Sunday, August 25, 2019

Applying For Masters Programme


Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan (HLP)
For those who don't know, HLP is the name of the program by MOH for staff to apply for further studies be it doctors applying for masters, pharmacists or nutritionists applying for masters, radiographers applying for a degree or perhaps masters and so on.

Every year, the HLP offer will open at around July for a month.
And this is my first year of applying.

Last year and the years before, one of the many conditions set includes the average for the 3-consecutive-years mark of SKT must be 85% or more. That means if u start working in 2014 ie first SKT is in 2014, hence to apply for Masters in 2017, you will need the average of your 2014, 2015 and 2016 marks to be 85% or more.
If you get 89% for 2014, but somehow got 74% for your 2015 and then 89% for 2016, your average for past 3-consecutive-years will not be >85% and you will not be eligible. That was what happened to me last year 😞

This year, they changed the ruling.
You need an average of 3 years' marks within the past 5 years to be more than 85%.
That means the rule above still apply but in case you start work in 2014, and you have SKT of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 - you only need any of these 3 years average to be more than 85%. So it doesn't matter if you scored really badly in 2015, as long as you excel in other years. They removed the "consecutive" condition. And it doesn't matter if you are not yet 5 years in service.

The Entrance Exam
For each programme, the entrance requirement will be different. Radiology (Hubs, Akmal is applying for Radiology) for example, the applicants will need to go for an exam as well as an interview.
For Anaesthesiology (me me me!), on the other hand, there will only be ONE SUPER-DIFFICULT entrance exam which will be somewhere in December this year.

And I have not studied enough, yet.
Urgh I really should start studying.
Very very few people get in on their first attempt, but Hui Fong did it!
Yeah, that girl did it. I am not sure how had she studied for the exam, but knowing her, she must have slept, ate and vomit books and notes.

And we have to pay for that exam!
And next year onwards, they will start conducting exam through Medex (I might talk about it in a different post in the future) and it will cost RM800!
They are making the exam equivalent to a Royal College exam.

Anyway, it looks like I have to start burying myself in books like I did mine during medical school years.
To adiks2, yes. There is no short-cut.
You just gotta study hard and smart.

Oh, some might ask. What's in it if I get into and graduated from this Masters programme?
Well, Masters graduates are basically Specialists!
So once I am a specialist, 1) Higher pay 2)Bigger responsibility 3)Becomes a bigger boss 4)Can be malignant 😈😆

-Because life is a test-

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Of Dr Zakir Naik and Malaysiakini

I rarely talk about political issues nowadays. But I just need a place to pin them down for now.
Lately, there have been many racial conflicts within the people of Malaysia.
And I hate them. I think these issues are brought up by certain irresponsible parties to purposely create the tension and fear among Malaysians and hence in return, these people will feel they have someone fighting for them and thus, supporting these people.

Other than the teachings of khat/calligraphy, the usage of Jawi writings, the talks about the abolishment of vernacular schools as well as the UEC exam, Dr Zakir Naik has lately become the talks of the town.

I was familiarised with Dr Zakir Naik since my A-Level years, circa 2008-2009.
We had a Friendly Comparative Religion (FCR) talk in INTEC and Mr Shah Kirit was the Muslim representative in the debate.
From then on, I was introduced to Brother MY who then introduced me to the FCR community and I went to the part 1 training course.
And I was absolutely enchanted. I was amazed by these people who have Quranic verses at the tips of their fingers and can easily quote them. Dr Zakir Naik was also heavily quoted, and he was dubbed the "Master of Comparative Religion"

Around the same period of time, my mother was also heavily involved in Malaysian Chinese Muslim Assc (MACMA) and we had a few encounters with Mr Shah Kirit as well. From there, I found out that Mr Shah Kirit is the disciple of Dr Zakir Naik. He underwent intense training in India. There were talks that there were 5 Malaysian men sent to study with Dr ZN but only 2 or 3 made it and Shah Kirit was one of them.
So yeah I was introduced to Dr ZN from my academic as well as family involvements.

I used to listen to his talks and read books on comparative religion. Then I went to the UK.
Then it came to a halt. I lost contact with these things.
But I still believe in him. Occasionally I read some horrible news about Dr Zakir Naik, but I didn't pay much attention to it.
In fact, I wasn't really interested in finding out. At that time, I thought it was either 1) People are really trying to bring him down or 2) He really was a big-time deceiver. The second option was more depressing hence I hoped the former was true. But I did nothing to find out.
News about him comes and goes.
Then he came to Malaysia, something about he is trying to run from unfair treatment in India or something.

