Monday, January 27, 2014

My Post-Exam Turkey Trip – Part 1 (Istanbul)

Assalammualaikum wrt wbt.

My exempting exam finally ended on the 15th of January.
Let’s not talk about how the exam went; it was both a mess as well as a smooth sailing.

On Saturday the 18th, my housemates and I set off for our trip to Turkey! Our flight to Istanbul was on the morning of 19th at 6.35am! Since the Tube does not work 24 hours, we had to reach London Luton airport on the 18th night and spend the night in the airport.

Day 0; Saturday 18th January 2014

I had my lunch at the Malaysian Hall café near Queensway. I was so disappointed that their food now is way more expensive than it was one year ago. When I was there in August, the café was closed. The receptionist in Malaysian Hall said the café is in the middle of renovation because they are offering the tender to someone else. This new restaurateur is quite stingy and greedy. Hah! Jahatnye ckp mcm ni. But imagine, I asked for a plate of rice, and they gave me some fried cabbage for complement. Fair enough. I then asked for half of the salted egg and some sambal belacan. That cost me £3! I also asked for some beef rendang, the girl behind the counter said the rendang is sold separately, as a side dish for £2.50. Guess what, the bowl was only ¼ full! I made a small fuss at the cashier, “Ni je? Ni je £2.50??” Then the auntie cashier said she did not count my sambal belacan, and she is giving me very cheap price already. I put up a disbelief face, and she asked how much am I willing to pay for all the food. I said give me more rendang and I’ll pay the £2.50 side dish. Even after adding some more, the bowl wasn’t even half full! I hope they will be more considerate and not so greedy the next time I visit them. It wasn’t that the price was a lot cheaper before this but at least the men behind counter scooped a lot of rice and dishes into the plate, so the price was worth the food.

Where we spent our sleepless night in Luton

That night, we slept in London Luton airport. I felt so homeless. But what to do… money to rent a hotel room nearby the airport. What la easyJet. So odd timing one? But the journey to Istanbul itself is 4hours, maybe that’s the logic behind it.

Day 1; Sunday 19th January 2014

We reached Istanbul airport at 1220hrs Turkey time.
I paid for a tour package which includes transfer from Istanbul Sabiha-Gokcen airport to our hotel, transfer from our hotel to Otogar to take bus to Denizli, the bus ticket to Denizle, transfer from Denizli to Pamukkale and tour in Pamukkale, followed by transfer from hotel to Denizli airport and lastly the flight ticket from Denizli to Istanbul. All in all it was €131 per person, which was not bad actually. My tour company is Troublefreeholiday. I think the man did quite a good job so, if anyone wants a tour in Turkey, I think this company is reliable and cheap too.

Once we come out of the arrival gate, I saw my name written HUGELY on the board a man was holding. Hahaha.. It felt so weird. The man then brought us to his van that will drive us to our hotel in Istanbul.

Where are you?? -said the Turk.

We stayed in Cordial House Hotel. I think this was a good hotel too. I mean, it is as good as the money I paid. It was €8 per person per night, there were 4 of us in the room with a shared bathroom outside (I think this is the downside, if the bathroom is in the dorm; it’ll be better).

After solat, we went for lunch (at 4pm!) and then walk around Istanbul. I find Istanbul very beautiful! The city is beautiful, as well as the building and the park. The people were nice too; they kept asking “Malaysia? Malaysia?” to us and when we said yes, they seemed very happy! I think there must be a looooot of Malaysian visiting Turkey. They recognised us just from our appearances. Most of them can’t really converse in English but they did try their best. The man who fetched us from airport asked, “Where are you?” joyfully. I think he meant to ask, “Where are you from?” Haha.. He’s nice.

And I am glad there were no drunken people. I mean, I didn’t feel unsafe walking at night. Usually in the UK (Preston esp), the only people walking out at night are those who are going to the pubs because all shops are closed by 6.30pm. But in Istanbul, all the food outlets and markets and small stalls were still open and families with small children walking and running around happily the park. Of course, I still clutch onto my bag tight; let’s not take THAT risk ok?

What do you fancy eh?

Us! Comel kn kitorg?

