Friday, February 20, 2009

Demanding kah?

Well, whose who knows me, or at least read my previous post, will know about the latest project i am involved in.

Frankly speaking, I pity my fellow teammates i.e. the designers, the money collector, and the leaders. Leaders here, i am actually talking abt AMM and HH (those who know will know). One is a former leader while the latter is the current leader.

I am trying my best not to disturb other people's life, not to burden other people, not to worry other people neither to bug other people.
But when some students refused to pay, I need the do something.
Hence, i contacted the former leader thus the former leader told the current leader.
Now, i bet the current leader is very much in stress for what is happening now.

The designers, sorry!
I know u guys worked so very much hard (trying to make it sound real though grammatically wrong sentence) for the magazine. With trial exams just around the corner. I hope u guys can handle it all.

To those who may concern, i am not that wicked.
I dont want you to be in any trouble, but some situations are unavoidable.

So pls, forgive me.
Lets forget our differences and work together for the same cause, the ALManac.