Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I know abt Michael Jackson

Well, I think the whole world knew abt this, the superstar Michael Jackson is dead.

To begin with, i got to know MJ since i was a little girl.
My mum had been his fan long long time ago, until now.
I remembered MJ did a concert in Malaysia and that time, i was 6.
My mum didnt go or the concert of course, she wasnt that fanatic to spend hundreds to watch a concert.

Then, as i grow up i got to know more abt MJ. I got to know that he "changed" his skin from black to white. Then, few years after that i read news abt him abusing children sexually.
I remembered my mum was disappointed with the news.
She said the media is really really punishing MJ.
She said that just because MJ is a black (an undeniable fact), the media is bombarding him so that he can never make a comeback.

We dont know abt the truth, whether or not he really did abuse the children because in this world today, framing someone sounds so very easy. News abt somebody being accused of something and the person denied saying he@she had been framed, appear almost everyday.
We dont have to look far, just look at the politics in Malaysia. Politicians are framing or being framed (that's what they say, i'll nvr know the truth) everyday.

Hence, my mum always feel pity for MJ.
She even said that but Elvis Presley did not lead a good and healthy life either.
And he was still praised and died with a "clean" name (at least cleaner than MJ).
It's because he's white. And i began to agree with her.
Whether i'm correct or not, i'm not sure.
Nobody is, in fact. Unless i talk to MJ myself (which is impossible).

Then, i heard that MJ is converting into Islam.
I felt so relieved. My mum said, "Islam do not discriminate" hence it is not impossible that MJ found peace in Islam. In addition, his brother is also a Muslim.
But my uncle turned a blind eye to this news.
He said it can be just a propaganda, like Akon admitting he's a Muslim.
Well, that's a fact. The singer Akon is a Muslim.
Though we dont actually know to what extent is he practising it.
And my uncle did not see any reason for me to be sure and happy that MJ is also a muslim now.
I dared not go against him, as i couldnt find any fact to back me up.
So, for a period of time, i kept my fingers crossed, not sure of whether MJ is a muslim or not.
Until i read an extract of news saying that MJ is now Mikail, a Muslim.
I felt happy again.

Then, last Friday, the very same uncle told me that MJ is dead. He died of cardiac arrest.
I was so shocked. I text-ed my mum and she said she knew it earlier that morning and she included a sad smiley symbol =( in the msg.
When i got home, my mum said the media had done MJ an injustice.
He didnt get a chance to make a comeback.
His name was being "dirtied" even up to his death.

As a normal human being, a citizen who relied mostly on newspapers and media to know abt things happening in the world, i can never be sure whether or not MJ committed the crime.
Neither can i be sure if he's a good man or not.
But, it will be painful if i think that he's a bad man, abusing child.
So, why not I think good things abt him, he might be framed, he might had been done injustice, and he turned to Islam because Islam brings peace, and he died a Muslim. Doesnt that sound nicer? And happier?
It made the world looks like a better place to live in.


  1. u r as good to read as sidney sheldon.no jokes. i love this article. But y arent u sure about m j being a muslim. its very true. u can watch all real videos of m j which usually u ll not find in the market as u know its a real cruel world . truth is always kept hidden. But very soon this world ll realize the truth not only about M j but about Islam.

  2. thanks... appreciate the compliments.
    i wasnt sure abt mj being a muslim because the news will always report "MJ is interested in Islam" or "MJ has been seen in muslim community" etc etc..
    There was no news saying "MJ is a muslim now. Thank God".

  3. waalaikumssalam... ada orang kata dia muslim. dan jugak ada orang kata dia bukan muslim.. الله أعلم