembered that most likely I will wear the lilt2 kind of shawl hence my head WILL be bigger. Will 155cm be enough? And when I googled images of girls wearing the graduation hat with hijab, most of them HAVE their awning squashed. That means, they really wear it like a proper hat, not just a crown.

So, I had to re-measure my head with an extra hijab some more. So most likely I will take 159cm now.
I'd rather a loose hat that I can pin it to my hijab than a tight one that will squeeze and cramp my head for hours and I'll end up with tension headache at the end of the day.

Lol, I can't believe I am no more a student now.
Dh xde identiti dh lepas ni. If ppl ask, obviously I can't say I am a doctor. But I am not a student anymore either.
Fortunately though, my student card says 30-JUN-2014 as the expiry date. Hence I can still use it for student privilege until 30th June 2014. That's good. Because I will be going to Ireland and France with Aisyah when she comes. And I NEED that student discount.

Ok, that's all for now.

-Because life is a test-

Yeayyy! Nak buat mcm ni lah nti on my graduation day. I hope other people will join me! 



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