Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keeping My Hands Clean

Yesterday during dinnet, my brother told the family "I dissected a frog yesterday!"
And i was like    =.="

Due to some inevitable situation, i missed the frog dissecting session when i was form 4.
And he continued,
"I thought i'll hv goosebumps holding the slimy green frog but it turned out very well! I felt like a pro...!"
"I cut the frog open, and oh man, the skin can easily be teared off. And i can see the frog's heart beating!"
"And we saw the liver and the intestine. And my friends are making jokes abt seeing the duodenum, the pancreas and all....."

"And at the end of the lab session, we decided to "destroy" the frog. We took all organs out and at last, we saw the spinal cord! In the empty frog body!"

I'm jealous...
Been hearing abt friends in other med school dissecting cadaver almost every day, and here in IMU we're merely dissecting the models in medical museum (Keep telling myself, i hv to be grateful.... At least i get a chance to study medicine! Things can be a lot worse.... At least i'm not in Gaza, or Haiti)
Now, not only friends, even my younger brother is making me jealous.

He asked me, "What has u done or dissect so far?"
I answered blushingly, "The most i had done, so far, is using that device to check blood glucose level, the one mum has, poke into my own finger, and see my own my blood cells under the microscope".

I really tried to EMPHASISE on the fact that i did a slide on my own blood cells and examine it under the microscope. I'm pretty sure he wont get the chance to do it in school. But me myself wasnt really convinced that examining ur own blood cells is cool, compared to dissecting a living frog!

And of course, the dinner session ended with him laughing his heart out at me saying that even him can teach me to dissect now, and my mum trying to back me up saying she can buy me a living frog from the nearest market for me to dissect. We shall get the equipments from my sister's St John club at school, expertise from my brother, and choloroform from my mum school's lab to anaesthetise the frog. And so, whether or not this self-experiment succeed (which personally i dont think it will), i'll keep my fingers crossed!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rise and Shine with Viva Palestina Malaysia

Ayuh! bangun dengan membawa sinar harapan bersama “ Viva Palestina Malaysia” pada Ahad ini, 24 Januari   2010 dalam  kempen memboikot Israel.

Ahli VPM & rakan-rakan akan memakai Tshirt boikot israel di pagi hari tersebut sambil berjalan-jalan santai di tengah udara pagi yang sejuk & segar. Kami mengajak anda untuk bergabung bersama kami . Datanglah bersama ahli keluarga,rakan taulan ,jiran tetangga semua orang yang anda kenali , bersama kami, untuk satu tujuan dan matlamat.(Memboikot barangan dari syarikat yang menyokong regim zionis Israel!)

Anda boleh dapatkan t-shirt boikot Israel dengan harga diskaun! - RM20 bagi dewasa & RM 10 untuk pelajar. Untuk pembelian sila hubungi Jemaimah di talian  013 231 4596.

Berjalan secara santai di taman ini akan mengambil masa tidak lebih daripada satu jam dan peserta akan diberikan nasi lemak & air secara percuma.

Temui kami di kaki bukit di hadapan Bangunan Bakti Hasmah jam 8pagi.

Maklumat seperti berikut:

Tarikh & waktu:    24 Januari 2010(Ahad) , 8.00pagi .
Tempat :               Bangunan Bakti Hasmah, Jalan Bukit Kiara Utama ( peta lokasi seperti dibawah)

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi:                        
Azian di  012 211 5749 atau Jemaimah di  013 231 4596.

From Viva Palestina Malaysia.

-Akmar is merely copying and pasting it here-


Multimedia Palestine Presentation Challenge

There will be a challenge to prepare TWO (2) multimedia presentatios and a supporting artwork about the Palestine issue.

This presentation is for the official launching of Viva Palestina Malaysia on March 3rd, 2010.
And i know, there are a lot of my friends, whom are VERY talented in making video presentations, so do hand in your artwork, if time permits! =)

The following details are copied, edited and pasted from
Task: To prepare 2 multimedia presentations (flash or whatever popular/common format) about the Palestine issue and supporting artwork (an A2 poster, which can also be printed in A4 size).

You can go to main Viva Palestina website to get a flavour of VP artwork if you wish. The presentations will be shown to local MP's, foreign MP's and ambassadors (and maybe ex-PM's like Dr Mahathir)

Presentation 1 should be between 10-12 minutes long.
Presentation 2 should be between 5-7 minutes long

The longer presentation can use elements of the shorter presentation if desired.

The presentations should focus on the injustices and crimes suffered by the Palestinians including the theft of their land as well as giving some kind of reference to the horrific attacks they have suffered. Anti-Jewish content is definitely NOT wanted, however anti-Zionist content is welcomed. You will therefore need to understand the difference. 

