Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Dream

I dreamt of solar eclipse last night.
This must be the result of envying those ppl in Nepal and Kedah who gets to witness the solar eclipse.

The dream was pretty weird.
I was in my room's attic, yes attic, tidying up something.
I wasn't sure what was i tidying up but when i tried to recall, the mess looked like soft toys.

Then one of my friend (or was it my brother's friend?), which i dont know who, nvr met before in real life, wanted to come to the attic to help me but he was too heavy that i really really hoped he wont come up because i'm afraid the attic will collapse.

Then, all of a sudden i felt as if the room started to spin, i thought i was the only one who felt so but that friend felt it too!
The room was spinning, then i realised that not only the room, not only my house was spinning but the Earth is spinning faster than usual. The rotation of the Earth suddenly became so fast and significant.
I heard voices saying "eclipse", "earth", "dark", "sun" then i looked out to see the sky (the attic did not hv any window or any opening that would let me see the sky in the first place, it is sort off there wasnt any roof at that time).
I then saw the most beautiful scene ever, the sky turning very very dark, the sun started to be covered with the moon, stars are everywhere, the sky was glittering and a very loud voice was talking.
I understood what the voice was saying when i was asleep but now i cant recall what was it.
I took out my hp to snap some pictures but the earth was spinning very fast, the moon and sun was also moving very fast that everytime i pressed the button "capture", the moon and sun moved place. It's like trying to snap a picture of an athlete running a 100m competition. So the pics i managed to snap werent good.

It's a pretty weird dream, but a beautiful one....



  1. Cool dream.. Why have I never experienced this kind of dream before.. A few days ago I had a dream about being kidnapped by I-don't-know-who. But the good thing was, I wasn't alone because I was kidnapped with my former housemates ( including you Akmar ). So, it wasn't that bad after all.. hahaha

  2. Well, it seems ppl like to dream abt me.
    Each and every one of u guys (i'm talking abt my hsemates; including u Tin) dreamt of me...
    Two dreamt of me fighting with other ppl.
    Oh, i miss those times...
    (As if it was 10 yrs ago) :-P

  3. Assalamualaikum.. hahaha, ada dream macam tu ek? siapa kawan awak tu or kawan adik awak tu?

  4. Waalaikumsalam.
    Hurm, x kenal pun kwn sy or adik kwn sy tu...
    X pernah tgk pun dlm real life, tp org nye x kurus la.
    Apa pun, mmg dh x igt pun muka dia, klo jumpa in real life skrg pun xkn perasan...