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The Chronology of Events

This is actually the sequel of my previous post on Gaza.
This post will focus on the dates and event starting from 1897 till the very latest massacre by the zionist in Jan 09. My personal comment will be in brackets, green font.

29th August 1897

The first jewish conference was held in Basle, Switzerland to form a state of Israel in Palestine in 50 years time. For that reason, they declared a protocol and formed Zionist movement with Theorore Herzl as the first leader. But, it must not be forgotten that zionism existed way long before the conference. (I think the year 1897 was the year the idea was officiated, not formed).

In 1901, they collected fund to "buy" Palestine. At that time, Palestine is still under the rule of Muslim Ottoman Empire.


One year later, after failing the 1st time, Theodore went to see the last Caliphate of Islam, Sultan Abdul Hamid II and offered to pay tremendous amount of money to the Islamic state for Palestine. And the famous reply of Sultan Abdul Hamid II was:-

"I'm not going to give one inch of Palestine to the Jews as Palestine is not mine to give, but it belongs to the Ummah and Ummah have shed blood to defend this land, but if one day the Islamic state falls apart, then you could have Palestine for free. But as long as I'm alive, I would rather have my flesh be cut up, than cut Palestine from the Muslim land. I will not allow any carving while we are alive!!"


2 November 1917

British declared in Balfour Declaration to form a Jewish state in Palestine. (In other words, James Balfour promised the Palestine land to the Jews. 31 yrs later, in 1948, his promise went through). On 31st August 1918, this declaration was agreed by the US.


Muslim Ottoman Empire was dissolved by Islam worst traitor, Mustaffa Kamal. He was the agent of the West and became the "hero" with the help of British. He cancels the autorithy of the most powerful system for the human beings - The Khilafah! Before this, the imam, or amir, or leader of Islamic caliphate acted as a shield to the ummah while the ummah fought behind him. There was only 1 land, 1 army and 1 central authority.

By abandoning the khilafah, he abandoned all rulings of Allah, and he did not stop there. He abandoned the azan (call for prayer) in Arabic, he denied the call of hijab on Muslim sisters, he cancelled the Islamic calendar and holidays, he changed Arabic alphabet to Latin. And by doing so, h emade sure the next generation will be lost and have no connection to their Islamic roots as rhey cannot read nor write all the Islamic culture that was recorded. Thus, the Islamic system went from application in life to be in the museums for display in Turkey.


Ikhwanul Muslimin was formed by Al Imam Hassan al Banna in Egypt. It was the first movement that united the Muslims after the fall of Ottoman Empire. Ikhwanul Muslimin calls upon all Muslims to stay united and get back to the real teachings of Islam; to form Islamic personality in themselves, their family, society and country. The teachings of Hassan al Banna succeeded when the followers of Ikwanul Muslimin became the front line army in the war against the Jews in 1948.

20 November 1935

A renowned Muslim scholar from Syria, as-Syahid Izzuddin al-Qassam was martyred in the fight with British. His death initiated the anger of Muslims. The rockets invented by Hamas was named after this brave martyr.

16 August 1945

President of US, Hary S Truman gave out an open statement urging the Jews to migrate to Palestine and settle there.

9 April 1948

The violent attack by Israeli militant led by Manachem Begin killed 250 civilians Dir Yasin where 100 of them where women. Those who survved were brought in a truck in front of the Jewish people to be stoned. 19 years later, in Jun 1977 this terrorist leader (Manachem Begin) was appointed as the PM of Israel.

14 May 1948

Israeli terrorists killed 50 Palestinians in Abu Syasyah village. The Palestinians were shot dead and some were even chopped of their heads.

On this very same day, British ended its occupation in Palestine and declared the formation of the haram state of israel.

15 May 1948

One day after the independence declaration, Arab countries declared war on Israel. Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon sent their troops to Palestine. As-Syahid Hassan al Banna led Ikhwanul Muslimin to the war but this act led to the assasination of Imam Hassan al Banna by the Egyptian government in 1949. (InsyaAllah i'll post another article on this some time later).

  • 11 July 1948 - Mosyi Dayan led Israeli Commando to attack al-Lad village killing 426 people.
  • 29 Oct 1948 - Israeli army gathered civillians in a field in 'Albiyyun. These civillians were then shot from all directions.
  • 31 Dec 1948- Jewish fanatics known as Hajnah attacked and killed 60 muslims in as-Syeikh village.

  • 12th Feb 1949 - Imam as-Syahid Hassan al Banna was shot dead by assasinator paid by King Farouq of Egypt. The death of Imam al Banna opened the eyes of Muslims towards his mission.
  • 16 Dec 1949 - Baitul Maqdis or Jerusalem was declared as Israel capital city.

