Sunday, January 25, 2009


I had just came back from Chinese New Year Gathering organised by MACMA Selangor.
For those who doesn't know what MACMA is, it is actually Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association.

I said that my mum assigned me LOADS of task rite?
Well, actually she asked me to put captions for the multimedia presentation she did plus create another multimedia presentation. I spent my half day doing it.
We were supposed to present it during the dinner time but, Allah is more powerful, we can only plan. We couldn't find the cable to connect my laptop to the projector. So, what happened? My "blood and tears" were wasted. But, don't know, I didnt get mad. I was totally relaxed. "Lantak la, dh x boleh pasang, nk wat mcm mana?" Am i supposed to be like that? I don't know...

The dinner was awesome. The caterer was Restoran Muhammad Chan Abdullah, a Chinese Muslim restaurant located in Dataran Glomac Kelana Jaya. The food? Delicious... :-)

Performance? Oh yes, we have a performance from students from Sek Agama Al-Amin, Bangi. The group called themselves "Eminence" which means "Terunggul". Cool.. Their music was fresh, and interesting. They didn't use any percussions. I think they sang their own songs at first, cos I nvr heard of those songs b4. But their last song was "Merah Saga". Specially dedicated for Mujahideen in Palestine. And i loved that song! I am know googling the song, will try to post the lyrics later.

What amazed me during this event is the universality of Islam. Guess what? It is a Chinese New Year dinner by a Chinese Muslim association. But the guests consist of Malays, Arabians, Chinese and half Chinese half Malay. Oh, how I love Malaysia. Eheh...

Change Blog

Those who read my blog b4 tis, i believe u guys must have realised that I changed my blog from wordpress to blogspot. When i started to realise that wordpress doesn't suit me, I thought a lot, before changing blog. It will be very difficult to change blog as that means u're changing url as well. People will not be able to find ur blog anymore etc. I will have to announce to everyone that i'm changing url. Wordpress provided the redirecting feature which will redirect people who visits the old blog to the new blog. But, as usual, it requires money. So, i continued changing, as i don't want to regret in future when i have more posts in wordpress and it still does not satisfy me.

It turned out that

But today, as I googled Dr M's blog, i found out that he changed his blog too!
Haha, and I bet my life that he has more readers than i do.
If he can change blog, why can't i?
And if he did it manually, without paying the host to automatically redirect his readers to his new blog, why can't I?

My Last Exam Paper

Ok, i'll be sitting for my lst exam paper on Wednesday this week.
Biology W2 and Synoptic paper.
I haven't revise anything yet! And i really really mean it.
I spent my last two days in front of this notebook of mine.
Doing what? Updating my blog.... Reading people's blog...
Update my blog again... Read people's blog again...
And the cycle goes again.
Wasting time huh?
Well, say whatever u want, i like it.
But i know i can't continue doing it.
That is why I decided to not to go online at all tomorrow (Monday) except for (why do we must always have "except"?) emergency cases. I will only use my laptop for playing songs but not to go online.
I might do the same thing day after tomorrow (Tuesday).

My holiday plan

Huh, this time my holiday is really really short.
My last paper will be on 28th Jan, and my admission to IMU is on 23rd Feb.
That gave me only 26 days of holiday! Not even a month!
Anyway, as usual, I had my holiday plan ready.
Right after my last paper, i'm heading to Penang. Yahoo...!
To celebrate CNY with my chinese relaives. Can't wait for it.
I might go to Penang again with Farahin. To go round Penang.
In the mean time?
I have gotten myself involved with almanac (it's a yearbook for ALM). This almanac shd hv been piublished last year but, due to some reasons, it didn't.
So, i think with all these, i'll finish my 26 days of hols in no time.
Ok, that's all I think.

p/s: Below is a lyric of Merah Saga song. Click here to get to the imeem page which host this song.

Merah Saga

Berjuanglah Saudara - saudara ku
Tunjukan Merah Sagamu Pada Zionis - zionis Yahudi

Saat langit berwarna merah saga
Dan kerikil perkasa berlarian
Meluncur laksana puluhan peluru
Terbang bersama teriakan takbir

Semua menjadi saksi
Atas langkah keberanianmu
Kita juga menjadi saksi
Atas keteguhanmu

Ketika yahudi-yahudi membantaimu
Merah berkesimbah ditanah airmu
Mewangi harum genangan darahmu
Membebaskan bumi jihad palestina

Perjuangan telah kau bayar
Dengan jiwa, syahid dalam cinta-NYA


  1. salam..

    hye, that's my former school(Sekolah Islam Al-Amin Bangi actually) and the guy in black shirt is my little brother.. huhu.. They always practising at my house as Al-Amin is just a stone throw distance for my house.. Keep it up boys~

  2. salam akmar (^_^)
    klako la cara ko spend weekend ko ari tu..sempoi jer ko amik exam ek?well,aku kenal sgt dgn ko nie, xpnah tau erti tension...bgus3... ko nnt msuk imu 23feb? lame gak la cuti ko...kena bersyukur tau?nnt time kitorg,cuti dari 26jun - september jer..hu4... ko kan fast track..cuti pun kena fast gak la

  3. Salam..

    Naufal, oopss sorry silap tulis nama sekolah...
    And, he's ur brother?!! God, kecik nye dunia ni...
    Juz ckp dgn diorg, i said, "keep it up guys!"

    Atikah, huaa...
    Aku x nk la cuti pun kena fast..
    X ckup.. Byk sgt bnda dlm tangan aku skg yg nk dibuat. Byk bnda nk wat, byk filem nk tgk, byk bku nk baca, byk tmpt nk pegi, tp ada 26 hari je..
    Uiks, x bersyukur pulak aku ni ek..