Sunday, July 26, 2009

CHOW Charity Bazaar

25th July 2009

I went to Chow Charity Bazaar at The Weld, Jln Raja Chulan KL.
Went with my siblings.

The bazaar was basically to raise fund and create awareness towards the sufferings Palestinian children are put into.
Like every other children in the world, Palestinian children have every rights to live their lives normally. But thanks to Zionists, they are living theirs in pain and hunger and deprived of basic needs.

Front booth. Buy ticket, donate.

Eating corner

There were a lot of things sold there, from bracelets, perfumes, cookies, cakes, clothes to books, dates and even blankets.

I bought only 3 tickets but was refunded by someone (thanks!).

There was a booth specially for people to choose a Palestinian child for them to support.
They had a file with the children's names and details; name, age, how their parents died etc etc...

These 2 are forms in the file. There are a lot more forms of children to be choosen from.

I got to know that the cost to support a child is around 3ooUSD per year. Which comes approximately to RM1000+ per year.
There is no way i cant afford to support a Palestinian child but at the very least, i can write abt them.
Who knows, with Allah's will, one rich fellow come across my blog and decided to support a Palestinian child. Amin... =)

There were a lot of people wearing the green-red palestine scarves around their neck.
I hv been trying to buy the scarf but hesitated to buy when it 's in front of my eyes.
Actually the one place i saw those scarves being sold is during "The End if Zionist Agenda" convention i went once.
But the scarves sold at the convention is not made of clothes i.e cotton, half cotton etc but it was more of synthetic. The texture of the scarf was very smooth, it's like the "cloth" of an umbrella if u know what i'm talking abt.
I didnt see any scarf sold at the bazar; either i didnt notice or it wasnt sold.


p/s: My mood is screwing this post. Decided to still write abt it cos the longer i take, the bigger chance i wont write at all.

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