Thursday, April 24, 2014

95% a Doctor


I have finished my electives, and I am back in the cold land, UK.
I have even finished my Student Assistantship placement, wow.

I have only one month left, to be called a medical student.
InsyaAllah, in June I will be an official jobless post-medical student but not yet a doctor.

I can't believe my medical school years are almost over and I am going to be a doctor soon, bearing the huge responsibility of dealing with life and death.

I did not finish my Istanbul experience, my psychiatric institution as well as my electives experience.
I have so much to tell about my Student Assistantship experience where, for the first time I voluntarily stayed in the hospital till 10pm, because one of the patient that I have been seeing for the past 3 weeks had to be wheeled off to the theatre for an emergency operation. That night, I held in my hands, human fat tissue, intestines, abdominal wall and even some shit (literally!).

I really need to put pieces of my life back together.
I have been a useless person since the end of my exempting exam.
I went thru my days as a bare minimum person, not wanting to do any more neither can I do any less.
Anyway, that's the emo side of things.

The bright side of thing is, I will be home in Malaysia for good, by Eid this year!
I will surely miss this place. UK is where for the first time I tasted privacy and personal space.
Maybe I'll talk more about that in next posts.

For now, let me dwell with useless stuff.

'til then!

-Because life is a test-