The incidental bazaar

The Blue Mosque at night

Surprisingly, by 6pm we were very tired and can’t wait to go back to the hotel and sleep. The sleepless night in Luton airport must have worn us out. By 8pm we were in the hotel room, ready to sleep. At 8.30pm, we got hungry. Haha… None of us actually said we were hungry, I think because all of us know everyone else were tired. So when I suddenly quietly say “I feel like eating…I’m a little bit hungry”, my friends jumped out of bed and said, “Let’s go eaaatt!” . No one wanted to trouble each other rupanye. So 3 of us went out to buy food and ate in the hotel room. Syahidah was too tired and wasn’t hungry enough to eat.

Day 2; Monday 20th January 2014

I had a bad dream and woke up at 5.30am. I couldn’t remember what the dream was but when I woke up, Kiew was wide-awake. I thought she could not sleep; I know she does not fall asleep easily in a new place, unlike me; I can sleep anywhere. Turns out she cant sleep the whole night as she had severe vomiting and diarrhoea. Poor her! She said she had to run to the toilet many times. I was surprised, we all ate the same thing, why was she the only affected? I fell asleep after telling her to drink lots of water – sorry Kiew, my eyelids defied me.

When I woke up properly for Subuh, she was half-asleep. She didn’t have the energy to walk around Istanbul so she booked another single bedroom for €22. We were supposed to check-out at 11.30am and leave our luggage in the store and walk around Istanbul. At that time, she was pale, but had enough energy to go down to the café and have breakfast. She could still laugh. The Turkish breakfast was so weird. It consists of bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, butter spread and chocolate spread. We paid €4 for the breakfast. €1 is equivalent to 3 TLR (Turkish Lira) and most shops accept both € and TLR.

Before breakfast, I locked my luggage using the built-in coding system; I left my passport and GBP money in there. And guess what, after breakfast I can’t unlock the code! I am sure I got the right code, but the lock just wont budge. All of us tried to unlock it, it became a mission for everyone to try and unlock my luggage. Even the reset button did not work. Haiz… It was a new bag! I bought it during Boxing Day and this was the first time I used it. It wasn’t too cheap (but cheap enough to convince me to buy it). So at last I carried the bag down to the reception and asked the man behind the counter to open it for me. He can’t and he wasn’t very helpful. We asked if there is any luggage shop around that might be able to help us but either he did not understand my question or he did not want to entertain it. But thankfully he was kind enough to call a very helpful friend of his- the man behind the bar. He really tried to unlock my luggage. He cant speak English but we can communicate enough. When I told him he can “destroy” the coding system, he looked pleased and went away to get his tools. Well, I can always go back to the shop I bought the bag from since it is still under warranty. He then brought back a screwdriver and simply peeled the lock away. Aargh I don’t know how to describe what he did but he managed to unlock it la. That scared me actually. Seeing how easy it was for him to unlock my locked luggage with just a screwdriver.

Grand Bazaar

After the incident, we had to bid goodbye to Kiew. She said it wasn’t a food poisoning episode, most likely it was because she was too stressed lately that her GI system wasn’t working well. Well that’s good news. Food poisoning will last at least 48 hours, but stressed GI system can recover earlier. So we left her to recuperate in the room.
And where did we go to?

Oh I love the Grand Bazaar!

There were a lot of entrances. We enter the complex to see a huge stretch of lane in front of us. I think that was the jewellery zone since all the watches and jewelleries were there. There were many smaller lanes perpendicular to the huge jewellery lane. I think someone told me there were 69 streets altogether. When I was told that we could get lost in there, I did not belief them. I thought, if we pay enough attention to where we came from and what we see, we will know our way back. Turns out, we can’t pay enough attention to the roads. Because the things sold were too attractive for my eyes.

The hugeee and looong streets

It was fun, exhilarating as well as scary. Most of the shopkeepers recognise Malaysians. So they kept pulling us to their shops. Whenever I made eye contact with the shopkeeper and he started to smile, I quickly looked away and turned away. They were very good salesmen! Once we stop at their shop, they will show us a lot of their scarves. They will open the scarves one by one and tell us how nice we will look in them. After just 5 minutes, there will be 20 scarves laid out in front of us and if we did not buy anything, it will be so awkward. To be honest, I was afraid that the shopkeeper will be angry too if I suddenly say “No, thanks. I am going away” after he laid open 20 scarves for me. So we dared not stop at many shops. We touch, and go.

