Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last Day

Yesterday was the last day for me to spend time with my housemates (Ain, Atikah n Fatin) as their housemates. After 28th Jan, I am no more an INTEC student, which also means, no more their housemates. :-(

We were lucky that Atikah's brother can't fetch her early. Hence we had more time to be spent together. For the first time in this 1.5 years, we went to the TV room, to watch tv. Well, we were supposed to watch tv but we didnt. We snapped a lot of pictures, and we chatted. Next, we went to Al-Rafi Bistro for a drink. We had nvr went out juz for a drink b4. That was the 1st time.

Once upon a time

I met them in Jul 07. To be exact, 1st July 07.
Since then, I stayed with 3 strangers, not knowing them at all before this, trying to know them better, and tried to compromise on a lot of things.
If P.Ramlee can say "sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, inikan pula suami isteri", i'll say "sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, inikan pula kwn serumah". Oops.. X kena rhyme pulak.. But nevermind, the important thing is the content.
During the early stages, I was happy that I managed to find good housemates. But undeniably, after some time living together, I came to realise that nobody is perfect. They have their own attitude, which some times I can't agree with.

Conflicts and Fights

Sounds controversial?
Well... It's unavaoidable. Nobody is perfect.
There are times where we didnt talk to each other.
But all the fights taught us to be better friends.
Taught us to tolerate each other.
And tell us more about each other.

Love and affection

Though we tell each other off, we still love each other.
Not to forget, how Atikah always bully Fatin, they are the ones who always cheer up the house.
Fatin, no matter how she was bullied, and kept saying "aku benci r kt kau", she still agrees not to close the room door at night.
No matter how a bullier she might be, Atikah will always be the first one to emerge from her seat if any of us is hurt or injured. She'll be the one who feel our temperatures if we have been laying on the bed for a longer time than usual.
Ain? No matter what she forgot, I know she won't forget me. Eheh...And am sure she is trying her best to overcome that problem of hers.

Wrapping Up

Out of all 3 of us, only Atikah reads my blog. Hahaha.. So Ain and Fatin will not know the existence of this post until somebody tells them.
What I want to say is... I Love You Guys!! Though I am no more ur housemate, don't find a new one to replace me k. I'm irreplacable. *perasan sorg*

Us in TV room

In Rafi Bistro

*ini adalah iklan free utk Rafi*


  1. AKMAR(^_^)
    hu3..terharu aku bace post ko yg satu nie..but,overall,these are my comments:
    1. aku bkn buli fatin,tp sakat jer..hik2..die pun sronok jer aku buat die mcm tu..but as u know, thats the way we communicate wif each other.. ha3
    2. aku bkn xnk tutup pintu time tido,tp gelap sgt pun xelok sgt kan?hu3 skang ni aku dh improve tau, bukak pintu sikit jer,less than 45degree..ha2
    3.bler ko ckp yg kita xpnah tgk tv n kuar minum same2, baru aku prasan..hu3..nerd gak kita ni ek?maybe coz kita ader care lain nk spend our lovely time kot?cnthnya,dgr citer "gempak" ko tu..hi3
    4.n psl tmpat ko skang ni,aku xtau la kitorg dpt cari ke x pengganti ko..ha3..rasenye x kot coz dah nk final pun!
    5.tetibe aku rase mcm ni blog aku lak..comment panjang gler..ha3..ala,blog ko,blog aku juga kan..kan?he4

  2. Salam...
    Comelnye comment kau ni..
    Ckp psl cerita "gempak" aku, aku teringat plak citer gempak yg aku x sbr nk citer waktu korg tgk cerita arab dlu tu. Last last...

    -And mmg kita x pernah tgk tv sama2 pun. Yg selalu kita bt sama2, mkn... Sbb itu kewajipan.. oh ye, solat pun sama2.. Walaupun mandi pun kewajipan, tp kita x pernah pulak mandi sama2.. Hahaha...

    - Xpe, aku benarkan kau comment panjang2, best baca... Hahaha...