Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Upin & Ipin


Well, as i mentioned earlier, i planned to watch Upin&Ipin to celebrate my father's birthday. As now is the economy crisis period, :-) my siblings refused to pay for my father's ticket. Well, we dont want him to pay for himself also, as it was his birthday so I need to fish out my own pocket money. Pssstt... JPA, please bank in our money fast... We're dry now!!!

Ok, back to Upin & Ipin, for me the movie was a very goooood one. The animation was superb and the storyline is very meaningful. Every dialogue by the characters have meaning behind it.

I was sincerely amazed with the outcome of this movie as it is a Malaysian product. I thought i was watching Star Wars! As for those who hasnt watch the movie yet, do watch it. I'm not sure if it's still on cinema or not, but it's gonna be a very big loss if you miss it.

i am not going to give the synopsis of the movie here, no point of it. There is plenty of synopsisesout there...
What i can say is the movie is very good for young children and family. It integrates moral values, educational motives, love and affection and it is an enjoyable watch! What more can i say?

Btw, upin&Ipin is very very tiny now, their height barely reach their sister's thigh. But i really wish they wont grow up. I want them to stay small, tiny and cute. Can they?
Even after my graduation, can they still be as tiny as that?
Really hope they will.
Remember how Donald Duck's nephews do not grow?
So can upin&ipin...!


  1. I lovvveeee the movie!!!
    soooooo CUTE
    i ws laughing all the way!
    especially the part when Lim said
    "diam ah" to the malay guy.
    (ok.if u dont rmmbr.when he wanted to go to the toilet yg kt luar tu tp takut, then dia x jd pegi)
    hahahaha =p

  2. Muahahaha....!
    Yes, i loveee the movie too...
    And i remember the "diam ah" part.. Mmg very2 funny...

    The part where they were chased by the big snake in the cave was very2 suspense! I was like, "oh my God! Upin ipin, run2! faster!" Hahaha...

  3. I wanna watch it too. Not sure my BM is up to it tho. Gotta wait till after marking. Stress! - Maybe u can pass on stress relief tips from your psychology lecturer?

    bak to work...

  4. Sir, nvm the BM...
    Because the movie in the cinema comes with english subtitles!
    hahaha... Bm can't be the excuse/

    But yes, u have a lot of marking to do..
    That is a very BIG reason for not watching it. =) I'm pretty sure the dvd will be released. And usually, malaysian movie will be shown on tv after a year. Usually somewhere in Eid Fitr.

  5. salam my dear akmar!! yup,aku pun dh tgk citer tu td..baru jer blk nie...huhu sronok sgt2..heheh rase mcm budak2..hikhik (tetibe rase bersalah coz xstudy...hmmm T_T
    aku paling suke part ayam jahat tu..sengaja jer melintas jalan time kete lalu..angsa tu pun klako gler!berlagak gler dgn driver bus tuh...haha3..overall, upin ipin mmg best(^_^)

  6. kpd penghuni 7407...

    tgk kat cinema ek?
    seronok kan citer tu!!
    but then i felt as if i was in a kindergarden cos kids are screaming everywhere...

    watching movie after studying, is not something u shd be feeling guilty of.
    even if u watch when not studying.. hahaha...

    yup2.. angsa ngn ayam tu mmg jahat giler giler...
    buli org je tau..
    nasib baik citcut kau x mcm tu.

    adik2 aku gelak2 giler part yg lim lari di pagi2 hari utk pegi tandas tu. smpai badrul pun terhuyung hayang...

    ada one more funny scene!!!
    yang upin, ipin ngn rajoo atas kayu pokok yg nak jatuh gaung tu...
    yg upin nak pijak2 ke depan utk jatuh ke bwh, rajoo plk tarik dari blkg, xnk jatuh..
    then rajoo ckp, "ipin, fikir masa dpn ipin!!!"
    lawak gilerr part tu!!