Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh no!! Holiday is NOT ending..
It has actually ENDED..
Oh yea...
Too bad...
Class starts..
Frhn posted on her fb, she doesn't want to go back to school.
I said i like school, but that doesnt mean i like the class, aye?
Controversial and irony statement..

One week after raya...
I spent my first 3 days of raya at home.
I was SUPPOSED to go back to Kuantan on the 2nd day but something else happened, the trip was cancelled and i ended up going nowhere for raya.
On the 4th day of Raya, i went to IMU library...
Can you believe it?
I can't believe it too...
Hahaha.. I've always value holiday at home so much, and yet i went to the library.
But it turned out the be a beneficial visit to the library after all, i studied quite a lot.
I'm sure i wont study that much if i stayed at home. Too much distractions!
There is the tv, the internet, the bed, and the siblings.
So yes, wednesday, thursday and friday in IMU.. Beneficial, and enjoyable and fun.. =)

What else?
Oh yes, duit raya...
Haha... Eventho i've been living in this world for almost 2 decades, ppl still give me duit raya, well of course they should... I'm not earning yet.
Plus, in chinese culture, one will always get angpow until one gets married. So.....deduce the conclusion!

Sometimes, i'm afraid that someone might just tell me,

"No, i've never said anything like that. Who asked you to think of it that way? You think too much"

Won't that be hurting?
Ever experienced that?
That is EXACTLY why i always like to get a clear explanation on everything.
At least i'll not be in the loss side.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First day of Eid, how should i classify it?
Busy and noisy plus distracting?

The funny thing is, as soon as the Raya prayer was over, 30mins after that, a group of 7 kids from my neighbouring area came to my hse. They are barely 10 years old, i guessed from their size and behaviours. Of course, i know their mission, collecting duit raya...!! One of my missions when i was small also. I used to walk around the area with my friends and siblings and collect duit raya. By the end of the day, i'll be so full of water, drinking at least one glass of water in each hse i visited. But as i grow up, i stopped walking from hse to hse. The kids received their duit raya from my mother in the living room, and then my mum told them to go to the back and meet my grandma, as she is giving out duit raya too. So the kids got double excited, two duit rayas (is there such a word?) in one hse! So guess what they did next? They tried to go to the upper floor in my hse, hoping there's another person giving out duit raya upstairs. Haha...
When they were saying goodbye, the said "Bye! We'll come again tomorrow yah!"
My mum laughed and told them not to come twice and i added that if they do come again, they'll only get drinks, no second duit raya for them.. Funny little kids..

My father was working today. He set out from home even before the Raya prayers, to perform it in Masjid KLCC or Tabung Haji. He's working with a media company, and so they need to do a coverage for the PM's open hse. My aunts from Penang arrived in the afternoon, followed by two other families. And then my former classmates since standard 5 (!), Praba came to my hse with her family. At that time, my hse was really full and noisy.
The funny thing is, my only Muslim visitors today are the group of kids i mentioned earlier. It was my Chinese relatives who came and visit us, and my friend Praba, is an Indian.
I felt proud to see the harmony in my hse at that time. =) Yeah, Malaysia Boleh...! =)

Praba's family then left, leaving her with me. And so we talked and talked and talked, telling our stories. From the living room, into the car (my bro asked me to send him to the grocery shop) and then to my bedroom and then into the car again (i sent my maid out to the bus station, she's on leave) and to the living room, and then to my bedroom again. Wow.. It sounded like we did not stop talking! Haha... The last time i met her was during my sem 1 holiday, the day Dr M came to IMU. That was abt, 2 months back...

At night, there were a lot of extra food, so i heated up all the food and have our dinner. My three aunts from Penang are staying over tonight while the other 2 families went back to their respective houses already.

So, that's my first day of Raya..
How's urs?

p/s: Don't celebrate ur raya alone..... Make it a special day lah.... =)
Yes!! It's raya time..!
After one month of fasting, now we can finally celebrate our efforts.
Admittedly, i didnt much ibadah during this one month.
Hope to improve myself next year, if i am given the chance, amin..

