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Manchester, Blackpool and Liverpool with Aisyah =]

Okay, so Aisyah reached the UK on June 16th, we went to Dublin on the 18th, visited Galway on the 19th, the magnificent Cliffs of Moher on the 20th and went back to Manchester on the 21st.

Aisyah followed me to my hse in Preston and we planned to go sight-seeing in Manchester with Wasil on the 22nd because he is flying home on the 23rd! See our tight schedule? Mcm artis gitu. On 23rd I brought Aisyah to Blackpool, 24th Liverpool and on the 25th we flew off to Paris ♥!


So, where did we go in Manchester?
Of course, the United Ground! :P
But before that we went to the Salford Quays by tram :D

Over the three years I called myself a Manchester University student, I have never actually been on the city tram. I've always seen them passing by numerous times across the Piccadilly Gardens.

The tram is quite pricey, one way journey to the MediaCity UK station was more than £2.50. I can't remember the exact fare but that's still quite expensive, isn't it?

At Salford Quays

The scenery in Salford Quays was quite beautiful.
There were people playing waterski as well as rowing on that day.

We passed through the Digital World Centre, some docks and basins, walked in front of the MediaCity UK where there was a big BBC office and also a huge "Coronation Street" signboard nearby (I honestly do not know what is this Coronation St but I've heard of it zillions times before).

At Lowry Outlet. There were not that many outlets here but I think this place has the same concept as Cheshire Oaks. People can buy cheap branded stuff here.

From Salford Quays we walked to the Imperial War Museum to catch a bus to Old Trafford =D
I think this must have been my 3rd or 4th visit to Manchester United stadium, haha.

The famous spot for a picture :D

We then had lunch at Seoul Kimchi, my favourite Korean restaurant ever!
Aisyah ordered Spicy Fried Chicken and it was very good. Too bad that was my last visit there so I could not have that again. I ordered Seafood something (I can't remember the dish name) and to my horror, they started putting oyster and I think they blended even the shells of the oysters!

Top: Seafood "something" Bottom: Korean Spicy Fried Chicken. jjang!

We went to Chinatown, took some picture at Piccadilly Gardens and bid goodbye and farewell to Wasil as he will be flying back to Malaysia the next day T__T

The Eye of Manchester in the background @ Piccadilly Square.
Haih bdk2 zaman skrg. Shoelaces different colours!


The next day, Aisyah and I went to Blackpool!
Blackpool is a town located right at the seaside, it has many tourist attractions like The Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Sealife, and Madamme Tussauds Blackpool.

I booked two tickets for Madamme Tussauds Blackpool, which cost me £12.50 per person. I can't remember if they give student discount.
I went to Madamme Tussauds London before, it was very good but because I was very stingy, we bought the cheap tickets; the after 4pm ticket. There were so many people we had to queue to take pictures with the wax statues.

I thought there will be less people in the Blackpool gallery, and I was not wrong.
There were very few people, and very few statues too =.="
No, there were many figurines but most of them were unknown to me.
There were British local soap dramas characters and their athletes.

It's Rooney on the right, isn't it? How about the left one? Who is it? Do you know?

I only took pictures "with" the figurines I recognise. Some of them were Simon Cowell, Lady Gaga (gasp), Michael Jackson and Russel Brand.

And oh! David Beckham too =.="

Aisyah and I spent almost half an hour jumping up and down at the beach, trying to get the best jump shot.

And this, is our pride! =D That is Blackpool Tower behind us

We had to put my camera on the sand, resting on my bag and stabilised by our phones and other stuff. We put a 10 seconds timer and tried to jump at that PRECISE shutter time. It was so hard.
Sometimes Aisyah jumped beautifully but my legs were still on the ground and vice versa.

Anyway, it was a good and relaxed outing day.
Our next stop was Liverpool :)


I always call Liverpool as Kolam Hati. Liver = "Hati" and Pool = "Kolam". No?
Later I found out that the "liver" actually refers to a mythical bird called the Liver Bird.

We did not do much in Liverpool, we went briefly into the Merseyside Maritime Museum. We actually spent most of the time going into shopping outlets. We did visit the Albert Dock but Aisyah wasn't too interested in taking pictures there, perhaps she was tired of being a tourist and the excitement of going to Paris the next day somehow overwhelmed her.

We spent a significant amount of time in the Superdrug store, that is equivalent to a Watson's store in Malaysia.
And what did we do there?
Trying on make-ups! @.@
Aisyah wanted to look her best for the pictures in Paris, and so did I.
I wanted to buy some make-ups for my graduation ceremony too.
I planned to do the smokey eye make-up!
I'll let you know if I managed to pull it off on my actual graduation day haha.

Anyway, I've never thought this day will come that soon. That is, the last day I can set foot in Liverpool city.
To commemorate the day, I decided to take a picture in front of the Liverpool Railway Station~

My last picture in Liverpool city :(

With that, I end my writing for now.
I will write about Paris soon, insyaAllah :)

-Because life is a test-


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