It should be as creative as possible but not too weird/arty as there is a message to get across here.  
There should also be mention of the companies Viva Palestina Malaysia has a current campaign calling for a consumer boycott thereof. Products and Companies = Nestle, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola and McDonalds. If you go to the COMPLETE Malaysia website you can get more details on this. {Note website was down early morning of 14th Jan 2010}.

What will you get out of it? first and foremost you will get what ever comes out of doing good deeds. Secondly your work will be shown to respected dignitaries, thirdly a fee for doing it. 

For INTEC or ex-INTEC students, please contact Mr Allan via his blog while for interested non-INTEC students........just leave a comment on this post. 

May Allah bless our effort! =)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Very Illogic!

What is?
Korean dramas laaaa....

1. The heroin is too cute, too silly, too nice, too naive, too kind hearted, too...........................

2. Even if the heroin is from a poor family, but her clothes are all fashionable, new and stylish.

3. The heroin is always pretty, fresh-looking even after 10 rounds of running on the field. No sweat, no nothing. C-L-E-A-N. Her hair is neat, still straight@curly, no "misplaced" fringe.

4.The heroin can fall asleep ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, still looking pretty, and the hero will always have to carry the heroin to an appropriate sleeping place. =.="

5. The heroin will still look vry pretty even afyer crying her heart out.

6. There will ALWAYS be two heroes, one very kind hearted and warm, and one very cool and stubborn. BOTH will fall for the heroin, but the heroin will ALWAYS fall for the cool and stubborn one.

7.  Either the hero or the heroin will be super-rich while the other is poor @ from a normal family.

8.  The school or univ where the hero or/and heroin attend(s) never conducted any class, nor give sufficient homework or assignments. The characters appear to play, date, and have fun in school. No need to study, no class to attend, no lecturer to be scared off.

9.  If the hero is handsome, all the other girls (the extra actresses) can just stare at the heroes, without feeling ashamed of themselves.

10. There is no such thing as "ashamed" for the heroin. They can do anything they want, it will still appear cute.

11. How come the heroin can prepare a very very cute lunch box for the heroes? Lunch box with cartoon food, decorations and stuff? How do they even thought of the food deco? And know how to do it well when they dont even cook daily in the drama?

And i'm pretty sure there are lots and lots more of illogic scenes in the dramas, but yet the dramas achieved high rating among viewers.
I think this is because everyone knows that whatever happens in the drama, WILL NEVER happen in real life, and to watch these dramas, one are brought to the fantasy land.

Anyone else would like to add illogical scenes in the drama?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Week

First week of sem 3 had just ended.
Wow, sem 3...
Time sure flies.... =)

The week kicked start beautifully, with Diana registering into IMU as a first year Pharmacy student. I even attended her white coat ceremony. Since Pharm stdnts are not as many as Medicine, they have a special robing ceremony.
Seniors will put on the white coat onto each new student. I cant imagine how long will it take if they do the same for Medical stdnts.

But, only the first week, i started to feel how heavy this sem will be.
Although rumors had it that semester 3 wont be as difficult as sem 2, it is still scary...
There are no more "intro" lectures.
We had a one hour lecture on ECG alone, confusing me with all the leads and vectors. And surely, the lecturer's accent did not help much.

I learnt not to judge ppl quickly this time. Give them more time.
Honestly speaking, last semester, after the first PBL session, i disliked my facilitator.
I thought of her as a "sound pollution".
She kept talking, dominating the session, when she's actually supposed to only facilitate us, not giving us everything.

My 2nd session with her did not get any better. In fact, i dreaded it, and the sessions to come.
However, i didnt realise when i changed my mind.
I gradually grew fonder of her.
I find her a comfortable teacher to be with, easy to approach, humble and friendly.
At the end of the semester, I didnt want to let her go, i wanted her to stay my PBL faci, with the rest of my PBL mates.

Yes, for those who know, i'm talking abt Dr Cho Min Naing.
She's a nice lady.
But, we dont always get what we want, as usual.
I get a new faci, and a whole new PBL mates this time around. Luckily Tay is still in my group, or i'll feel alone. Haha...

My first session with the faci did not go vry well, she didnt allow us to combine our PBLs, which will obviously make us easier.
But i learnt, not to judge. Give her time.
Perhaps i'll grow fonder of her as time passes. Perhaps......

One thing i hate the most this semester is the timing of the lectures!
My lectures are from 1.30 - 3.45 every Mon - Thurs.
And i go for lectures after lunch.
With the aircond, and the "lullaby" by the lecturers, and cushy seats, aren't it just tempting to sleep??

Postpandrial somnolence, the state of drowsiness or lassitude following a meal.
It can even be explained scientifically...!
U eat, ur digestive tract is being filled.
Parasympathetic nervous system predominates, blood flow is channeled to the gastrointestinal system, less blood supply to the rest of the body.
Pupil constriction, heavy eyelids....
And before i know it......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

I really hope i can find a way to overcome this.
I cant afford to be sleepy in the lecture theater for the nxt 6 months!
Perhaps i shd try skipping my lunch?
Or shd i avoid taking rice?
Or shd i eat only bread?

