Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Second Day

Am i really going to keep posting 3rd day, 4th day, 5th day and so on?
Ntah la, dunno yet.

Anyways, the orientation week started today.
The gimmick was interesting.
The committee started off with a short movie they produced themselves.
The movie was about a virus being accidentally let out into IMU and the virus are actually going to contaminate the auditoriums (we were in the auditorium at that time) and they were trying to scare us etc etc. We cant help but laugh though we know that we're supposed to be scared.
It was creative. That's all i can say about the movie.

Moving on, we had our orientation grouping and i was lucky that my Head of Orientation Group i.e. the senior in charge of my group was an INTEC student, Johnson. I know him as he participated a lot in debates under MINDS club. But he doesnt know me. Ok fine, not so much an insult. I wasnt the type that goes and tell everyone who i am.

Our group members were at first very quiet, and shy.
We started to communicate better with each other during lunch hour.
Whatever it is, most of my group members are staying near IMU i.e. the Vista Condos. So they'll be meeting tonight at 7pm. I'm not sure whether i can make it as i'm staying at home, a 20minutes drive, and i'll need to be back home by 10.30pm the latest.
We are supposed to bild our mascott tonight and based on my previous experiences, this type of group work will take a very long time.

What else will i want to talk about here?
Oh yah... Ragging!
That's gonna come under one subheader of itself.


As we were having our group discussion in a small room, some Indian boys knocked on our door.
The only indian boy in my group went out, so I was like...

"Ooh, they have their very own meeting here. That's good. Perhaps they're recruiting people for their committee etc"

After some time, my Indian group mate came back and he said,

"You guys are lucky u guys are not indian. Indians bully indians."

So we squeaked, "Is that true?" And he said, "See, i lost my necktie!"

Ooh.. Yes.. His necktie is no longer there. Those bully took it away. Then he was called out again. When he came back we asked what they did to him. He said he proposed two girls and was rejected. Hahaha...

Luckily he wasnt being bullied physically. Just some challeinging stuffs. Pity him.

Anyways, that is all about ragging for today.
I might be able to see or perhaps experience more tomorrow.
Ok la, that's all..

p/s: My mum said the condensed milk we are consuming now is not actually condensed milk anymore. Take a look at the ingredients and you will realise that it's actually made up mostly of palm oil. So she said, "We've been drinking palm oil all this while"
Now she came up with the idea of self-do-condensed-milk. I'm not sure how she did it but it seems she blended fresh milk with a lot sugar to make our own version for condensed milk @ sweetened milk. And it works just fine with coffee. It's just that i can still taste the milk taste. Haha...


Anonymous said...

no third day? Please give daily updates. It's fascinating. Will also help you to remember the experience when you're old like me.

Global Observer

AkMaR said...

Third Day?
Haha, Was too tired that time.
Will try to give daily updates.
Thx for reading!