Monday, February 23, 2009

First Impression


Wow... A lot of people! I don't know them! Where are my INTEC friends?
What should I do now? People are queuing up. For? Should I juz follow them?
Ok, let's queue up. Oooh.. Need to take lab coat. Ok, one M size pls. (Luckily I dont have to take L)
Where is Hui Fong? Ok, let's call her.
Waiting for Hui Fong.
Still waiting for Hui Fong.
Naaah, there she is!
Ok la, go toilet.
Can we proceed to the auditorium now?
Oooh.. They separate the parents from the students. So, where is my father? I'd better find a seat first.
Ok, I have to sit in the middle of new friends. I don't know them. Oh, I can see my father across the hall. Hye pa!!
The girl next to me started the conversation. Her name is Amy. Hye...!
Bla bla bla bla.... (Both of us talking) p/s: She's taking dentistry and she did her PreU in UK.
Welcome speecheS
Oath taking ceremony.
Faculty photography session.
Queuing up again. This time for student id photography session. Got a bag, a box file.
Go back home.

Ok, so far, that's roughly how I spent my first day as an IMU medical student.
Tomorrow will need to be there at 8am. Orientation week.... People say the orientation is very very bad i.e. rough! Dip-ur-head-in-the-drain and pour-butter-on-ur-hair style of orientation. Is that true?
Well, let's see tomorrow!


  1. Akum.

    I hate the concept of some 'initiation'/'orientation' type stupid kind of things (pranks).

    Thankfully tho, I never experienced any of it, and I hope you don't either.

    I find a slap on the face is sometimes a good say to reinforce an unlistened to statement of 'NO, I'm not doing that'.

    Wishing you well in the latest stage of your journey.

  2. Wkslm.
    Are you who i think u are?
    What a question...
    Anyway, we havent got much of ragging today.
    Perhaps more will come tomorrow.
    I'll post in in the next post.