Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last Day... Again?

Why do i have two "Last Day" posts in less than a week?
Simple, first "Last Day" is last day with housemates. Second "Last Day" is last day being regarded as INTEC student. So, today is the second "Last Day".
I remembered when I was a junior, one of my INTEC-mate (actually i don'tknow her) was being suspended because she criticised INTEC administration, the rule where students need to wear long sleeves and even the fierce security guards.
So, since I am no longer an INTEC student after this, can i do the same thing now? INTEC can't suspend me, i graduated! *Evil grin, but not as evil as the isray-hellist*

First Week

I remembered my first day registering in Cemara. There were a lot of guys and girls helping out. At that time, stories of new girls getting into school, grabbing the attention of seniors (guys) were playing in my mind (can't help it, most western stories are like that, a proof that we eastern people have been contaminated with the western lifestyle). Will I grab any attention from any senior there? It's funny to remember wat i felt then. I was so "gatal" back then. I'm sure Atikah dearie will say the same thing.

That night, we were introduced to some RS, Cikgu Hassan, and security personnels if i'm not mistaken. Was too blurr to even remember who gave his speech. My MMS week was fun. My facilitator was Kak Nadirah, we called her Kak Nad. I met Ain, my roommate during our activities in the group. Tell you, Ain was reallly totally different 18months back!

During our first few activities, we were brought to ALM block. It was so very sophisticated, (i thought back then, and still now) The architecture was nice, eventho i dont know how exactly to evaluate it. MMS week was fun, and it is still fresh in my mind now. The Penghulu for the week was ALMEC's Vice President, Abg Khalil, or better known as K. Undeniably, tat time i thought he was handsome. Remember the senior-junior story? But of course, no more now. And yes, he is now one of my close friend's special. Mira, sorry that i admit this in public, tp u dont have to worry abt me anymore now. Hahaha...

[above] This was the spot i thought is fascinating. A walkway, without roof!

[above] ALM square hot spot.

[above] it was ok once, now? ALM students are aggresive! Who says we are nerd? We can break floors u know? *Suddenly i remembered the phrase groundbreaking thinker*
[above] ALM block from front

[above] This is where I go to if i skipped cls. Well, need to admit, i do skip cls. But not the whole hour of it. Only 10 or 15mins. When i am too sleepy. So i'll go to the surau, and take a nap. Then, i'll wake up fresh, and go back to cls.

[above] Closed and almost forever-closed ALM cafe. I heard lately it's been opened again? Sad i don't have much opportunity to eat there.

My Involvement

I am pretty sure i get this gene from my mum. It's called "can't sit quietly" gene. I get myself involved with LOADS of activities. My first was a zapin dance during the closing ceremony of INTEC INPRO. Friends, don't be surprised. Yes, i do dance. Hahaha.. But Atikah always can't believe I can dance. Mean nye... Hahaha... *Sorry Kah!*

After the dance, I went for ALMEC HICOM election. I was interviewed by our very own President at that time, Kak Izza Arsyika. In a cls room... Not like what my batch did to ALM9, we were so sempoi, kt marble chair pun blh interview.

After the election, my name was shortlisted. We didnt have time, and was not asked to do a campaign for ourselves as we were given (if i'm not mistaken) only two days to prepare for the big day where we need to deliver our speech. I was in the same cls with Afiq at that time. On that day, Afiq was surprised that i prepared a whole text for my speech. Afiq was really simple, not preparing much, unlike me.. Well, boys...

I narrated a story on that day. And was laughed by Ah Siong, until now. He said, "the girl who narrated a story when everyone else was giving speech". Whatever i did on that day, I was elected to be the secretary of ALMEC. And so we started doing our own tasks, dutifully. Discussing on upcoming activities, excitedly...

Our first projectw was majlis berbuka puasa ALMEC HICOM. From there, i communicated a lot with Andrew, ALMEC's former secretary. I got a lot of advises and teachings from him. Andrew, thanks!

I didn't only join ALMEC but CATs as well. I was personally elected by Kak Zizi for the post ALM Publisity Bureau. Sadly, the posts have been terminated by CATs committee this year. Do you know that the person holding that post is responsible for all the fliers for any upcoming activities? If you don't have that post, who's gonna distribute all the infos to every program? Tp, i have no right on it anymore now. So, let the new committee settle that. I'm sure they have their own reasons for terminating the post.

Under ALMEC, i helped in organising the biggest event, a grand dinner for our seniors whom had finished their A-Level exams. The dinner was held in Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam and yes, i am the dancer for a performance, again.

Under CATs, i became the coordinator for choir by ALM students. Faced a lot of problems at that time. With the HEP on dresscodes, with the Facility Unit on the usage of the hall, with the Transportation Unit on requesting for bus for my choir singers. But all of that only made me more determined to get the best out of the choir performance. And to sharpen my living skills, to understand people more. I learned that we need to be patient to handle activities.

Apart from that, I joined 2 dramas; Othello and Memoirs of A Geisha. These 2 plays, although not as good as PGL, but is satisfying, remembering the fact that almost all the actors had nvr been in any play b4. In Othello, I was a guy, a knight serving the King while in Memoirs of A Geisha, I was mother, the boss of an okiya (or in short, place where customers come and get served by a geisha). 2 different characters, in one year. How can i say INTEC is meaningless to me?

[above] INTEC from the main gate.

[above] INTEC

[above and below] INTEC library. I spent a lot of time in the library during my 3rd semester as I need to study for my trial at that time. It is always cold in the library. My fingers often get crammed that I can't write properly. The computer lab in the library is one of the main attraction there, for me. Being someone who is always "near" the computer, I can't resist the internet connection provided by the library.

