Monday, August 25, 2014

Masjid Cina Melaka; 24th August 2014


Yesterday 24th Aug my whole family (excluding Wasil) went to Melaka for a hari rays visit to Akmal's house *gemuruh gler nk pegi sana, x tipu*

We reached his house at about 12.30pm and stayed for lunch for over 2hrs.
I think I was very poise while eating, mcm x pernah la makan selembut tu. On the floor lagi.

We left the hse at around 2.15pm and went straight to Masjid Cina Melaka for Zuhur. We saw the signboard on our way to his house, and mama, being a very proud Chinese requested to visit the mosque for Zuhur.
So off we went~

The mosque was very beautiful and striking.
It looked really...CHINESE.

The main entrance. Very beautiful right?

The first thing that came to my mouth was "Eh cantik masjid ni...Nk nikah sini la.."
Aisyah overheard it and quickly announced it to everyone in the car "Akak kata nak nikah kt siniii"
Mama quickly say "Nikah kt tempat perempuan laaaa"
Haih Aisyah ni...laju betul mulut dia.

Me and mama. Eyes became even smaller, for the sunlight was veryyy bright!

Me, mama and Aisyah

Mama is very active in MACMA (Msian Chinese Muslim Assc) Selangor branch and for a very long time, MACMA Selangor wanted to build a chinese mosque like this one in Selangor. I hope the dream will be materialised soon.
And I really hope the mosque will be somewhere near the centre, if not in the heart of Selangor. I hope it will not be in parts like Kepong, Sg Buloh or Banting. So far from the centre!

This Masjid Cina Melaka is located behind Stadium Hang Jebat, near Cheng.
How near is it from the Melaka city centre?
I don't really know haha.
But Melaka is not as big as Selangor, so it might not be too far.

But where is the heart of Selangor?
Hmm...PJ area maybe? Or Cheras?
Shah Alam is the official capital city, but I don't think it is as busy as PJ.

Alah shuweetnye couple nih.

5 of us. A young boy took the pic for us.

We then went to Nilai 3 for shopping!
Mama bought a RM700 carpet for the house and guess what, the Pakistani who sold the carpet tried to flirt with me. Aish~
He asked my mum how old am I, and if I am married. He then said he is 24 as well.
While I was alone at the cashier counter, he asked if I am engaged and if I want him. Urghh~

Ok, that's all for now.
I will continue writing later.
I have actually written half of my travelogue in Dublin but I have not uploaded the pics yet so I can't publish it yet.
Will do so some time in the future, insyaAllah =]

With that, bye!

-Because life is a test-


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