This year, i received 4 raya cards!
Which actually breaks my record.
I rarely receive raya CARDS, sms wishes are normal, especially on Raya eve.
So, thanks to my friends (Hui Fong, Zuriani, Beya and Durga) who personally gave me the cards.
And this year, i gave only one raya card personally, and another one via raya card dedication service to my mentor in IMU.

Ok, it's late now. 2 in the morning..
Hv to go to sleep...
Selamat Hari Raya!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


September 16, 2009 0 Comments

Yes, i think "draining" will be the most suitable word for me now.
When i was a school girl, i didnt have any trouble with fasting, merely because i went to school half of the day and hv my own time to rest during the other half. When I was in INTEC, doing my A Levels, away from family, fasting became more difficult, i thought it was because i didn't eat as good as i did at home, i thought it was because i didn't have my mother beside me reminding me to take nutritious food, and also to wake me up for sahur.
But this time, the fasting month is really tiring, despite the fact that i AM staying at home and i AM having my mother beside me to remind me to eat good food and to wake me up.
So it turned out that fasting is difficult actually, but i didn't realise it for the first 16 years in my life because i wasn't actually living a life outside home.

Up till now, i didn't have any free evening to sleep and rest like i had once.
I spend my evening in the library, going back home, refresh myself, help in the kitchen and it's break fast time.

So yes, my duties and responsibilities are draining my energy out of me. Every night i slept, exhausted, dozzed off in less than 10mins after putting my head on the pillow.
And now i really felt the experience of fasting, the tireness of it all and the benefits behind all the difficulties and tests.

But wait, my life is not that dull and boring and stressfull.
There are a lot of good things happening also.
Like what?
Ok, i make new friends...
What else?
My car wheel burst last night, 11+ at night, when there were only 2 of us, me and my girlfriend.
What else?
Ok, i cannot think of anything now but i'm pretty sure there are a lot of good things happening to me, if not i won't be this jovial anymore.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taken from IMU Muslim Society blog, Sept 10 2009.

Syeikh Ahmad Yasin is the founder of HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement) based in Gaza. HAMAS main agenda is to liberate the whole Palestine from the occupation of the Zionists. Syeikh Ahmad Yasin was assassinated cruelly on 22nd March 2004 by an Israeli Apache helicopter. He was bombed three times, and what was remained were only pieces of his body.


Syeikh Ahmad Yasin was born with the name Ahmad bin Ismail bin Yassin. His Palestinian passport recorded that he was born on January 1st 1929 but he claimed that he was born in 1938, 9 years younger than the documented age.

It is worth knowing that on May 15th 1948, the imaginary country, Israel declared its independence. The day after, 5 Arab countries launched an attack towards the newly formed government. The countries were Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. However, these Arab countries lost in the war; "The Arab-Israel 1948 War". At that time, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was 10 years old. His village was destroyed during the war and he was forced to move out to Gaza with his mother.

During his schooling years, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was known as a bright and sporty young boy.
However, when he was 16 years old (some sources mentioned 12) he was injured while recreating on a beach. He suffered from spinal cord injury, and was paralysed. He can only move his head, he became a quadriplegic. However, wikipedia mentioned that he was wrestling with his friend when he got injured. As to not create hatred and fight between the two families, he lied about his cause of injury. However, that was what wikipedia reported. The truth is hard to find.

Syeikh Ahmad Yassin got married when he was 22 years old and he was gifted with 11 children. In 1964, he went to Univ Ain Shams in Cairo, Egypt to further his study. However, he was captured by the Egyptian government 2 years after that because he was involved with Ikhwanul Muslimin "IM" (Muslim Brotherhood). IM was not accepted by the Egyptian government.

In 1967, the Zionists started occupating Gaza, and by that time Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was released and he went back to Gaza to serve his own people. He started off with being a teacher, and then a speaker and gradually becoming the Khatib during Friday prayers in the mosque. Being a quadriplegic, people doubted his potential at first but was later mesmerised and motivated by his speeches. He encouraged the youngs in Gaza to come to the mosque an additional of two times in a week. He was trying to nurture the value of mosque-loving in Gaza youngsters. And he succeedeed. The occupation by the Zionists burnt the spirit of the younger generations in Gaza, giving them reasons to stand up and defend their homeland.

