Sunday, August 31, 2014

Strawberries; nice but fragile

I've been quite busy for the past few days, I didn't have time to pen down my thoughts.
But let me write something short and simple today.

So a few days ago I typed "Malaysian doctors blog" into Google search.
I want to read about a doctor's life, better if it is a houseman's life, so that I can have a rough idea how will it be like.
But I guess once one become a houseman, one won't be able to write much eh?

But I stumbled upon this blog: In My Father's Footsteps.
I didn't know who this guy was, but his writings were very funny, short and simple.
Then there were posts about him being the examiner of medical students' OSCE and the silly things the students say out of nerve.

So I kept reading, and found out that he is an IMU lecturer!
He works in Seremban, and teach IMU students.

There was this one post that really hit me hard.
It was titled Teaching Strawberries.

He first talked about strawberries being very nice to see, to smell and to look at.
But they are also very fragile, they deflate, change colour and turn bad if exposed to heat.

And some of the senior doctors actually call the new generation of doctors in this country as The Strawberry Generation.
The Strawberry Generation is the generation of young doctors who can't stand working in bad conditions, whine about lack of rest and unsympathetic superiors.

And he was unhappy with one of his bedside teaching session where none of the students clerked patients and prepare to present the case.
And he ended the post with:

"I want my students to be made of better stuff and avoid being labelled strawberries when they graduate and start work."

It was as if I was struck by lightning.
Am I going to be a strawberry when I start working?
Will I be seeing strawberries around me?

I hope I will not be one of the strawberry doctors, who break down and wilt at the slightest adversity.

p/s: But I don't see why young doctors should continue working in less than optimum condition. I hope our lives will be easier. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, ain't it?
I just hope I will be a safe and competent doctor, if not extraordinary.

-Because life is a test-


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