Saturday, November 18, 2017

Life as a House Officer. Part 1

Assalammualaikum :)

Yea I know.
This is a very belated post.
9 months since I've completed my housemanship (baru 9 bulan; belum setahun jagung pun jadi MO-nye)
But I still feel like writing about it.

Those 2 years; were hell in heaven.
More heaven than hell yah.

Let's start from the very beginning.

Program Transformasi Minda (PTM)My career with the public service started off with a 5 day course in Ibis Hotel C180 - which was right in front of my hse 😒 😒. Gone were my dream of going for a course in a beautiful far away hotel.
But that was a blessing actually; for I managed to ask my brother to send me my sportshoes (we have that PE session every morning!), and some colouring materials for our group project.

The course gathered new house officers from several hospitals around Klang Valley; Hospital Serdang, Hospital Klang and I can't remember one more; I think there was one more hospital involved. Was it Ampang?

The PTM was where we learn about naik pangkat, SKT, hrmis, Piagam Pelanggan, Budaya Korporat, tindakan tatatertib, dressing codes and basically everything goverment worker stuff. People say it is the brain-washing program. Well, perhaps it was. But it wasn't as brain-washing as the Kem Bina Negara I went to before 😅 😅
Most of the content went down the drain actually. I didn't remember much of it except for the dress codes and the tindakan tatatertib.
And as usual of course, a group project at the end; a play.

There you go, my team mates doing our fair share of colouring.
Using the markers and crayons I got my brothers to send me from

The Introduction/OrientationWe then had another 5 day orientation in the hospital level. This one introduces us to the anatomy of the hospital, how to get our parking passes, how to ask for the 10% staff discount in the hospital cafe, who were the HO leaders of each department and stuff.

In a life span of a house officer, he will have to go through 6 postings; Orthopaedics, Medical, Obs Gynae, Surgical, Paediatrics, Emergency Dept / Anaesthesia / Primary Care / Psychiatry (not arranged in order).
The newbies who are going in for their first postings are called, well, "first posters".
Then they go on to become "second posters", "third posters" and so on until they are the "sixth posters".

First Posting: OrthopaedicsI was blessed to be assigned to Orthopaedics first.
There were about 4 or 5 final posters (first posters look at them like saints) in Ortho at that time.
Let's see if I can still name them. They were Angeline, Edmund, Faizal, Firdaus, Ganesan (not final poster at that time but very very reliable). They were really helpful and kind hearted.
Orthopaedics is dubbed as one of the most chillax department hence if a final poster is placed there; it is heaven for them. Like totally. Which is why I think these seniors were very nice - they were not pressured, they themselves were calm. Thus, come what may, come whatever trouble this first poster face, they can help.
As for me, it wasn't. First posters will never feel any department is a chill one.

I cried for the first time in Orthopaedics. I got scolded so much by Mr P for grinning when he was bashing me during the morning passover. Really I didn't mean to grin. I just didn't know what facial expression to make. I was so terrified at that time, to the point that I grinned. And it only fired him up even more.
Oh God.
But to be fair, he smiled like a sweety pie to me during my last posting and even said "Hi!"

And at the end of my first posting, I got married 😬 😬

My last day in Ortho. It was a clinic day and my MO let me off early because I had wedding preparations to do!

I think I'd better stop here for this post.
It will get too long if I put the stories of my second posting: Medical here as well.
The department itself bore too much of agony for me. Of course, there were fun bits as well.

Let's start writing part 2 in a while.

-Because life is a test-

Oww yeaahh.. This was the preparation I was talking about! I went to a spa for my pre-wedding preparation.
The first but unfortunately also the only spa experience for me as of now. 


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