We spent hoursss in the bazaar. Syahidah, Ibrizah and I all spent a lot. Scarves and sejadah and blouses. I bought a nice table cloth for my mum! It cost me 100TLR. My God. That was definitely not in my budget. I had no money to buy as much scarves that I planned to after that. I was planning to buy scarves for some important people.. Sorry la, money finish adi.. Keychain je eh? But I did not regret it. The table cloth is very nice. It was a handmade patch-work and was big enough to fit my 8-people dining table at home. My mum will be delighted! Sorry ma, xde scarf utk mama.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel for Zuhur-Asar. Kiew looked much better. She didn’t even have proper lunch, she was afraid she will be sick again. So she survived on the brioche we bought in London. All 4 of us then went to visit the Blue Mosque aka Sultanahmet mosque. Everyone are required to wear decently with a headscarf to enter the mosque. Considerate Kiew, she brought her scarf for this reason. When I lilit the scarf on her, she looked so cute! The mosque was huge from outside but we could not go into the whole complex. We can only enter one block – the main block used for prayer. The interior was very beautiful with many domes. I don’t completely understand why is it called the Blue Mosque – it wasn’t THAT blue…

The interior of the Blue Mosque

Anyway, we then walked towards Hagia Sophia. Funnily, we did not know which one was Hagia Sofia until we asked the man selling corns at the roadside. But we were too late, it was already closed. So I can’t find the famous cat that has been inhabiting the complex. Let me tell you something, the corns were horrible. I think it was boiled rather than the steamed corns that we were used to. And it wasn’t sweet. It took me so much effort to even finish a quarter of the cob. Fortunately Ibrizah is a good eater, she does not waste food and thus, she finished the corn. We bought only one cob – fuhhh…

After buying dinner, we went back to the hotel for Maghrib-Isya prayer. At 1930, someone from the tour company should fetch us to Otogar to catch the night bus to Denizli. I don’t know what Otogar means; it either meant a “bus station”, or the name of the place, like Puduraya.

Sharp at 1930, the man arrived and gave me our bus tickets together with our flight tickets. And we were brought to Otogar by a van. My God, the roads in Istanbul were horrific! It was like a snake been hit (read: bagai ular kena palu). The van turned and turned and turned, from a highway into housing area, into motorway again. Haihh.. We arrived Otogar an hour earlier than our bus time; 2030.

At 2130, we boarded the bus to Denizli.
I’lll talk about this journey in a diff post.
You must be tired by now. Haha..

Part 2 is here!


-Because life is a test-

The Happy Faces~

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Year 5 Exempting Exam; Univ of Manchester

My exempting exam is Day 2, in South.

I tried to remember as much of the wordings of the questions as I could.
I know it is easier to practice when we know the question structure.
To maintain confidentiality, where possible I will not disclose the patient's gender as well.

Station 1

Please examine this patient's cardiovascular system.
You may need to tailor your examination according to your findings.
Please tell the examiner what you are looking for and what are your findings.

The patient's blood pressure is normal.
An ECG taken last week is provided for you to refer to.

Ok, this was apparently an AF station.
When I felt the pulse, at first I thought it was irregular.
But when I tried to tap the rhythm with my head, it became regular. Haih~
So the chest was clear, I could not find any other signs.

When I was given the ECG, it was clearly AF.
But the examiner challenged me saying I did not pick up the AF while examining the patient.
But he wasn't mean. He asked why wasn't I able to get the irregularity of the rhythm.
So I mentioned the patient might be having paroxysmal AF and when the bell goes off, I managed to say "because he has been rhythm controlled!!" literally while walking out of the station.

Station 2

This patient had a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) affecting one or both arms.
Please examine the patient's arms.
Please tell the examiner what you are looking for and what are your findings.

At the end of the station, the examiner will ask the nerve and muscle groups that are affected.

So this is quite a straightforward upper limb neurological examination.
I performed only the motor bit, I did not do sensory or coordination.
It was UMN signs on the left arm.

