Thursday, February 19, 2009

Help!! ALM9 students!

Assalammualaikum wbt.

I am now bearing the responsibility as the editor of ALM yearbook a.k.a The ALManac.
It may sound great to some but honestly speaking, I am starting to feel the burden of it.
Some of the few problems faced:

1. The juniors i.e ALM 9 refused to pay.

  • ~hey hey, come on ALM9 students. This is not a single batch annual magazine. This is a magazine for all, i repeat, ALL and every single ALM student. Why aren't u guys supporting our very own project? All the seniors i.e. ALM8 students paid, and I only hear some minor sighs from them but still, they paid. Honestly speaking, i am very very frustrated with those who do not want to pay. RM15 is expensive? Yes, if u're comparing the price with your previous school magazine. My school magazine was only RM10. But there are some important factors you need to bear in mind:

~First, the school is printing thousands of copies of books. Any of you bought anything in bundle before? Buying in bundle, ie huge amount, u'll get a cheaper price. This project of ours, will only print ~430copies. That is 5times less than the school's!

~Second, the school charge >RM 1000 for every advertisement page. And usually it is the tuition centres that will give such an advertisement. This magazine of ours, can only charge less than RM500. Can see the VERY BIG difference here???

If i want to be harsh here, i definitely can. But i wont. Because i know, we need to build up healthy relationship and be kind to other people. So people pls, be kind to me?

2. Printing company changed their price out of a sudden

  • Ok, this is a bad scenario. First, they called me last week, telling me a price, which i agreed with. It was very cheap. And if everyone paid, and we received a lot advertisement contribution, we might be able to give some refund to the students.
  • Yesterday, they called me again, saying that their staff gave me the wrong price. It is supposed to be a lot more expensive. They said they'll email me the quotation.
  • Guess what? I juz received the quotation, and the price has been TRIPLED. I received the email half an hour ago and now i am still cracking my head on how should i find the money to pay them.
  • The money collected and will be collected, is only half the money we should be paying. Can imagine the situation if i suddenly ask the cls reps to collect more money from the students? If i really did that, i think i would really have to walk with very stern and fierce face in INTEC because i am distorting a lot of money from my fellow friends, and i am sure i'll get a lot of curses, whether directly or indirectly from the students.
  • The reason why this magazine is so expensive is that we are trying to publish a 70% coloured 100 pages magazine. Remember our school magazines? Were they colourful? No, they weren't! Most of them only have certain coloured pages.

3. The authority is not cooperating.

  • Well yes, this is a very common problem. To get something done in this full of bureaucracy world, we really-really need to see really-really lots of people before we really-really get the really-really exact answer @ approval.
  • sounds great?

Ok, thanks for reading my moderately-emotioanlly-affected rantings. I know i can be more emotional than this. That is a girl's power.

I know i have some ALM9 readers, so please, i hope you guys are not in the refusing-to-pay group. If you were, i hope u understand what i am talking about here, and please do persuade ur friends to pay for the mag?

Your cooperation is very much appreciated~

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  1. Haji Bakhil ada hidup la!

    Did they every pay?
    Pehaps you should have turned on the Puspawangi charm? :p