Thursday, February 23, 2012

And Tomorrow is The DAY!

Tomorrow is my exam! Tomorrow is my exam!
Tomorrow is my EXAAAAMM!

Yes yes yes! OSCE exam tomorrow.
Testing my clinical skills.

Testing how competent I am with needles and syringes.
Testing how competent I am with stethoscope and a pen torch.
Testing how competent I am with communication skills and friendliness.
Testing how competent I am as a third-year medical student.

Praying that everything will run smoothly tomorrow, amin.

-Because life is a test-

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Europe is poor so should live within its means"

I found this article interesting, compact and sharp.
Just thought it'll be good to share it here :)

by By Justin Rowlatt
Presenter, Business Daily, BBC World Service

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Post Mortem Experience

Yes! It has been 18 days since my first exam in UoM.
How was the paper?
Well...what I can say is I was almost very drained out towards the end of the 2.5hrs, having to answer 125 MCQs. Thank God I managed to finish all of them.

Post-exam, we treated ourselves with good food; steamboat, chicken rice and ayam masak ros for two consecutive days followed by a CNY open house in Yunteng's hse. We had only one weekend to waste after the exam, that was because SSC (Student Selected Component, in other words, student project) starts the following Monday.

My SSC this time is on Cellular Pathology and after two weeks and a half in it, I can definitely say I enjoy it :)

After reporting to my supervisor, he brought me for a tour in the laboratories in the Pathology Department, a place I'll never go into if I did not choose this SSC.

He then brought me to a Histopathology Trainees office where I was given a desk, a chair, and my own microscope.

Then he brought me back to his office and said, "There will be some post-mortems if you are interested".

Ok. post.mortem. I've never seen one.

I'm terrified of one, actually.

I can't stand horrible pictures of people getting crushed under the lorry, or bikers got banged by a car, what more watching a dead body being cut in front of me?

But then again...

Pathologist: Have u done a dissection before?
Me: No. In IMU we learned Anatomy through plastic models.
Pathologist: Owh... (frowned). Have u.....seen a dead body?
Me: Erm....(thinking hard). Yes, yes. (Thinking of some of my relatives' funerals)
Pathologist: (chuckled). Err..okay.. The reason I asked was do I put this?
Me: (interrupting his sentence) You want to know whether I will faint in the mortuary? (Giggled)
Pathologist: Hahaha.. Yes yes... It'll be very troublesome for us if you do. Lots of forms to complete if you injure urself passing out.
Me: Haha.. Don't worry doctor. I will not faint (thinking "Heck! What did I just get myself into?!")

That was Monday. In the afternoon he brought me to the mortuary and arranged with the mortuary staff an autopsy to be done on Wednesday.

Wednesday Wonder

Since that afternoon, I dreaded Wednesday!
Comes Wednesday, I walked half-heartedly to the mortuary.

Suddenly I find the hospital corridors looked exceptionally spooky, eerie and creepy. It was like walking in those dark, mysterious alleys in a haunted town, fearing that a zombie might just come springing out of nowhere, trying to eat you.

When I finally got there, the staff led me to the changing room, I've to change into a clean scrubs and wear special aprons and shoes before going in.

As soon as I walked in, there were 3 bodies on 3 diff tables; the nearest to me was still complete, the middle one was half-opened, the skull was partially open with the lungs, heart and other organs placed in between her legs.
The third one was in the process of being stitched up. The organs were placed in a plastic that was in turn placed in his thorax.

And I can guarantee I did not go pale.

The staff clearly did not sense any physical changes in me, not knowing I felt my stomach is now turning into a blender, mixing and grinding my stomach contents vigorously.

How did the post mortem end?

Did I pass out?


No, I didn't.

I went through it as if I've done it millions of times before, touching and feeling the blood clots, brain slices, liver, and other organs.

And that...was my first experience watching a post mortem.

I'll talk about something else some other time.

'til then,

-Because life is a test-