For the muscle groups and nerve, I managed to say deltoid, biceps, triceps, anterior compartment of the forearm, posterior compartment of the forearm, and lumbricals for shoulder abduction, elbow flexion and extension, wrist flexion and extension and fingers abduction and adduction respectively.

The examiner did not prompt me of the nerve supplies. I am not sure if that means she is satisfied with my examination/answers but to be fair, I only had like 30secs left.

My friend said he would have done the coordination and some sensation as well.

But I did offer saying I would to do sensory of the upper limb and full neuro of lower limb to see if the CVA has affected the legs as well.

Station 3

You are the Foundation Year doctor in the general practice.
This is Natasha XXXX, a 28 year-old woman who has recently given birth and is now breast-feeding.
She is here for oral contraceptive pill.

Please discuss the options available for her.

It was an SP.
Since the question specifically mentioned ORAL PILL, it became a lot easier.
Pt is breast-feeding so we cant give the oestrogen bit, and I don't have to explain all the implants and coils. Only PILL.

Pt asked about:
1) Side effects - irregular bleeding.
2) Immediate protection - yes if taken on day 1 menses.
3) What happens if she vomits aft the pill - if within 5 hours, u may need to take another dose. Check the leaflet in the box.
4) Does it protect against STI? - No. (I cant understand why she ask this. She's married! Ok, being judgmental here. Anyway...)
5) Why can't she go back to her microgynon (a COCP) - bcos oestrogen affect breast milk production.

Station 4

This is XXXXX. She was admitted 4 days ago for severe iron deficiency anaemia.
She was given blood transfusion and an upper GI endoscopy was normal.

She is going to be discharged today.
A colonoscopy has been arranged for her as an out-patient next week and she has been given sachets for bowel prep.

Please discuss with her about the discharge issues and the colonoscopy.

New type of Q from the university!
Discharge planning has never came out before.
When I knew it came out in Day 1, I was so surprised and luckily I read about it.
Or else I would not know what to say.

Well basically just ask how she is feeling, is she ready to go home..
Who is at home with her - husband.
It was all okay until I asked, "Is your husband well?"
Then only the drama begins...
" husband has severe Parkinsons......."

She asked about:
1) I am the patient, but I don't need carer. My husband will need carer. Can the ward arrange carer for my husband? - I dont know the exact ans for this.
2) What will the social services do? - plan care package, tailored to individual needs.
3) What does OT do? - come to ur house and see how they can help with the condition of the house to make it easier to live in.
4) What is the bowel prep? - STRONG LAXATIVES to empty your bowel.

DC planning will always include meds changed in hospital stay.

Station 5

This patient has pain in the right hip.
Please examine the patient's hip.
Please tell the examiner what you are looking for and what are your findings.

Again, a straight forward ortho exam.
My patient was a medical student I think.
He understood all my instructions. So nice~

Was asked by the examiner what is the diff with true and apparent leg length.

Station 6

This patient have difficulty passing urine.
Please take history to find out how it was diagnosed, include discussion about complications and any plans for definitive treatment.

This was a REAL patient, without scripts.
I don't think I can divulge the case here, since it's supposed to be confidential.

Enough said that I think UoM is trying to test us on how we communicate with actual patients.
All this while we are tested on our ability to EXAMINE real patients, but never actually TALK to them.
So I really felt like those days where I spend a very long time talking to patients in the ward, that most of the time they didn't understand what you asked and went completely off-tangent.
Sometimes you can't even understand what the patient said.
It was exactly that same feeling just now - the difference is there is someone watching you from behind and ticking the boxes.

My pt knew quite a lot of things - it was almost just a case of me sitting there listening to his story.

Station 7

This patient has pain in his/her legs while walking.
Please examine the arterial circulation of the patient's leg.
Please tell the examiner what you are looking for and what are your findings.

There is an Duplex provided. You need to use the probe.

At the end of the examination, the examiner will ask what your diagnosis is and next management plan.

Again, a straight forward PAD exam.
This was a real patient.
I cant feel pt's pulses - all the way till popliteal.
But apparently no one couldn't.
But the arterial flow via Duplex was very clear.

