Monday, December 1, 2014

My Definition of Feminism


So that day I watched this one advert in the tele, and it went like this....

A girl, with oily, dull face and some pimple scars was trying to park her car in front of a building.
There were some men outside, nearby to where she was and were looking at her.
Then, she came out of the car and one of the man shouted at her "Hoi, x boleh parking sini laaa. Pergi! Pergi"
(I can't remember the EXACT dialogue but u get the message)

So she was sad and annoyed and went back into her car with some revengeful intentions.
She took out her cosmetic set, put on her make up there and then in the car (nevermind the fact her face was really oily at that time and girls, you should wash your face before applying any make up!).

After her makeover, she came out of the car and one of the men who were looking at her with disgust just now, rushed to her car and get her car keys frm her, to valet park her car!

And she walked into the building with pride~

And so, I was disgusted with the motion the advert brings.

Like seriously?
Serendah macam tu ke martabat seorg perempuan yg diorg nk bawak skrg?
Kalau cantik, apa pun bolehhh... Klo x cantik, "Eh hello..get lost from here!"

So klo prmpn x cantik, muka tgh oily accident tepi jalan, tayar letup ke apa ke, mmg sekian la x pyh harap ada white knight dtg selamatkan?
IMHO, bkn white knight yg patut selamatkn, mmg all lelaki shd help women in distress - to HELP, not to flirt.

I know now that may not be the case, ada je prmpn yg x berapa nk fashionable but still get help and fair treatment from people. But if this is the concept of adverts, in the future we will start to think this way; you want help? Be pretty!

I think the feminism force in Malaysia especially should focus to counter these types of advertisements.
The adverts that focus that a woman must use their products to be beautiful to get people's attention and be seen.
I know women like beauty, but I think the beauty should be used to boost her own confidence, and be able to walk head held high in the public.
Not to get a man, get a parking space or simply getting a fair treatment.

Mmg, I can't deny that during some occasions, I tend to dress more, or perhaps more precisely, more appropriate.
I went to KKM to ask about my job intake and I wear very nice attire and made myself up a little bit. I had a feeling if I look better, then the KKM officer will not be annoyed with my thousands of questions so easily.
Sometimes, when a person looks not-too-good, syaitan berbisik and ckp "Dh, x suka la tgk muka dia. Cpt2, halau dia pegi"
So, klo kita pkai cantik skit, org tu boleh la layan soalan2 kita yg beribu2 ni lama2 skit.

Feminism should not focus on getting a woman everything a man gets.
Feminism should be on striving to get what a woman should get.

Dulu waktu KTM bru introduce ladies coach; tu yg pink comel2 tu, I can't understand why a certain feminism champion organisation rejects the idea.
The reason given was kenapa nak perkecilkan kudrat seorang perempuan? Perempuan pun boleh tahan la nk dduk koc dengan lelaki. Ingat perempuan ni lemah sgt ke?
Haaaa...tu la hujah yang diberikan oleh seorang wanita ni, yang mewakili satu persatuan wanita ni.

I really felt like biting her head off.

Makcik, cuba pi naik ktm tu pkul 5 ptg on hari bekerja.
From KL balik Serdang.
Tgk makcik diri kt dalam coach tu ngn sape.
Tgk ketiak sape yg ada dekattt ngn our face at that time.
Tgk mcm mana punya sesakkk berhimpit2 until we are not even sure "Ni aku ni tgh kena raba ke org ni tergesel je ni?"

Dh ada org nk protect kita from benda2 mcm ni, baguih la tu.
Why did she feel the women's coach is actually seeing a woman as being weak that we need our own coach?

Having said all these, I am not sure if men face the same problem.
Ada ke perempuan2 di luar sana yg tgk "Eh mamat ni x hensem la, rambut leperr je... x pyh la kasi dia discount"?


-Because life is a test-