Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Layout!


Ohh yes, one girl had juz wasted about 2hrs looking for a new template for her blog.
She said the former layout was too black.
Well, it is in a way.
She used to see it as elegant and sophisticated.
But now, the layout seems to be too dark for an image of a girl.
So she decided to have a more cheerful template for her blog.

She is also aware that some of the older posts may not look good in this new template because of the new background colour. But, she won't bother to change how the posts look like as it will consume much time.

And now, it is 11.11pm and the girl's eyes are very tired after almost one whole day staring on screens be it computer screen or tv screen. Human eyes need some rest...
Ok, that's all for now. Salam...
Good night!

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