During the period 1969-1970, Ikhwanul Muslimin was set up in Gaza, with Syeikh Ahmad Yassin being the leader. In 1973, he set up Islamic Academy while in 1982, he set up Al-Mujahidun Al-Filastiniyyun, an organisation specialising in defending the lands of Palestine and the welfare of its people.

In 1983, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was captured for possessions of weapons, setting up an underground resistance movement and threatening the existence of Israel country. For all that, he was punished 13 years in the jail. But he was jailed for only 11 months when he was released in an exchange of prisoners between the Palestine Liberation Org (PLO) and the regime.

In 1987, when the Arabs gradually lose their spirit and motivation to liberate Palestine, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin founded HAMAS @ Harakatul Muqawamatil Islamiyyah @ Islamic Resistance Movement as the official wing of Ikhwanul Muslimin in Palestine. The co-founder of HAMAS was a paeditrician, Dr Abdul Aziz Rantisi. The members of HAMAS are those whose hearts are very well attached to the mosque, those who have high jihad spirit.
Syeikh Ahmad Yassin declared, "We chose this road, and will end with martyrdom or victory" and it has been a motto among the warriors of HAMAS ever since. One of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin's main idea was to make sure Israel is eradicated, and not anywhere on the world map anymore (It's worth knowing that the West pictures Syeikh Ahmad Yassin as the terrorist leader, instead of the hero of Palestinians, who despite being paralysed still have the spirit bigger than anyone in liberating his homeland).

In December 1987, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin led the First Intifadha (the uprising). The Intifadha started off when a big Israeli lorry purposedly hit two of Palestinians small lorries, killing 4 people. The uprising was full of spirit, although they weren't supplied with any weaponries. Gaza had all their borders being blocked by the Isrealis. Gaza had become an open prison but that had never dampen the spirit of the Palestinians. One of the infamous act was throwing of stones to Israeli tankers. Useless it may sound, but if it was the only thing the Palestinians can do, it is better than staying indoor, letting the Israelis rape their women, burn their houses and kill their families.

In 1988, the Zionists chased Syeikh Ahmad Yassin out of his house to South Lebanon, and his house in Gaza was demolished. On May 18 1989, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was captured with hundreds other HAMAS warriors. A year later, he was charged with the murder of Israelis commander and army. He was punished 15 years in the prison (Just as a comparison, in 1982, Ariel Sharon brought in his army to the refugee camp in Sabra and Shatilla in Lebanon and killed more than 3000 refugees! The case was heard in the military court. And a resolution was created: those found guilty were fined 14sen USD!)
Two of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin's sons volunteered to accompany their father in the prison as his health is deteriorating, plus the fact that he is paralysed.
During his imprisonment, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin suffered chronic respiratory and abdominal diseases. He also lost his right-eye sight, blurred vision in the left eye, and muscular deterioration.

In 1992, HAMAS commando team kidnapped a Zionist army, an negotiated for a prisoner exchange. The kidnapped army will be released if the Zionists release Syeikh Ahmad Yassin and a few other old and sick HAMAS fighters. However, Zionist refused and attacked the site where the army was captived and killed 3 HAMAS warriors. The kidnapped army and 2 other Israeli commanders were also killed.

5 years later, in 1997, Khaled Mash'al, the speaker for HAMAS based in Syria was staying in Jordan. During his stay, 2 of Israeli's spies tried to assassinate him but failed miserably. They were caught by the commoners and sent to the Jordan government for trial. The King of Jordan offered to release them with the condition that Syeikh Ahmad Yassin is also released. No one knows how important the 2 Mossad agents are but the regime agreed to release Syeikh Ahmad Yassin after imprisoning and abusing him for 8 years.

The West media reported that Syeikh Ahmad Yassin agreed to be released and promised to "stay quiet" and refrain himself for calling any resistance from the Palestinians but when he resumed his post as HAMAS leader, the West media potrayed him as someone who broke the agreement.

