Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It's been a while since I write here.

Not to say I was too busy studying, neither no internet connection.
But simply because i dont have anything to tell.
I'll talk abt CARES today then.

It's a charity organisation that helps to relief children with cancer's pain by playing with them and entertaining them.

It's not to give them medical support, medical advice or anything but merely to play with the kids. 
So today will be my first session with CARES and I'm going to PPUM (Pusat Perubatan Univ Malaya) to visit the kids there. I hope it's gonna be beneficial to all party, be it me or the kids.

As for confidentiality, i'm still very unclear on what i shdnt or shd  tell ppl. I mean, i know doctors shd not expose their patients datas and infos to public but what is it that shd not be told?
Can doctors tell their family that one of their patient is going to have his hand or leg amputated because of diabetes? or can doctors tell anybody else that one of their patients is having a heart attack right after a car accident etc? then, in my case here, i'm not even a doctor yet. Just a medical student. Can i or can i not tell anybody abt the conditions of the kids in the ward? can i or can i not, describe it to other ppl that one of the kids there is bald, or looks very pale, or even cant move because of the chemotherapy treatment? p/s: i'm not describing here, i've not been there yet!

Ok, a lot more to learn on confidentiality.

Gtg now! will be very pleased to get some feedbacks!
p/s: i know i have some readers who do not leave any comment at all. Why? Leave some comment-lah! Share ur thoughts... =)

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