Examiner asked Dx: PAD
What to do now: Straight leg raising, as it is one of my differentials. ABPI. Fasting glucose and lipids.

Station 8

Please examine this patient's hands.
Please tell the examiner what you are looking for and what are your findings.

At the end of the examination, the examiner will ask your diagnosis and the conditions associated with this findings.

When I was outside the station, I was very happy thinking it is going to be a RA hand. I hummed pulmonary nodules, pulm fibrosis, vasculitis etc to myself.

But when I got in and started inspecting - turns out it wasn't RA.
At first I thought it was trigger finger but then I realised this is Dupuytren's!

So I did the hand exam just like I would for RA. But it was very hard because patient's hands were in severe fixed flexion deformity.

Qs: What is this? - Dupuytrens
Where can u find this? - idiopathic, cirrhosis bla bla bla
How would u say the severity of this contracture? - moderate
Rx? - reconstructive fasciotomy

Station 9

You are the FY in A&E.
This patient has blurred vision last week, but it has resolved since.

Please examine the patient's visual field and perform fundoscopy.
You are not required to examine the visual acuity and pupillary reflexes.

Please tell the examiner what you are looking for and what are your findings.
At the end of the examination, the examiner will ask for your findings, and diagnosis.

Again, straightforward eye exam.
Examiner very nice~~~

All normal, I can't visualise the optic disc.
Was asked:
1) Present ur findings
2) If the Hx is blurred vision for one week and has resolved since, what do you think is happening? - Optic neuritis.
3) Cause? - MS
4) Ok, if it is MS, what findings will u expect? - Central scotoma, pain on eye movement and I just simply said blurred optic disc. Truth is, I dont know! What is the findings on fundoscopy in optic neuritis? I forgot. You better check.

Station 10

You are the FY in A&E.
This patient has come in with acute chest pain.
Please take a focussed history and perform a focussed examination on the patient.

Please tell the examiner what you are looking for and what are your findings.
At the end of the examination, you are required to present your findings, diagnosis and management plan.

Acute chest pain.
Pt had this a few times for the past 2 weeks - all on exertion.
Usually it goes away with resting. Today the pain persist even after 2 hrs.

Obs given were all normal. I cant remember if they gave respi rate - sorry.

Examiner was mean.
Didn't even respond to me, I asked if I can get the observations and he pointed his CHIN to the wall. I didn't understand at first.
Then only I realised that the set of observation is pasted on the wall!!

Station 11

You are the FY in general practice.
This is Mrs XXXXXX.

Please take a history from her to find out the problem.
In the last 2 minutes the examiner will ask for your diagnosis and management plan.

I knowww....the question was so unhelpful..
I sat outside banging my head on the wall. Nothing to prepare.

Anyway, this pt kept saying she was very embarrassed to talk about this matter.
I thought she has dyspareunia or PCB or something.
Turns out she has heavy menses bleed.
Well to be honest, by this stage of med school, I am no more embarrassed about heavy menses bleed.

Remember ICE ICE!
Pt's concern was cancer - as usual...
I mentioned that cancer of the womb usually happens to older women, it is not the first thing that came to my mind for a woman of her age. But we will still do all the necessary investigations. She seemed very happy for that.

Examiner asked:
1) What pt has - menorrhagia
2) Possible causes - DUB, bleeding disorder.
3) Mx - bloods: FBC, U&E, TFT, Prolactin. What else did I say jz now? Forgot adi. USS to check endometrial thickness.

Oh...I'm getting more tired of typing now..

Station 12

You are the FY in general practice.
This is Mrs XXXXXX.

She has come today because she is feeling very anxious.
Please take a history from her.

In the last 2 minutes, the examiner will ask your diagnosis and the reasons.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder with secondary panic attacks.
Did some MSE but not risk assessment.
I wanted to explain the possible Mx but pt cut me off and jz said she wants leaflet. Weird..

Station 13

You are the FY in general practice.
This is Mrs XXXXXX.

She is a regular patient in the practice.
She usually sees Dr Rayburn.
Dr Rayburn is on leave today hence she has booked in to see you.

Please talk to her and discuss the reason of her attendance today.