In Sept 2000, Ariel Sharon, the then PM of the imaginary country Israel visited Masjidil Aqsa, the thirs most sacred mosque for Muslims (the West media reported that Ariel Sharon visited Al Aqsa but the Muslim media reported that Ariel Sharon polluted Masjidil Aqsa)
This sparked off the Second Intifadha. Unlike the first, the Second Intifadha was supported by Arab countries and wasn't done only by HAMAS but also by FATAH and Jihad Islami. Not only stones but mortar weapons, and traps were also used. The spirit of Muslims rose up due to the release of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin. Amaliyyah Istisyahidiyyah (known as suicide bombings by the West) also increased. Israel suffered from wealth and lives loss.

3 years later, Sept 6 2003, Israel sent an Apache to bomb Syeikh Ahmad Yassin's house in Gaza. He wasn't killed but few other children were. He was only wounded on his hand. Despite a try of assassination, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin did not try to protect himself. He's still very much a people-man, not having bodyguards surrounding him, still maintaining his daily routine and went to the mosque for daily prayers on his wheelchair. An important question, "Will the leaders now do the same if their enemy tried to kill them?".

6 months later, on 22nd March 2004, Syeikh Ahmad Yassin was being pushed in his wheelchair to his house after a Subuh prayer in the Islamic Academy Mosque in Gaza. His house was very near to the mosque. Half way to his house, an Apache flew over the sky and released 3 bombs onto Syeikh Ahmad Yassin. The bombs cost him his life and his two men. His remainings were shattered everywhere on the floor. Eye witness mentioned that after the 1st bombing, he saw a wheel from Syeikh Ahmad Yassin's wheel chair flew up into the sky. In a split second, Palestine lost a leader very dear to the people's hearts and the Muslim community lost a leader, who was brave enough despite being a quadriplegic.

Upon assassiation of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin, Dr Aziz Rantisi took office, replacing his friend as the leader of HAMAS. After not even a month, he was assassinated by an Israeli Apache. Since then, HAMAS did not disclose the identity of their leader, avoiding the same fate of Syeikh Ahmad Yassin and Dr Aziz Rantisi.

HAMAS frontmen were quotes as saying, "The Israels had killed one Syeikh Ahmad Yassin, but there will be thousands more Syeikh Ahmad Yassins emerging from the streets of Palestine".

Friday, September 4, 2009

I hv been wearing up to 3 layers of clothes to IMU for the past few days.
Why? Because i spend a lot of time in the library and the library is very very cold that even my fingers went cramped.
Even the auditorium is comparable to the famous snow house in Genting Highland.
But i couldn't understand how some of my batchmates can stand being in the auditorium with mini skirts and spaghetti straps.
To say that they have enough cellulites as heat insulator embedded under their cutaneous tissue, is ridiculous. Most of them are slim and skinny.
So how can they?

My mother told me once, women in the west have been fighting for women's right since early nineteenth and twentieth century.
And the rights they have been claiming for includes abortion right, voting right, maternity leave, equal pay, and so on and so forth.
Some of the claims are even ridiculous for me.
Man can lift heavy things, be a hardwork labour, and women can't.
Just accept that fact. Why must women fight for equity? The right to be the same as men? Let men do the hard, though, heavy jobs.
If women want to have the same rights as men have, then no man will be a gentleman. No man will offer to carry a woman's heavy bag, no man will give way to woman in a long queue and no man will pay for a meal because the woman is just as capable as he is!
And there will also be no "Ladies first" in the world.
Although there will still be "First Lady".

She also pointed out that there is one aspect these feminists forgot to fight for.
And that is the right to have proper attire.
The west have made it in such a way that only half naked women are considered women, and the fully covered ladies are freaks.
The world now is having such a view that ladies must show what they've got. The quote "Dare to Bare" is almost everywhere.

In a ball, ladies will be expected to wear a gown, a dress.
And the gown must be bareback, the shoulders should be seen, and a cleavage is a must.
If the skirt is long, some legs are expected.
If it's not long, short skirt will be favoured.
For what?
For display.
To feel nice.
To feel good.
To get attention.
To be like others.

In fact, this is actually a major abuse of women's right.
What do men wear for official ceremonies?
What do men wear when women are exposing half of their bodies?
How does a formal attire for a man look like?
How does it compare with a formal attire for a woman?