[above] INTEC library from inside

[above] Bus station. Or, bus site? I spent quite a lot of time waiting for bus. Usually, the bus driver will only start driving when the bus is full. Until now, I nvr know the exact timetable of the bus. But, since I've been driving my own transport last 2 months, I started to miss the bus. Honestly...

[above and down] These two places, for me are really beautiful. But we INTEC students rarely use it. Perhaps that's the reason it can stay beautiful? Who can guess where are these?

The Security Guards
or better known as pakcik and makcik jaga

It's not that I had been looking down on security guards, but whenever I see a security guard, I won't have the feeling of secure, unlike when I see a policeman. Security guards have always been somebody who can't get a job elsewhere, from my point of view. But the security guards in INTEC completely changed my outlook towards them. They look professional, dedicated to their job, and gave me a secure feeling.

Yes, they do stop us students when we break the rule eg, not displaying or student cards, driving car into the campus compound (i'm addressing this to myself) or not wearing long sleeve. But, we can't blame them, they are supposed to do that. It's their job to make sure the students follow the rule. Or else, who will?

And the best thing, most of them look like a parent. Perhaps that's the reason i felt secure? Their figures resemble a father or a mother figure to me, and i know a parent will always protect their children in all circumstances.


I think I said earlier in this post that I am trying to do what my INTEC-mate did rite? To be frank, I can't bring myself to talk bad about INTEC. Eventhough there are some things I do not agree with INTEC, that do not stop me from keeping my sweet memories there. Living in INTEC for about 18months, gave me experiences i'll never get elsewhere.


  1. I started writing this post on Wednesday, before I sit for my last paper, continued it after my last paper before I go to Penang, and end it today, Friday 30th Jan after I reach home from Penang.
  2. INTEC did not pay me any money to write this post. This does not involve political money, and not a political post. This is just an experience i want to share with my friends. After all, Sharing is Caring, in some ways.

Assalammualaikum w.b.t


  1. haha.i wonder what's the purpose of having a walkway that has no roof! or...maybe the architect who designed the walkway ( or INTEC who come up with the plan) wanted to tell/guide us by saying, "this way,to ALM square"

    CATS terminated the post, and as the consequences, ida's the one had to design/distribute the flyers though it's not related to her post as a secretery.i blame irene for this one. ida did suffer.

    pic of the bus station reminds me of how much i HATE waiting for the bus. so-called 15 minutes policy la sgt. and despite there's no bus between 10 to 1pm,students had to take the mini bus. (1 ringgit to be spent while we're suppose to go back and forth for FREE!)they really should re-consider this. today's petrol is cheaper!

    pakgad n makgad?shihssssssssss!!!!!!

  2. assalamualaikum my sweetie!! la post ko yg kali nie...honest gler..
    n these are my comments on this time issue :
    1.aku mmg smpai skang xleh caye ko bleh menari...sbb aku akan teringat bler ko nyayi..hu3..horror
    2. pasal so called junior-senior mase mms tu,aku pun xtau ko pk mcm tu.coz at that time,aku hny pk,"wah,mesti sume bdk2 kat intec ni gempak2 n pandai2 kan..takotnyer!!"haha
    nway,ko bkn ske junior ke?haha...just kidding!! yg penting,aku tau ko sayang aku.fullstop.
    3.ha,psl lantai alm square yg pecah tu,diorg dah repair mmg kepakaran intec..any benda yg rosak,slalunya cepat jer dtg repair..bgus btol
    4. psl bus plak,4 juniors mmg xder mslh sgt kot coz diorg abes class slalu lmbt,yg senior la jd mslh.class abes awal,tp bus tarak.hu3
    5.nway.miss u like crazy u know!!these are few from thousand things i miss badly bout u :
    =aku rindu kat "kpala singa" ko!! especially bler ko bru bgun tido!
    =aku rindu gler kat citer2 gempak ko,thats y i end up reading ur blog despite studying..**ala,kejap jer aku stop study,xlame..janji2 **
    =aku rindu nk timbang berat ko!!! dah xder sape guna penimbang aku dah!!hu2..well,i still remember ur weight u know! 53kg rite?haha..klu ko pose,52kg...klu ko pkai bju berat2, klu ko botak,45kg kot?ha3..just kidding..**sorry coz btau berat ko bape,tp xper kan?ko ringan jer..**
    =lastly,aku rindu kat sore ko bler menyanyi!!huwaaaa...walaupun aku akan gelak terbahak2,tp aku xpnah dgr org lain yg boleh nyayi mcm ko..siap tukar melodi lgi...aku ske coz rase mcm main teka teki lagu plak..hi3
    k la,sebenarnya aku ader bnyk lgi nk ckp,tp better aku stop sblm blog ni jadi mcm blog aku n jugak sblm aku nyer notes xabes bace mlm ni. k my dear!!jumper lagi dilain post!hehehe
    nway,thanks 4 the birthday gift!!

  3. To Hazirah:
    15 minutes policy?
    Ada ape... 3mins je they took every morning before 8am.
    As for ida suffering, really? i didnt know that. Tp yeah, actually that post yg buat all the donkey work, yg doesnt need expertise. juz distributing etc.

    To atikah:
    Aku x kisah kau hntr comment pnjg2..
    Best giler baca comment kau, rs mcm dgr kau bercerita.
    N, kau bgtau berat aku kt public??
    Hua!!! Malunye...
    Xpe la, aku nyanyi kan, blh gak jadi halwa telinga korg. Eheh..
    Blh mengasah minda lagi.. Utk meneka lagu apa yg aku nyanyi.. 2 dlm 1. Berhibur sambil mengasah minda.

  4. driz's scribblesMay 12, 2009 at 9:07 PM

    akmar, cepat i nk dgr u nyanyi :D