Monday, May 4, 2009

Which One is Al Aqsa?


I googled "Masjidil Aqsa".
And i found two different mosques.

As far as i know, there's no mosque with 2 domes. Thus, this means that this two mosques are different.

I also found articles saying that the Israelis are trying to confuse Muslims between Al Aqsa Mosque and their Dome of Rock.

But, as i'm losing my trust to articles on the net, i don't know as to which one to trust. Who knows the article is trying to manipulate the confusion the other way around?

But i think the one with yellow dome is not Al-Aqsa.
Because that "building" looks newer.
I thought Al-Aqsa shd be old?
And also, when i google "Dome of Rock", the yellow dome building appeared.


  1. Wow.
    Just came across this...

    22:03 minor signs if the coming of the end times: "The people will compete with one another in the building and decorating of Masjids." Bilal Philips (

  2. waalaikumsalam.
    yes, i received an email on mecca's latest plan.
    it looks beautiful and very sophisticated. i received that email after reading ur 1st comment. if i hadnt, my 1st thought will be "wow, this is cool. muslims will be respected cos their holy sacred place is so superb, and advanced".
    but upon reflecting it again, i realised that with that amount of money spent to beautify mecca, it will be better to use the money to help our own muslims.
    but that doesnt mean no development shd been done to improve the condition of mecca. not to say that the condition is bad, as i hvnt been there but, with time, mecca juz cant stay like that without advancing. so i think "making mecca more efficient and easy for muslims" is better that "making mecca more beautiful so that non-muslims will be awed and muslims get to be proud".
    =) *juz an opinion of a shallow-knowledged student.