Monday, June 10, 2013

Helping in Year 3 OSCE


A year ago, I had my end of year 3 OSCE and it was in my opinion, very terribly done. But I passed, Alhamdulillah.
I'm not sure if I wrote abt it here, let's check.






Err, no.
I did not write about the exam itself. I wrote on how I felt before the exam.

Anyway, I splashed a good amount of IV fluids onto my (simulated) patient.

For this exam, I was the simulated patient for an Arterial Blood Gas station.

That means, I sit there and pretend to be a lady who's suffering from pneumonia and needs ABG.
The students have to talk to me, explain the procedure, gain my consent and then proceed to take blood from a dummy wrist next to me.

There were 8 students altogether. Generally, they did well.

But there was one who did not know what he was doing! I felt so bad for him.
He looked like a nice boy, who studies a lot. But looks can be deceiving, can't it?

And an exam is always nerve-wracking anyway.

He did not clean his equipment, neither did he wash his hands with the alcohol gel.
He took a pair of gloves and then throw one away. He tore a packet of alcohol swab and left it there next to me. He really looked as if he did not what he was doing. And I felt so much for him. Haish...
Too bad, but not surprisingly though, the examiner failed him :(

In conclusion, the experience of becoming a volunteer in an exam gave me a whole new perspective. Being in an exam but on the side of it. Not as a student taking the examination but someone backstage. I saw how the skills centre staff busily set up the place for examination. How they gathered the simulated patients and what briefing they give.
After this I won't be afraid and scared of the patients anymore :D

They're just students like me. Haha

Apart from some who are real patients with real findings, the rest are normal people :)

-Because life is a test-
Friday, June 7, 2013

General Election 13 - PRU 13

Heyyya hey!

Hmm.. There were loads of things in my mind before the GE but I decided against writing about it.
Now that GE is over, I feel like writing about it but I've delayed it for so long I became lazy and became dry of ideas and desire.

It's been a month now that the GE has passed, and I have since lost interest in reading the news in The Malaysian Insider (TMI). It felt as if the news are not "news" news but rather opinions from someone from some party about something. If you know what I mean.
It felt like our politicians are talking more than they work hence we hear their opinions more than we see the advancement of something. Only today that I see "Section of Second Penang Bridge Collapse". The headlines have been "GE13 shows DAP’s ‘Chinese racism’ in bid to rule Malaysian politics, says Dr M" or "Khir Toyo says made scapegoat by Najib’s anti-graft fight" or "Dr M, Daim will decide debate on Najib’s future, says veteran newsman" which are actually nothing but opinions from certain people. I don't think they should be the headlines, I've not seen any news about the latest Turkish turmoil making the headline in TMI which explained why I know nuts about the chaos until I've seen some pictures being shared about Turkey in fb. Shame shame...

I've always (like I think most other people) not liked someone being oppressed and bullied. And PR has somehow managed to appeal to the public as the "oppressed parties". They don't get publicity, coverages as much as the government does in mainstream media. They claimed to be oppressed financially, Federal govt gives less funds to the states ruled by the PR than the ones under BN.

PR managed to appear as the "hero" and "hope" of the people, hence gathering a lot of support in the virtual world. I've not seen even one comment/posts in fb by my friends (which are unsurprisingly largely made up of Msian students studying/studied overseas) that slams the PR or support BN. It looked as if PR is going to win, by at least a 90% majority. And it got me really nervous, waiting for the day of the election. The losing party will not give up, for sure. Either way, the people will suffer.

And Anwar is freaking me out too.
If someone were to ask me who would I like to have as the PM, Anwar will not be in the top 5 list.
I am afraid his motivation is personal revenge rather than the good of the people. I can't prove it of course. It is just my gut feeling. His name is too tainted to be a Prime Minister.
His daughter and his wife have good reputations. So do Rafizi Ramli, Khairy Jamaluddin and Lim Guan Eng.

