Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Her E-Day


Yes, I'm back.
After like what, 5 months?

Fuh! Fuh!
It IS dusty, blergh.

*wipe wipe*

To commemorate this return, I'd like to write about Diana's engagement! :p
Ya that girl is now attached ♥

We've known each other since INTEC, almost 10 years now.
A short time actually, from an adult point-of-view.
One more person not to be forgotten when I mention Diana is of course, Farahin.

9 July 2009!

☘ 20 Nov 2016☘

Anyway, tarikh keramat itu adalah on 20.11.16
Nti next year tarikh lagi keramat akan muncul
Lepas raya katanye 😬

As usual, the photographer is the famous Zulhilmi @ Bobby
He's one of our college-mates and has been the photographer for many of our INTEC people weddings and events.
Want to see his works? Here
Want to contact him? Here

I arrived at 12noon sharp.
I wanted to come earlier however since hubs was post-call that day, I let him sleep in a bit longer.
I purposely arranged it so that my off day will be on that particular Sunday.
And I put in a bit extra effort to look nice that day 😋
Wore my byFatinSuhana dress for the first time (simply because I don't have a place to wear it to before and this was the perfect chance)

Sampai2 je I think the makan2 just started.
Diana was still inside taking pictures.
And even though I've reminded him to be my personal photographer of the day, Akmal (and me too) completely forgotten about it hence I did not have even a single picture of the event in my phone - apart from the wefie I took while he drives.

So these are the pictures by Bobby [credit]

So after the tangkap2 gmbr, Akmal and I walked out to

And oh!
You know what they say that this world is small?
Well yes it is to some extent.

So Fuad and Diana met each other while they were both working in Sabah.
And it turns out Fuad's elder sister is my MO in Anaesth Dept.
Such a fate!

Me and Kak Hafizah
Guess who else I met?

But that wasn't all.
I was so not surprised seeing her, since we promised to meet.
What surprised me was she come with her fiance!
Yes, that naughty girl is also attached now. Lagi naughty, tunang senyap2.
Tiba2 je dah tunang.
Oh tapi dia pemalu. So they came in two different cars *shy shy, tp bagus la kan 👏 *

The food was superb.
The satay was nicely done, even tho the person grilling it was wearing a Juwett brace and both Farahin and I were so itchy wanted to ask his medical history, we decided the satay was more interesting than the brace.

After the food session, we went back in for second photograpy session 😄

[The 3 couples. Girls and boys dduk jauh2 k. Let me be in the middle. Haha.. Next year baru boleh tgkp gmbr rapat2 skit]

So Diana and Fuad, I hope the best for you both.
Can't wait for your BIG day 👰 !!

As I was going thru my picture albums, I found these pictures!

Taken in 2008 / 2009.
Gambar masa kecik2. Gelap berjemur and sgt school girls.

Sekarang boleh kot beli buku ni and khatamkan.. Hiks!

-Because life is a test-