Very imaginative, dreamy but far from creative. My left brain works a whole lot more than my right.

A proud Malaysian.

An overworked but satisfied medical officer in Malaysia.
Awarded MBChB from the University of Manchester. I did my first 2.5 years of Medicine in International Medical University (IMU), Bukit Jalil, KL Malaysia.

A proud Muslim but knows very well that she's not well equipped yet.

In the opinion that politicians have turned politics into a very dirty field, infiltrated it with liars, hypocrites and power-obsessed human.

Is not oppressed despite being a Muslim girl wearing hijab. The world depicted Muslim girls as oppressed, when in fact we're not. Merely protecting ourselves from the dangerous sweetness of the world.

Hates the zionists for oppressing the Palestinians, depriving them of basic life necessities and brag to the world that they are actually protecting themselves.

Not going to spend even one sen on McDonalds, Loreal, Nestle and Coke.

Know that as a human being, she is very much subjected to errors, mistakes, sins and anything that comes along the line. And she needs a lot of guidance on that.

Does not believe in PURE EVIL. There is no such thing as pure evil, everyone will have their own soft part.

Thinks that lesbian and gay relationships are totally GROSS.

Likes to sleep when she is emotionally tortured or drained.

Hopes for a "Ctrl+F" or "Index"function in her brain so that she can easily search for facts she once read but forgot where she kept it.

I write for my own satisfaction, I write what I did in school, in the supermarket, at home, on the dining table, in the car, on the road; basically almost everything.

I can even write a descriptive essay on what, how, when and where I eat my dinner even if it was just eating fries at home in 1000 words. It took me a lot of effort to not start describing every single thing I do in a blog post =p

I am a very wordy person. I am capable of writing such a long post that people might find themselves dead bored before reaching even half of the post.

But, I simply hope u dont! =]
Anyway, thanks for reading my blog!