Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Ice Breakers

Well, I arrived home at around 10.40pm last night, wet, slimy and dirty plus, tired.
So, wasnt able to update. Hehe...

Anyways, yesterday was a FUNbut a MEANINGLESS FUN. Why? Will talk abt it later.

Well, the climax of the day was the ice breakers activity. Ice breakers? For 19years, i always hear ice breaking. Ok, never mind that.
We were first gathered at the Lecture Theatre and been shown a short movie, IMU Orientation Committee produced movie. For me, it was an excellent one. It was the continuity of the first movie we were shown.

Then we were brought to the Chancellor Hall which is a big hall located at the uppermost floor, 4th floor. We played a few games there, which the seniors called "the dry icebreakers".

We were then instructed to go to the basement carpark for a "wet icebreakers". The condition of the basement that time surprises me. With very few cars, wet and dirty floor with some already-dirty seniors playing water amng themselves. They divided the basement into a few sections@stations using rope tied to the pillars. We were lined up in groups and were given a list with the stations we were supposed to visit and do whatever the seniors there asked us to.

My group's first station required us to tie 3 of our members leg-to-leg. The middle one should be facing backward. Get the picture of it? So, the group need to send 3 triplets for the game and i'm one of them. Frankly speaking, i didnt know what i'm supposed to do, i was the middle one so they asked me to face backward. Then i got the hang of it when one of the seniors started to tie my leg to my friend's leg. A boy.

I stopped the senior and pleaded to change with another group member. I don't want to be tied with a guy. Eew! So, i changed and become the middle person of the next triplet. The 3 of us were supposed to walk towards the end of the station, grabbed the scissors and ran back to let another triplet move. The floor was very very slippery. We almost fell on our way to the scissors. And while running back o our team members after cutting the rope on our legs, i fell down. Really really fell down as i lost my balance, control and grip on the floor. The members dragged me to the side so that the other triplets can start moving. So yes, i started my ice breakers with a fall. Before that, one of the seniors put on some thing on my face. Very slimy. But i dont know what is it. It looks like peanut butter, but i did not and will not taste it to prove my hypothesis.

We visited a few more stations and i fell once again. Shampoos, hair conditioners, oil, flour, water, were everywhere. The seniors simply rubbed on unknown stuffs on our faces, clothes, basically anywhere. I'm very glad that i wore a hijab. At least my hair is very very protected from all that slimy things.

The activity was supposed to end at 10pm but at 10pm they were going to start a new game. So i asked the OO (Orientation Officer) of my group if i could go back early as i have to drive back. Most of the students are residing at the condos there. So he excused me and i went bac home much earlier than other students.

Fun But Meaningless?
Why is that so?
Well obviously, the seniors are having fun poring, rubbing, spraying unknown stuffs to our faces, clothes and all, but when i was in the middle there, took a few minutes to ponder, i realised that all the fun they were having were meaningless. U dont get anything out of that fun.

From my eye as an observer, they were all laughing, hugging each other (literally), enjoying themselves but then i asked myself a question, "after this?".

Practically, we didnt get any benefit of it. We may say we are able to get to know ourselves better. Well, i believe there are a lot other ways to get to know ourselves. One that does not involves hugging each other of not the same sex perhaps?

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