Then, past few weeks he became the talks of Malaysian.
Malaysiakini has deceivingly quoted his sentences out of context and made him sound very politically incorrect and racist, and provocative. When I first saw the news by Malaysiakini, I immediately felt I must stand by his side.
I lost trust in Malaysiakini many years back after I started working.

When I was in the UK, Malaysiakini used to be my homepage. Yes, Malaysiakini INSTEAD OF Google or Yahoo was my homepage.
I didn't wanna miss things happening in Malaysia, as I was thousands of miles away.
But over time I find Malaysiakini very disturbing and offensive. They blow issues out of proportion and sometimes even their headlines are very misleading. Especially political and racial ones. Hence I stopped reading them entirely - out of my own judgment.

Then this happened.

See la, see the headline.
Outrageously provocative. Equivalent to Utusan Malaysia's "Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?"
This headline obviously tried to spark anger among the Chinese in Malaysia.
And as expected, BOOM.
Even Syed Saddiq the minister wanted to chase Dr ZN out, despite the PM, Dr M adamantly states he will not deport Dr ZN out of Malaysia.

Thank God for the advanced technology.
There is a full recording of Dr ZN's talk that night and no, he didn't mean to tell Malaysians to chase Chinese out before thinking of deporting him. But the damage is done. Jumpy people jumped, people already started cursing, the boat has sailed.
And so Dr ZN publicly apologised for the hurtings some people felt.
And walaah, some people took it as him admitting to his mistakes of chasing the Chinese out of Malaysia.
See how some people twist and turn words to make it politically advantageous to them?

Thank God also, our Muftis stand by him.
Muftis of Pahang, Perlis, WPKL, Pulau Pinang, Hadi Awang of PAS and many other renowned ulama' of Malaysia stood by him.

And so will I.
Oh, I just found out that Dr Zakir Naik is a medical doctor 😁😁

-Because life is a test-

Imam as-Syafi'i pernah berkata: Nanti di akhir zaman banyak Ulama yang membingungkan Ummat, sehingga Ummat bingung memilih mana Ulama Warosatul Anbiya dan mana Ulama Suu yang menyesatkan.

Lantas murid Imam as-Syafi'i bertanya "Ulama seperti apa yg kami harus ikuti di akhir zaman wahai guru?"

Beliau menjawab: "Ikutilah ulama yang dibenci kaum kafir, kaum munafiq, dan kaum fasik. Dan jauhilah ulama yg disenangi kaum kafir, kaum munafiq, dan kaum fasik."

وسئل الإمام الشافعي رحمه الله تعالى: كيف تعرف أهل الحق في زمن الفتن؟! فقال: اتبع سهام العدو فهي ترشدك إليهم

Imam as-Syafi'i pernah ditanya oleh muridnya tentang bagaimana caranya kita mengetahui pengikut kebenaran di akhir zaman yang penuh fitnah?

Jawab beliau: "Perhatikanlah panah-panah musuh (ditujukan kepada siapa) maka ia akan menunjukmu siapa pengikut kebenaran."

Jadi pilihlah dan ikutlah ulama dengan ciri berikut agar selamat di zaman penuh fitnah ini:

➖ Ulama yang paling dibenci dan tidak disukai orang kafir
➖ Ulama yang paling tidak disukai orang munafik
➖ Ulama yang keras terhadap orang kafir yang mengganggu
➖ Ulama yang lemah lembut terhadap orang Islam
➖ Ulama yang tidak peduli dengan caci maki orang kafir sepanjang menyuarakan kebenaran
➖ Ulama yang jika kita memandangnya dan mendengar nasihatnya semakin membuat hati kita semangat untuk lebih rajin beribadah

Semoga kita diselamatkan dari fitnah dunia dan fitnah dajjal yang seperti semakin dekat kemunculannya..

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Strawberry Doctors


I spoke about Strawberry Doctors 5 years ago here.
Do I see them now?
Erm, not much.

I do see some of my colleagues who can't make it through housemanship due to the stress, but I won't call them strawberries.
Yes, I see whiners.
I see complainers.
But I don't really see wilters.

I have shouted at some houseman (sorry adiks2), but none of them cried in front of me.
I have seen my friends getting shouted at, but none of us wilted.

But whiners, oh yes there are many.
In fact, they are so many of them that the government had to constantly change and adjust the houseman working hours.
The fight never ends.

-Because life is a test-

14 Aug 2019

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Anyone Still Reading?

I am not sure if people still read blogs.

I have always wanted to write here, but never done so past one year or so.
Today when I typed my own blog address, this junk website came up!

How do I get rid of it?
How can people start viewing my blog again?

p/s: If anyone is still reading this, drop a comment!

-Because life is a test-