Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Community Oriented Project

Yes, after tears being shed, and energy being invested, at last i did my community oriented project (COP) which every medical stdnt in IMU shd do during their semester break.

There's a very long story before i managed to get the permission to do this particular project; my 1st experience being scolded (really really scolded) by my lecturer in IMU.

But, to cut the story short, i went to Pusat Perubatan Univ Malaya today.
I visited Ward Paediatric 6; a ward specialised in oncology.
Most of the kids there are cancer patients and they're undergoing chemotherapy.

I did artwork with 3 kids there, all of them having thalassemia.
They are siblings and they were enjoying themselves.
Some other volunteers went into wards to entertain the kids on their beds but i was stationed to be at the playroom.

Oh, i forgot to introduce where the volunteers are coming from.
I'm doing this voluntary work (and also to do my COP project) with an association named "Persatuan Prihatin Kanak-Kanak Kanser Kuala Lumpur" or better known as CARES.
CARES volunteers meet up every wednesday at the same ward and they'll entertain the kids there.
This is my second time joining them, i wrote a post abt my first time going there.

Today i saw one boy just came back from chemotherapy.
He looked weak, and in pain.
I tried to smile a friendly smile but i'm not sure whether i shd be smiling to him or shd be putting up sympathy face for him.


  1. I'm nosey. what did you do to get scolded? Did u deserve it?

  2. Hurm...
    I deserved half of the scoldings, but guess he was being too emotional that he made "the sessionS" to be more than what i deserved.

    I was almost reported to the dean.

    There were consultation hrs where stdnts are supposed to see the lecturers and tell abt their project.
    I missed the allocated consultation sessions so i went directly to him for the consultation.
    And he went.... *booom!*

  3. It cud well b he wuz havin a bad time when u saw him. Mayb he shudnt hav taken it out on u but if u did miss d consultation.

    SessionS? >1 ? wow. that's x so gud to drag it out!

    And he went.... *booom!* >> lol (sori)