  • 17 Mac 1950 - Turkey and Iran recognised the state of Israel.
  • 31 May 1950- Israeli Guerilla attacked Wadi Arabah killing 30 Arabs.
  • 14 Oct 1953 - Qabbiah village was bombed by Israeli army for 16 hrs non stop, martyred 62 people. Water supply of the villagers was destroyed.
  • 7 Dec 1954 - Another Muslim movement leader, as-Syahid Abdul Qader audah was hanged with another 5 fighters by Egyptian PM, Jamal Abdun Nasir.

  • 28 Oct 1956 - Ariel Sharon with another 19 Israeli army massacred the Palestinians. The curfew was supposed to start at 6pm thus, the farmers will usually leave their farm earlier. But on that day, at 4.45pm, they suddenly announced the curfew to start at 5pm, 1hr earlier. The Palestinian farmers were on their way back home at 5.30-5.45pm when Ariel Sharon shot them dead from the entry of the village killing 57 people and hurting another 27.
  • 29 Oct 1956 - Israel, British and France joined forces to attack Egypt in order to seize and conquer the Suez canal. Malaysian students studying in Al-Azhar, Egypt joined the jihad army and went thru short army training. They were absorbed into Difa' Madani (Public Defense Force) The female students of Malaysia participated by sewing uniforms for the army.
  • 3rd November 1956 - al-Rais refugee camp in Khan Yunus were attacked, killing 250 Palestinians.
  • 12 Nov 1956- (a week later), they killed another 257 Palestinians. On the same day, the went to Rafah and killed more than 100 Palestinians.
  • 29 Aug 1966 - The successor of Imam al-Banna, Syed Qutb was killed by Egyptian PM Jamal Abdun Nasir.
  • 13 Nov 1966- Israeli army killed 18 Palestinians and injured another 54 in al-Khalil (Hebron).
  • 8April 1970 - Muslims were massacred in Bahrul Baqar
  • 6 Jun 1982 -Israel attacked Lebanon with the excuse that PLO (Palestine Liberalisation Organisation) is preparing its army there
  • 16 Sept 1982 - Defense Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon violently killed more than 3000 Muslims in Sabra and Syatila, Lebanon. In order to provide "false resolution" to the world society, the military court conducted trials and those found guilty were only fined 14sen USD only! 19 yrs later, in 2001 the terrorist leader, Ariel Sharon became Israel PM.
  • 1987 - HAMAS, the wing of Ikhwanul Muslimin was formed in Palestine. Syeikh Ahmad Yasin was regarded as the founder of Hamas.
  • 9 Dec 1987 - Intifadha started. Palestinians openly fought Israeli army by throwing stones on them. Syeikh Ahmad Yasin was captured and jailed.
  • 15 Feb 1988 - Israeli army used buldozer to bury 4 Muslim fighters alive but with Allah's power, all 4 of them survived.
  • 16 April 1948 - Abu Jihad, a Palestinian minister was assasinated by Israel.
  • 24 Nov 1989 - Dr Abdullah Azzam, a Palestinian fighter with his 2 children were killed in Pakistan after he succeded in uniting the Pakistani mujahideen.
  • 8 Oct 1990 - Killings in Al-Aqsa. Armed Isreali army came to the mosque and shooted randomly towards Muslims who were performing their prayers. 21 martyred, 150 injured while 300 captured.
  • 13 Sept 1993 - Yitzak Rabin, the Israel PM signed an agreement with Yasser Arafat giving Gaza strip and Jericho to the Palestinians. The area was only half of Perlis state of Malaysia. 2 years later, Rabin was assasinated because Isrealis did not agree with the division.
  • 1997 - After 10 years being jailed, Syeikh Ahmad Yasin was freed in an exhange with 2 Jewish spies caugt by the Jordan government. Syeikh Ahmad Yasin lost his ability to move. He was paralysed as a result of the torture he received in the jail.
(i skipped some events from 1997 - 2002. Not because they werent significant but they were just too many events. i'll give my reference later.)
  • 29 January 2002 - Wafa' Idris, a 26 year old Red Crescent volunteer became the first lady to bring explosives to the central of Baitul Maqdis and exploded herself (amaliyyah istisyhadiyyah). Few days later, muslim scholars in Al-Azha announced her death as syahid.
  • 22 March 2004 - Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was shot dead by missile from an Apache as he went out of the mosque after Subuh prayer. His head was crushed and his arm fell apart. (It was said that the price of one bullet that killed Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was equal with the budget of Selangor state of Malaysia for one year!) Hamas was then led by Dr Abdul Aziz Rantisi, replacing Syeikh Ahmad Yassin.
  • 17 April 2004 - Less than 1 month after he succeeded Syeikh Ahmad Yasin, Dr Abdul Aziz Rantisi was killed. Israeli Aache bombed his car martyred him and his two friends.
  • 27 December 2008 - Israel started a 3 week attack on Palestine killing more than 1350 Palestinians. It was said however, that Hamas did not report the number of their own fighters who died. 1350 was the number of civilians who died.

Reference: Aris Hazlan Ismail, Gaza Menangis, Jundi Resources, Kuala Lumpur (2009)

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