Jz by reading, I know this is ethics adi...
Pt said she has STD, she doesnt want me to put this on her note bcos Dr Rayburn will know about it. Dr Rayburn is a close family friend and she doesnt want her husband to know.

I said I need to write about our consultation, it is a legal requirement.
And Dr Rayburn and I are duty-bound to keep the confidentiality. She wasn't convinced.

I asked how did she know she has STD - she said because she vaginal discharge.
I said she can go to GUM clinic to get treatment, everything there will be confidential. No letter will be sent to us. She said can I then not write anything about today, because she wants to go GUM. I said cannot, I have to write it down.
She said then no point she go GUM, I will write anyway.
I told her I don't know if she has STD. I have not tested her yet. So I cant write she has STD, I can only write that she suspects its STD.

Anyway at the end pt agreed to go GUM and did not make any trouble anymore. I managed to advise safe sex until complete treatment. She said it's gonna be very uncomfortable anyway with the discharge. Lululz~

Station 14

You are the FY doctor in the ward.
You are required to administer the first dose of IV medication for this patient that has been prescribed by a senior member of the team.

This medication is usually given as a slow infusion but for the purpose of this examination, you are to give it in a bolus injection.

You will all learn this in OSS block.. So lazy to write. Anyway, got Px chart but no BNF or product leaflet. Confirm with the examiner to mix the med with saline or water for injection and how much to mix it with.

Station 15

You are the FY in A&E.
This is a patient who came in because he vomited blood.
He is very upset.

Please take a focussed history and discuss the need of admission with this patient.
You do not need to examine him.

Weird Hx. At first I didn't know what was it at all. It didn't sound like ruptured varices (but pt is a heavy drinker) because pt shd not be able to talk to me if it is varices.
Didn't sound like Mallory-Weiss tear either. He vomited a pint of fresh red blood this morning! No stomach content. No assc pain, just some dizziness.

Vomitted once 7-10days ago, but small amount.

Halfway through I found out that he regularly takes Nurofen 2tabs 3x a day, every day.

So at last I can say we suspect you are bleeding from your gut. We may need to keep you in. And he was unhappy because his vry busy at work. But it didn't take him long to agree - because I said we need to pass scope in to see what actually is happening.

Station 16 AAAhhhh.. last one~

You will be given a case history of a patient together with blood results, ECG and CXR.
You have minutes to look at the information provided.

You should then tell the examiner what was going on and your next management plan.

Bloods: all normal apart from 8.5kPa pO2 on ABG.
CXR: some say collapse, some say pneumothorax. Whatever...

I dont think I did well in this station.
Thank God it was my last one. I would have felt very stupid otherwise, while doing the other stations.

With that, I bid goodnight~

Hope this helps!

-Because life is a test-

9 hours post-OSCE


My exam is finally over.
I am now officially a free bird! Until next Thursday, Jan 23rd; the day my results will be released.
I am not sure if I will post about my results. I might, if I pass.
If I don't......

I woke up very early this morning, I set my alarm at 5.45am but I was awake well before that. I didn't even want to look at the clock too see the time, I tried to sleep until my alarm rang.
The undergraduate department has kindly provided a shuttle bus from Preston Hospital to the hospitals in Manchester, where our exams will be in. We will not have our OSCEs in the same hospital that we studied in, this is to avoid bias from the examiners, seeing a student that may have been working with him for so long. Hence all students will be allocated randomly within the 4 UoM teaching hospitals.
My exam was in University Hospital South Manchester (UHSM) or better known as Wythenshawe Hospital or even better know among student as South.

The day started off hectic.
I was walking out with Ibrizah towards the Education Centre where the shuttle was waiting for us and half way there, I realised I did not bring my phone! I can't imagine going without my phone, I am sure I want to scream to someone when the exam is over so I ran back home to take my phone.
Imagine running within a hospital compound, without anyone around, at 6.50 in the morning with full smart formal wear, and smartie shoes. The ktak ktak ktak ktak ktak sound of my shoes was so embarassing.

Anyway, due to the heavy traffic, we reached South at 8.30am!
1.5 hours in the shuttle, I slept in countless postures and positions.
I think everyone was sleeping and it was also very dark so I dont think anyone actually saw me sleeping.

