Monday, July 20, 2009

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"The British came to our country, gave us jobs, help us develop, that's why we have what we have now"

"Perhaps they are naughty. Perhaps they do not want to listen to the US UK and kindly let the US UK help them develop their country"

"Their country has nothing. They are poor people. They need help from outside in order to survive"


These are some of the sentences i was trying my best to refute last night.

My relatives have been throwing these accusations and statements when i told them about what the US-UK-Zionist have been doing to the Palestinians.

It's a tough job convince them to actually believe that the Palestinians are being oppressed.

I complained to my mum that my relatives are very very British-lover.
And my mother said, "U dont know r? Most of the ppl of my generation and above respect the whites very very much. And that relative's idol was Rock Hudson who died of AIDS"

But at least, i managed to bring to their attention to the cruel wall built by the Zionists.
That's a start i guess.

As i went to sleep last night, i thought, "How can i convince other people when i cant even convince my very close relatives?"


  1. Salam.

    "The British gave us our lawcourts, train lines and schools da da da" is often heard repeated by some in India. Well most Indians NEVER benefitted from these things and the British killed 10's of millions of Indian people. Only the vocal wealthy class benefited and really it’s only these aristocratic snob nosed people that make it onto the airwaves. You never get the chance to hear of some poor famer whose ancestral land was stolen by the British and his family have been living in abject poverty since.

    It should be said that the British in Malaysia were less violent, however they too committed atrocities and killed Malaysians. If you were one of those who faced British violence, would you be so embracing? No. Of course not, but who cares about that huh?

    The Brits also caused pollution. The rock waste from the mining and extraction of tin in known to contain high levels of radiation. it doesn't matter that they didn't know this at the time, the point is, their presence was directly responsible for pollution which is pretty likely to have caused cancer and death in some people.

    They probably introduced biological organisms that had a significant impact on Malaysia’s flora and fauna, possibly permanently robbing the country of some kind of amazing natural resource.

    Such rosy words are often said of the once colonising Imperialists, and it suffers from yet another problem: Who is to say India (or Malaysia) could not have developed in a BETTER way than what we see today? to say what the British gave is a failure of the imagination.

    And lets examine the word "gave" shall we? The British didn't really give anything, did they? No. they "gave" what they had to enable the successful exploitation of the countries natural resources. The train lines weren't so Malaysians could leave their car behind and go shopping in KLCC. The train lines were to ship ore from the mines. The law courts in India were to impose British law on people for whom British values were quite alien. It was to control the population. It imprisoned people and killed people.

    This society today... Is it really wealthy? It seems like we are have more toys, but are saddled with 20 year house loans, 5 year car loans... Is this society so good? what about in 50 years time when there's no oil. Malaysia whose infrastructure is build almost entirely on oil will face a very hard crash, with only the elite once again being able to afford the increasingly expensive British/Western wasteful unsustainable way of life.

    Imagine if in 10 years time an amazing scientific breakthrough is made, but and it requires tin. Well, the Brits stole all the tin. Great huh?

    There is no excuse for Imperialism. Actually I think the Malaysian and Indian and all other governments that used to be under the British should seek reparations (damage payments) for the years of Imperialism they suffered.

  2. We often have the belief that the power of our words is enough to instantly make people radically change their pre-set ideas about life and so on, but it’s quite rare that such a thing happens. It would be better not to expect your relatives to instantly accept what you say.

    I wonder if you’ve ever had the experience where someone told you something and you thought they were just talking rubbish, yet one day something happened and you began to appreciate what was said to you.

    Most people find it very hard to accept something that radically changes their long held belief in a short period of time. Some do, but many, I’d say, most, don’t.

    As a result of what's happened, don't feel any negative thing towards them (I v. much doubt you would anyway) and have patience (easy to say I know!). Keep in mind they may never accept it, but the fact that you've spoken about these issues, means there will forever be a seed of thought in their minds when they come across these issues in the future. They will ask themselves why their family member thinks this way and I'm sure a slight part of them may entertain the possibility (even just a minute possibility) that what you said is actually correct.

    You have done a great service to raise the issue. They as people have their own responsibility to think about what you have told them and they have individual responsibility o make their own minds up. Allah SWT’s most amazing gift, the power of free will. InsyaAllah, they will be more curious about it now, and if you mention it to them at later times, maybe that seed of thought will flourish into a tree of understanding to the point where they come to terms with it an end up agreeing with you.

    Strangely enough my mother adored Rock Hudson. It was because of her liking for him that was responsible for my first time I hearing about AIDS/HIV. (They said he died of caner at the time).

    Don't doubt what you do. Every single Palestinian, if they knew what you were doing for them, would be so thankful for what you do. You are giving them hope in the face of vile oppression. The Palestinian brothers who speak of these things say the Palestinian people DO have enormous appreciation for the efforts of others across the planet.

    And even if 100% of our efforts for the Palestinians never appear to yield fruit (we can never know of all the positive results of our actions), do not stop what you do for it is the moral thing to do. Never forget that. Please.

    Brotherly love in the sake of Islam and Palestine… lwt247.

  3. Why not give them a collection of Palestine documentaries?

    The John Pilger documentary "Palestine is Still the Issue", "The Iron Wall", plus the Channel 4 news report b Jonathan Miller which I give you, would hopefully show them a side of Palestinian life they've probably never seen before.

    Give them printouts of western non-Muslim accounts of Deir Yassin amd Sabra and Shatila(e.g. Robert Fisk).

    They would find it harder to dismiss a number of ither respictable - Even show them some stuff by Jews who support the cause of the Palestinians and Zionist crimes that have killed Jews.

    All they seem to have been exposed to is Western propaganda and gross bias. If this propaganda didn't work upon ordinary people, the USUK'Z wouldn't bother spending so much time pumping it out.

    Did your mum say anything in support of your position?

  4. Salam.
    Guessed i wont be able to change their minds overnight.
    Well, it wasnt easy to get them to watch The Apartheid Wall video u linked me to so i doubt they'll watch other videos.
    Perhaps i shd be doing it accidentally like just put it on the TV with them at the living room. They wont hv much choice but to watch it then. Haha...

    "The western gave us civilisation"
    "They brought civilisation over here"

    These relatives are not muslims.
    That was why they still wont accept the fact that Islam civilisation comes before the US UK.

    My mum helped me explain to them, owe her much for that.
    I showed her the apartheid wall video before this and that was the first time she knew abt the existence of the wall.

    And my mum had always disliked the US for sparking disunity in the world.
    Trying to make everyone fight with each other while they're gaining more and more benefits.