Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boycott Israel!


When i first talked abt "Boycott Israel", i received various feedback from my friends.
Some of whom supported, some laughed, some shocked, some doubted my ability and some chose to ignore.
The word boycott suddenly became synonym with my name (once, not now).
Lucky enough, the word wasnt used to boycott me, but merely as a joke; which i honestly do not mind.
Some of my friends know that if they go out with me, the possibility to have lunch at McD is an absolute zero.

But now, the boycott campaign is fading off among some of the Malaysians.
Merely for the fact that the media is no more talking abt it so most people do not know that it is still going on.
In January 09, almost every newspaper featured news abt this organisation planning to boycott this, that organisation planning to boycott that etc etc, on every single day.
But now, those news are replaced by more interesting and sell-able news; the dirty politics in Malaysia, the scandals among Malaysian polticians, the accusations of Malaysian politician towards another politician etc etc.

Oh, i need to get to my point now, enough of introduction.

On 15th August 09 (Saturday), COMPLETE Malaysia is holding a massive boycott campaign.

First of all, supporters are to gather at Lobby Menara DBKL 1, Jln Raja Laut at 9am to purchase or to get their 'boycott' tshirts for free.

Students will get their tshirts FREE with the condition that they produce their valid student ID card. Only one tshirt per card.
For non-students, t shirt is RM25 for adult and RM20 for child.

At 10am, there will be a short address by COMPLETE and the VIPs and wearing of the tshirt.

At 11am food will be distributed and supporters will be divided into groups, train tickets will be provided, and the supporters will travel to selected shopping complexes in KL in group, wearing the 'boycott' tshirt.

On the tshirt, there will be logos of the 4 companies which obviously invested in Israel. The names of the 4 companies will be announced on the day itself.

Anybody who is concerned abt the Palestinians and an upholder of the human rights are invited to join the boycott regardless of religion, gender, race or age.
And, i was told that this is the only activity that IPT stdnts are ALLOWED to participate.


But, as usual, it is a first come first serve basis.
Late comers might not get the free shirts.
Punctuality is important.
Hope to see you there!

p/s: For muslim girls, the shirts are short sleeves. If possible, get a black long sleeved inner shirt. =)
For more information of boycott israel campaign, visit or just google boycott Israel.
The campaign is worldwide, not only in Malaysia.
We are not sticking out like a sore thumb.


  1. Thank you Akmar for publicising this. It's really uplifting everytime I come across the efforts of others who work for the Palestinian cause.

    Great job :D