And one more abt the timing of the lecture.
It's not suitable for prayers....
Hurm... Class starts at 1.30pm, and ends at 3.45pm with only 15mins break after the first hour.
Zuhur is getting later, and i dont wanna be late for class, neither do i want to perform my prayer late.
It's such a dilemma.

Today's a Saturday, i've been lazing around all day.
And my mum actually confiscated my handphone.
She caught me on bed, with laptop switched on (i was watching korean drama) and hp in my hands. And all i was doing at that time, are things she doesnt want me to spend much time on; dramas, messaging, and lazing around. So yeah, been caught red-handed.

She took the phone and hid it.
She asked me not to look for it, and she'll only return it to me after 24hrs.
I have more than 12hrs to's only 6.56pm now....
So for those who tried to reach me, sorry....
I'll get back to u tomorrow.

Ok, that's all my "celoteh" for now.
Enjoy the weekend!
Another week waiting!

-Because life is a test-


Apabila Wanita Tak Tahu Memasak

I think i rarely post a Malay language post, but i got this article from an IMU senior's blog. I dont have the time to translate it into English, plus it may not be original if i translate it.
I might just put in some of my opinion in it.
So i guess i'd better just copy paste it.
Enjoy... =)

Kalau perempuan tidak boleh memasak, dikutuk dan disuruh belajar. Kalau lelaki tak boleh jadi imam kita kata ok saja. Jangan diperbesarkan nanti mereka terasa hati...

Wanita sepatutnya buat begitu juga. Syarat utama menjadi suami mesti boleh menjadi imam. Walau ada yang kata, jika itu syaratnya bermakna makin ramai wanita yang hidup bujang seumur hidup!


"Apalah awak, tak pandai masak siapa nak kahwin dengan awak!" Begitulah kata seorang lelaki pada teman sejawatnya seorang anak dara. Maka jawaplah si gadis ayu itu yang dia tidak sempat belajar memasak. Dari kecil tidak digalakkan keluarga sebaliknya di suruh menumpukan perhatian pada pelajaran saja, kemudian tinggal di asrama, maka peluang turun ke dapur membantu ibunya terhad. "Habis sekarang kenapa tidak belajar?" Tanya sang lelaki lagi. "Sedang belajarlah ni tetapi saya sibuk dengan kerjaya dan belajar agama, jadi belajar memasak tidak diutamakan," Begitu jawab si gadis yang membuatkan lelaki tadi menggeleng-geleng kepala. Baginya, dan bagi kebanyakkan kita juga, tidak sempurna seorang wanita jika tidak tahu memasak.

Lelaki meletakkan kebolehan wanita di dapur sebagai perkara utama. Tidak kiralah jika wanita itu berpelajaran atau berjawatan tinggi dan penyumbang utama kewangan dalam rumahtangganya. Namun kedudukan suami sebagai ketua masih kekal walau dia tidak mengambil inisiatif mempelajari ilmu menjadi imam, apatah lagi ilmu nak mendidik keluarga. Kalau tidak tahu memasak disuruh belajar kemudian perlu handal dan kalau boleh perlu boleh memasak untuk tiga pasukan bola. Begitulah
standard yang telah ditetapkan.

Bolehkah wanita meletakkan undang-undang itu kepada lelaki juga? Kalau tidak pandai jadi imam, belajarlah. Mula-mula jadi imam kepada keluarga sendiri, sudah
terror boleh pula mengimam satu taman perumahan!

Kalau dilihat orang kita, berapa kerat lelaki yang menjadikan sembahyang jemaah di rumah bersama anak isteri sebagai agenda utama?
confident la. Takut nanti kalau baca al-Fatihah tak betul, siapa susah?"
"Ilmu Tajwid kurang lagi la.."
"Bini aku lagi pandai tajwid. Segan la pulak."

"Aku yang
rugged ni kau suruh nak jadi imam?? Buat lawak ke apa.."

Isu ini, serta isu-isu kronik lain berkenaan peranan suami, sepatutnya diberatkan sepertimana masyarakat memberatkan wanita perlu pandai memasak jika mahu bersuami. Lelaki juga harus boleh menjadi imam supaya kewibawaan mereka sebagai ketua keluarga tidak goyah atau menjadi mangsa ‘queen control’. Kalau tidak pandai, belajarlah sekarang. Jika wanita disuruh belajar, apa salahnya lelaki!
(artikel tak ingat diambil dari mana...&  diedit sikit)

The best thing is, this senior is a male.
No one can accuse me of being feminist. Haha....