Monday, February 16, 2009



In Malaysian language, I'll call myself a kepohchi.
Which means, busybody.

Lately, I havent got much idea on what to talk about. The idea came, but did not expand. Stucked there. Until now, I wrote two posts for today, but saved them as drafts as i ran out of ideas to continue writing.

So now, perhaps i'll just crap about love.
My mother told me that there are actually no love before marriage.
It was the westerners who bought the concept of love before marriage in our daily life.
Marriage had been for diplomatic, business or convenience reasons.
And love only come after the marriage.

Centuries back (i'm talking about Chinese Civilisation) or decades back (Malacca Sultanate), princess were sent to neighboring states or countries for the princesses to marry the autocrats there.
So, in this case, marriage had been for diplomatic cause.

Parents arranging their children's marriage because they believe in their own judgement.
They know that the other side will take good care of their children, and them as well.
Some parents were also forced to marry their child off to settle their debts.
I take this as convenience reason.

Business reason?
I think everybody in the world will know.
Marry someone rich, whose family runs a huge business and they will help ur business in return because a valid relationship exists between these 2 families.
But of course there are a lot more examples of couples getting married for business sake, but i'll not mention all.

Since small, i have been wondering, why won't these princesses argue when they were sent to a far-away land to be married to a complete stranger?
If i were them, i would have fought not to be sent out of my country to marry.

But when my mum mentioned about the inexistance of love before marriage before this era of ours, it made sense.
The princesses did not argue, because it was not a norm that young girls get to choose their own spouse.
Marriage had always been arranged.

Then came in "Romeo and Juliet".
Two young adults, falling deeply in love with each other to the extent of committing suicide.
Next, we have Titanic.
Another love story where the guy sacrificed himself to keep his lover alive.

-to be continued. ran out of idea
this time, i dont want to save this as a draft. i'll just publish it.

continued on 18th Feb 09

So, where did i stop last time?
oh ya, love before marriage did not exist once.

one may ask why would we want to follow that, as that the arranged marriage tradition was practised long long time ago?
We should be moving forward instead of staying where we were.
After all, that's life, moving forward.
However, we must not forget that we must always move not only forward, but also to better.
Do you really think the blooming of love before marriage cases are better?

How many premarital intercouse cases we are having now?
How many babies were thrown because the parents are unmarried and is not capable of taking care of the babies?
Can we see unmarried couples holding hand almost everywhere in the world? except for mosque so far, Alhamdulillah.
Are all these signs of improvement?

~The end

Fuh, at last i managed to finish this post.

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