I will write the stations in the next post. I think it is very beneficial to actually have a set of questions from seniors to refer to.
So I hope this will be beneficial for the next generation, cewah.

Today also is the day my brother, Amran will be flying to Jordan.
He enrolled in the Ana Arabiy program, which is a reality TV show covering Malaysian students in Jordan trying to learn Arabic and the Quran.
Apparently it is going to be aired in April 2014.
Whoa.. But I feel good for him. He has always wanted to learn Arabic.

His flight was at 2200 Malaysian time so when I called him, it was only 10 minutes before the boarding gate opens.
So I quickly all the XOXO I can give on phone.
When I said I am so afraid of the results, he laughed it off.
I can't believe he laughed it off. He said it has never occurred to him that I can fail any examination.
He believes strongly that I can pass.
I was so touched with the trust. I didn't know that was the impression I gave him.
What if I really fail? There is always the possibility.
He must be very surprised, and perhaps disappointed too.

Anyway, right when I reached home, I cooked lunch and went to Kiew's room to debrief her.
I told everything about the stations today and how did I tackle the Qs.
And after that I went straight and practice with Akmal. Both Kiew and Akmal are going to have their exams tomorrow.
Akmal's in the morning while Kiew's in the afternoon. But they will not meet each other because Akmal will be quarantined after he finished his exam while waiting for Kiew to be quarantined. And after Kiew is quarantined, Akmal will be released. If that makes sense?

Anyhow, today I felt like eating big but I didn't defrost any chicken so I went Amonbagh and buy some dinner.
Lamb Rogan Josh, which cost me £5.45.
It's not that good. I won't buy it again.
I forgot what did I order before, that was very tasty.

I watched Running Man happily, without any guilt.
And I laughed and laughed and laughed with Ibrizah and Syahidah; my 2 housemates who have finished exam.
Poor Kiew, she is the only who have not finished her exam in this house. The 3 of us are free, she must be so stressed now. As stressed as I was yesterday.

Now, I am writing this. In a gooooood moooood~
Plans for today and tomorrow:

1) Write some love letters (haha)
2) Pack for my trip with housemates (I'm keeping the destination secret for now)
3) Pack for Malaysia (8 days till home!!)
4) Start reading again. I have left non-medical books for such a looong time. I keep buying books (bcos they are cheap) and just putting it on my shelves make me feel good. Now I have to start touching them again.
5) Running Man. I have about 5 episodes left.
6) Perhaps I will finish off Gye Baek; the Korean drama that I left halfway.
7) Online shopping. I wanna buy stuff and get them sent to my house in Malaysia so that I can wear them in time for CNY!

Wah, it seems there are a lot of things that I have to do!

With that, byeeee~

-Because life is a test-

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1 Day Before OSCE


At last, that day has come.
For my medical school final exam, I have to sit for 2 written papers and 1 clinical (OSCE) examination.
I have done the two written papers and my last ever exam is tomorrow.
I hope this is my last ever exam in medical school; I don't want to sit for the May exam. I can only be exempted for the May exam if I pass this one.

Today, I was calm until a friend of mine posted the list of stations that came out today (There are altogether 3 days of OSCE, and mine is on Day 2. They do change the questions!)
I was calmly practicing the stations with Akmal, trying to drill the examinations into me so that it became ingrained in me. Reading, again and again, the management of chest pain, breathlessness, how to examine a patient with neurofibromatosis, hip pain, knee pain, etc.
It was all calm, albeit nervous.

But when I find out the questions of Day 1, I panicked.
The horrible thought of "TOMORROW IS EXAMM!! TOMORROW IS EXAMMM!!" came rushing into my mind, ruthlessly sweeping my composure away.
And I thought, "Have I studied enough?" "Am I prepared enough?" "Can I pass this exam?" "What happens if I don't?"

From then on, I flipped through my OSCE for Finals book like a mad Asian girl, googling every single thing that I forgot or unsure of; non-invasive ventilation, osteoporosis scores, driving and heart attack, and even the sizes of cannula!

Now, I'm tired.
So I start writing.
Next, I have to continue reading.
May Allah ease~


-Because life is a test-