BN on the other hand was doing almost all possible wrong things they can do for a campaign.
The "One Vote for DAP means One Vote for PAS" adverts by MCA was so ridiculous and offensive to the point that it is almost laughable!
How could they harbour hatred and fear towards a party that is known nationwide to be bringing the values of a religion (Islam)? Be it the correct Islam or the false one, it was not their main concern. The advert's main point was to reject a party that is bringing up a religion. If the advert was saying something like "Islam has never said XXXX but PAS kept saying XXXX is correct hence we should reject PAS" then it will be a totally different matter!

And there were also many supposedly campaign posters by MCA candidates claiming the candidate is a champion in singing, cooking, beauty pageant etc. I've never shared all these in fb, because I do not know the authenticity of them. They could be photoshopped you know, or even designed by some irresponsible people. But if they were genuine, OMG, I can't possibly say how frustrated I am at the quality and qualification of our "future" politicians. Who needs someone who promotes herself of being a beauty pageant? We are not choosing a Bond girl now. I'm sorry I could not find ANY of the posters now. I've searched over and over, even stalked some of my hardcore PR friends, could not find those posters anymore. Oh I should have saved them in my computer!

I wished (and still am) these posters are fake, as much as I wish Rosmah Mansor did not actually answer "I saved money from my schooling years to buy the jewelries" to the newspaper when people questioned her financial sources. One of my friends pointed out that Rosmah has been very quiet during the GE campaigning period. And I think that was a very wise thing to do given how unpopular she is with the people from the virtual world.

Some of the supposedly "exposure" by PR supporters were also ridiculous.

Pictures I find most troubling are all the Bangladeshi pictures.
Banglas in uniform lining in the airport, supposedly just arrived in Malaysia to "help" vote for BN.
How true are these? How could these people be transported here but the pictures are all from the same angle? And don't tell me BN is such a thoughtless party that they will make all the Banglas wear the same uniform and make them form lines in the airport? Come on.
And, suppose they ARE being flown here to vote, who can prove that they were paid to vote for BN? They could also vote for PR, can't they?
And people start posting "Banglasia" as their fb status-es. Disgracing!

The authenticity of all these pictures are very questionable because not only are they too illogic but also too embarrassing if they are the truth.

I oppose strongly to the act of leaking "internal problems" outside. I value privacy a lot.
A household problem should never be sold outside.
Why would we tell everyone in class that our parents fight every day at home?

Or if our fathers are a drunk?

Or if our sisters got pregnant with her boyfriend before marriage?

Or if our husbands do not want to help with household chores after work, he prefers reading newspaper, watching television or football.

Or even as simple as our husbands has a scar on his forehead because he was chased by a chicken (read hen) when he was 15, fell down and knocked his head onto the stone outside his grandmother's house.

All these are nothing to be proud of and as conservative (as some people might brand me after this) as I am, I truly believe these should not be told to the public UNLESS, something can come out of it (maybe some people do not see the scar as something shameful. That's alright. I don't either. But if he does, then we should not tell, should we?).

If we told these problems to a friend, even if she might not be able to directly help but if she can help ease the burden in our hearts, then that is alright.
If we told the police about the constant beating our mothers get from our fathers, she can be protected. Then do so.
But if it was simply to gain sympathy from the others, better not. Because not everyone gives unconditional sympathy.

Hence, I dislike PR's way of getting the attention of the international media.
What can the international media do? They can put pressure to the ruling government to give more/equal airtime in the mainstream for both opposition and the govt, yes. Or some other form of pressure for that matter. But doesn't that come with a price?
A price where all the common people pays for it.
An opportunity for the "internationals" to meddle with our internal affairs has been created.

All these nonsense campaigning gave me a truly mixed feeling; they were sick, shameful but funny at the same time.

Anyway, the GE is over.
And if I were to talk about what I feel and think during and after the GE itself, this post is gonna bore everyone (if anyone ever read it).

'til then,

-Because life is a test-