Sunday, March 1, 2009

Outdoor Treasure Hunt


We were gathered in front of IMU lobby at 8am and each group were given a map of Bkt Jalil Park where our treasure hunt is. There were altogether 7 stations we need to go to. At the beginning of the treasure hunt, we feel nice, clean and fresh. It was like having a morning walk with friends. The only difference is we need to keep up with the time.

First Station

We were divided into 2. The first group needs to make up 2 of our members into geishas. We were given flour, and Buncho poster colour as cosmetics. Another group were brought somewhere else. I dont know what happened to them but they came back with one of the guy had his shirt taken off and words were written on his back. Scientific terms such as bacteria names etc. Our group won the make up match as our geisha look more like geisha than the other group's. However, the match did not start clean. The seniors rubbed some slimy things on our arms and faces. Luckily i wore long sleeve so they did not mess up with my sleeves so much as it will be harder to remove stains from fabric than skin. But they did put extra green poster colour make up to my face.
[above] Our Geisha

[above] Me and Amanda. Dirty and colourful.

Second Station (and the worst)

This is a station conquered by Indian seniors. Some of them actually left IMU Bkt Jalil for IMU Clinical School in Seremban. But they came back here, just to rag us, new students. They prepared a pail of yet again slimy stuffs. Very very very smelly... It is mud colour, and concentrated. They asked the boys to take off their shirts, dip the shirts into the unknown chemical in the pail, squeeze it and wear the shirts back. Eeew!! All the boys smells awful that day. Those who did not wear the boot camp shirt they provided were asked to rub planta and paint on their own faces. Then we were asked to run 5 rounds of the compound, and duckwalk half a compound and run another half.

Then he asked us what is his name. His name is sooo long that until now i cant pronounce it properly. But i'm sure it ended with a 'Nair' on the back. Then he asked us to do a 'helicopter' action. I managed to get my little bro to re-act it for me to capture it on camera.

We were supposed to put our finger on the floor, and turn 5 times for girls and 15 times for boys. After 5 rounds, i got up and everything suddenly went dark and i collapsed onto the floor. The girls rushed to me to take me up from the floor. I lost my consciousness for 1 min (i think) and the senior who made us do that came to me and ask if i'm ok. But, seriously speaking, the way he asked whether i'm ok or not was very sincere and honest. Betuull... X tipu...

Which makes me realise that they just want to have fun with us without any intention of hurting us. Nasib baik....

Our OO (orientation officer) were being ragged as well. It seems our seniors are their juniors.

I left the station feeling very dizzy and tired, while the boys left the station with their very very very smelly shirts on them while some other left with green paint on their faces and planta on their hair. Again, i am very lucky that i wore tudung. My hair was very protected!

Third Station

Here, they asked us to pass salted fish from mouth to mouth. The fish wsa wrapped with paper on the edges and we stood in a line passing the fish from mouth to mouth. The fish was salty! Again, the seniors put eggs on us. Perhaps i look very different from others as i wore my tudung so, they did not actually target all the slimy thngs on me. Lucky!

Fourth Station

We were asked to play in a race that involves a member piggy-carrying another member, two members carrying another member and one more to run. Basically that's it. Not so dirty station.

Fifth Station

What did we do here?
Aaah yes...
We were asked to lie down in a line. 10 of us.
Then we were supposed to pass fruits from front to the bag using legs.
The last person will have to take the fruits and smash them into a cup.
Then, one last person will have to eat it all.
We lost in this race.

Sixth Station

Again, asked to line up and pass water balloons to our members.
One of us will throw the balloon to the person behind him@her and that person will have to catch the balloon using their shirts.

As the station is located on a hill, i managed to get a very beautiful scene of IMU. Yes, undeniably IMU looks very beautiful, and elegant.

[above] A closer look

Seventh Station (and the last)

This group was controlled by the First Aid Club.
They prepared a pail full of not-so-fresh chicken blood.
In the pail were coins of different values.
We were supposed to carry our member using the four-hand method (a first aid method of transporting casualties) to the pail and the member being carried will have to put his@her hand into the pail and take a coin out.
We must collect RM4.36 in order to win.
The rules are, we must not exceed the value of RM4.36.
If we decided to stop before we exceed it, it's ok. As long as the other group doesnt have a value nearer to RM4.36.
My group won this race.

We were then gathered at the entrance, given nasi lemak and were asked to go back to IMU compound.

[Above] The final result of the orientation

All in all, it was fun but tiring, dirty, slimy and wet.
What do i get from this activity?
Chance to be closer with my group members.
And see to what extent can medical students be rough and tough.

That's all for now.
It is 12.11 am 2nd March 2009.
I have a briefing on The History of Medicine later at 8am.
Need to sleep now.
Good night!


  1. suspicious about slimesMarch 2, 2009 at 1:44 AM

    It seems like this ragging will never end!

  2. To suspicious about slimes
    Well, they said it will end after 2 weeks. After that the seniors will be very very nice and helpful to us. i really hope so. :-)

    To Irina_waldorf
    Yup, mmg cun.
    But as we cant judge a book by its cover, we shd not also judge IMU from far. Hehe...
    Xpe, u'll get ur chance to experience it nti... :-p

    To Nur_Hijrah
    Best sbb dpt kwn baru la..
    Itu best berkekalan.
    Yg best sementara tu, mmg byk la...