Saturday, June 27, 2009

Speed of Time???

Assalammualaikum wrt wbt.

People had always talk abt speed of light, speed of sound, how fast can a car travel etc...
But, speed of light?

I entered IMU on the 23rd Feb 2009.
Today i finished my 1st sem there.
Altogether, i spent approx 124 days = 2 976 hours being an IMU stdnt.
Which means, light had traveled 3.21X10^12 since i became an IMU stdnt.
So, that's the speed of time, relative to light.
Just how fast time flies.

In these 4mths plus, i learnt a lot, faced a lot of things, studied a lot of things, fell quite a few times, tearing off a few of my shoes (literally), and a lot other.

glucophosphomutase*stratified random sampling*incentive motivation theory*anterograde amnesia*retrospective study design*akmar*comel*cranial nerves*zymogens*PQR complex*
T wave*myocardial infarction*alkalosis*acidosis*myeloid progenitor cells

and etc etc etc...

Words most of them i've nvr came across before.
And now in these 4 mths i need to memorise them all.
No wonder i didnt do well in my exam this morning..
I took this exam quite lightly, not as serious as i took my A Levels for.
I had always take things lightly, because i think if i take everything seriously, i'd explode.


  1. erm.. a few words frm the list of the words u hv learnt actually caught my attention. hw come?? hihi..

  2. Ahaha...
    Well, that's one of the trick to see if ppl really read what i wrote.
    So, thanks for reading! =)