Wednesday, March 1, 2017

That blunder


Just a quick update.
Recently (about a month ago), I had a major problem with the internal HD storage space in my Macbook.
I was left with only about 2GB space.
Naturally I fiddled around and re - discover iCloud.
I've always had this uneasy feeling with online storage - I feel as if I risk exposing everything to the public if I were to store my files online. Hence I've never really explored iCloud.

But this time I was desperate.
I need the storage and my external HD wasn't working well.
So when I actived iCloud in my Macbook, it automatically transferred all my files into iCloud.
Then I found out that I only get 5GB of storage in iCloud for free. It won't be enough anyway. If I want more storage, I'll have to buy them.

Naturally, I did not want to pay.
Little did I know, it actually did not "copy" my files from Macbook to iCloud, it "moves" them.
For those of you who are used to these terms, you'll know what I meant.
It means I only have one copy of the files.
And I - like a fool - deleted those folders from iCloud (I thought there were two copies! One in iCloud and the other in the local drive!)
And suddenly I have 80GB of free storage left.
80 GB!

It took me a while to really understand what was going on.
I deleted 80GB worth of files and folders.
It was everything on my medical school years.
My eBooks, my lecture notes, my pictures, my working documents, every single thing.
I am now left with only songs and some pictures going 2014 backwards (I kept them in a different folder).

I downloaded various types of files recovery apps, but they couldn't help.
Until about 3 days ago, I re-re-discover iCloud.
And realised to my horror that,I did not delete my files from my computer.
I deleted them from iCloud! I should have used iCloud to recover them.
And iCloud allows recovery of deleted files up to 30days from the day we deleted them.
But I could only recover ONE eBook - my Lippincotts Pharmacology eBook :(

And now, I have been spamming iCloud support page to ask them if they can help me recovering files deleted past the 30 day grace period.
Wish me luck!

-Because life is a test-


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