Thursday, November 9, 2017

Dah jadi MO daahhh

Assalammualaikum all :)

I have not been fair to this blog, eh?
My last post was in April!

Just a quick update then.

I've managed to successfully completed my dreadful years of housemanship in a tertiary centre in Klang Valley; albeit being extended for two months (bloody Paeds)!
After floating for about 5 weeks in Anaest Dept, I was transferred to a smaller hospital in Johor in April 2017.

This hospital I am working in now is a small hospital; however it is fully equipped with operating theatres and has many departments.
We can usually gauge how established is the hospital by seeing how many departments it have, how many specialists are there in every department and whether it has operation theatres or not.

Alhamdulillah, I was assigned to the Anaesthesiology Department; the department of my choice.
Hubby was placed in the Orthopaedics Dept - which I found out later turns out to be the nemesis of Anaesth dept 💆🏻

Since I was already trained in anaesth for almost 6 months; my tagging period as an Anaest MO was expedited.
I tagged 12 hrs for 2 weeks, followed by about one month 24hrs tagging and then started my solo OT call.

My scariest moment of solo OT call as of now was a cannot intubate, cannot ventilate situation for a cord prolapse EMLSCS patient.
I almost died of heart attack and my hands were shaking throughout the whole operation.
When Dr R came in she shouted and screamed at me for not putting the patient on the ramp position before I attempt intubation.
I was actually quite disappointed on that day because I had two seniors with me in the same OT but no one came to my rescue.
I believe my failed intubation was due to my inexperience.
Thankfully the mother and baby survived.

For those who don't know, "cannot intubate, cannot ventilate" situation is a nightmare for any doctor. We have to declare crisis in those times. It means at that time, patient is already not breathing (either because of our drugs or due to ongoing disease) and we cannot secure the airway and help with ventilation.
If the situation prolongs, the oxygen in the patient will slowly be used up and he/she will die of lack-of-oxygen.
It is equivalent to choking someone to death!

Anyway, in August (4 months in the dept) I started tagging in ICU.
After two weeks I finally started my first solo ICU call.

I love doing what I am doing now.
Having said that, I remembered what I wrote during my first month as a house officer - The First Month of Life.
I loved my job back then too :)

-Because life is a test-



  1. Oh my God!!!! is this real??? Am I really reading a blog which belongs to a person who involves in Anaesthesia field????? So inspiring!!!!!! p/s: one of my ambitions!

  2. Oh hi :)
    Ha'ah betul I'm in Anaest.

    X sambung msuk medical school eh?

  3. Haziraaahh.... Yea in Johor :D

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    1. Hiks.. Kt kt kt....x blh disclose sini. Nti susah nk cite psl workplace sbb tmpat ni ada satu hospital je. Haha.. Dlm fb ada kot.
      Wey, url weyy..


    haih. nah la nah. warning: content emo byk merepek je