Sunday, February 22, 2009

Don't Make Me Worry

Because when i'm worried, i gain weight.
It's undeniable.
Thinking abt many things, then when i can't think of any solutions (yet), i'll go to the kitchen, open the refrigerator, take any edible things, or if nothing grabbed my attention, further my exploration to the nearest cupboards, and start eating.
Still can't find anything?
I'll grab a pack of instant mee, cook it, and eat.
Nyam nyam nyam....

One of my friend posted about how to lose weight.
Well, those methods he mentioned do work.
Experienced it before, plus the fact that we students are staying FAR from home i.e. no food available 24hours. Assignments are always there, activities almost every minute, how can we not lose weight?
But now, since i moved back home, things just go the opposite way.
Food is available 24hours, assignments@tasks just make me eat more, and of course, adding pounds to the weighing machine the next time i step on it.

My aunt, who havent seen me for less than 2 weeks said, "You put on weight".
In less than 2 weeks time??
What is that?
Am i evloving into a monster?

Ok, i think i talked much (crapped much also) about weight gaining.
*A trouble faced and worried by many teenage girls in this era*


p/s: To Atikah: If you read this, this is my latest cerita gempak!


  1. after only 2 weeks? Crikey :)
    You sure must be packing those instant noodles away girl!

    Actually, as a mi segara addict myself, I have noticed they DO make you 'pile on the pounds' but damn, they sure are tasty!

    PAMA Tom Yam and Ruski (rasa banyak2) are the best. Cintan (not this cinchan!) are lame and Maggi are a bit too 'plastic like'. Adabi are OK, - the sause is nice for mi goreng type.

    oops, errrm... I'm not THAT into mi segara. Did I mention I'm a terrible liar?

    Seems like mi segara are "what's your poison?"

    Dun wori, when you start, you'll soon long for the days when you had time to eat.

    Any idea where which country you want to go to?

    My fave :p

  2. Haha..
    Yes, only after two weeks.
    I'm not sure whether my aunts were trying to scare me or they are trying to WARN me. :-(

    As in mi segera, they are nice! undeniably... It seems u really had done a few experiments on different brands of mi segera.
    Haha... I usually take Maggi but since we're starting to boycott Nestle, my mum started to buy some other brands which i myself am not familiar with.
    Maybe will check out my food cupboard later. Eheh...
    Well, if given the choice, i'd like to go to UK.
    But if i'm not mistaken, JPA is choosing it for us.

  3. They choose 4 u? Crikey! What a downer! Next they'll be dectating what type of mi segara you can eat!