A man wears a long shirt, necktie and long pants.
The man must also wear a pair of covered shoes, together with the socks.
Who now, suffers more?
Who now, more susceptible to cold?
Who now, is actually being exploited?

I'm not saying men must also wear barebacks, shorts or singlets to official functions. No!!!
What men wears now is smart and cool enough.
But to girls out there, who like to expose what u have, to feel proud of it, to get attention out of it, just remember, "This is an exploitation of women".
Women are supposed to be respected, not for display.

The best jewelry in a jewelry shop is kept in their safebox, with locks and codes.
And those jewelries readily displayed on the shelves are not as valuable.

Attention we get for exposing our "posessions" are cheap attention, temporary ones.
The real attention is who we are (cewah).

So, let's reduce the exposure!

p/s: i bet some readers will say "Ala, Akmar is jealous because she cant display expose anything"....
My reply: Hahahahaha... Say whatever u want, i know what i think and how i feel.

Because life is a test...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm pretty busy today.
I went all around IMU to find muslim studnts from other courses, quite a tough job given the fact that i dont know anyone from other course, neither do i know what course exists in IMU.
And i backed out from a chess tournament which shd be held this saturday in IMU (ooh.. feel real bad abt it but i really cant make it for the tournametnt).

At 345, i went for telematch, an activity organised for the orientation of the new Medicine batch. Since i'm an OO (orientation officer), today is my duty to follow my group members and help them in whatever way i can.

Someone wished me "Happy Wasting Your Time" before i leave the library to join the telematch.
Well, it was quite a not-so-smart-way of spending my hours but study isn't the only thing i shd be doing, is it?
I was ready to be dirty this time but as soon as i reached the field where the telematch was held, my passionate photographer batchmate, Tay handed me a big, bulky, cool, and professional camera.
And i ended up being a cameragirl.. Hahaha..
So, nobody touched me, poured any flour on me, or even sprayed any water on me.
So, thanks Tay for borrowing me the camera and indirectly rescuing me from all the dirts...! Haha...

I cant upload any pic now as all the pics are with Tay, i'll see if i can get hold of those picts tomorrow.

The telematch started at around 5 and supposed to finish at 8pm.
I went out 10mins before 7 to buy food for me and 2 other muslim stdnts for breaking fast.
I was glad that Joash actually appreciated our presence there, despite fasting.
But as Ikmal said, even the Badar War can be won during the fasting month, so fasting cannot be made an excuse.

Anyway, now i'm at home, tired and sleepy.
Need to sleep now, and i'm pretty sure i'll have a hard time waking up for sahur tomorrow. Haiz..
Alrite goodnight! Salam.

3rd Sept 09


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Frankly speaking, i have been quite busy and sick for the past few days...

On Friday i went to Seremban, then Malacca to Ain's hse.
On Saturday from Malacca i went to Seremban again, to Atikah's hse.
Then on Sunday from Malacca i went to KLIA and back to my hse.
On Sunday as well I spent almost RM150 for raya in Masjid India.

And for all the 3 days i was not feeling well.
So i rest the whole day at home during Merdeka holiday.
What a patriotic way to celebrate the event.
And the modem in my hse has been faulty since Friday but as i'm away, nobody did anything.
After spending almost 1 hr calling Streamyx, they gave me a resolution; "Miss, u need to go to a computer shop to repair ur modem".. Haiz..

And so i wasnt able to surf my fb, write in my blog or even update my Kaspersky AV this weekend.
And i realised just how important internet connection to me now.

My first day in Malacca was a bit disastrous. Not because of the bad treatment from her family, never ever, they treated us exactly how Muslims are taught to treat guests, with respect and care. But I suffered from hypoxia and hyperglycemia. Haha..
The last thing i ate was tandoori chicken in Shah Alam which my lecturer kindly treated me. And more than 20 hrs after that meal without eating anything, I cant even stand properly.
So that night, when everyone went to Tarawih prayers, i slept alone in the hse, rejuvenating myself.

Before they set off to the surau, i asked if i shd lock the hse up since i'm the only one staying in. She said i dont hv to as she always leave the hse unlocked, the surau is just in front of their hse and it's in a peaceful, little village.

But being me, i did not want to take any risk, i slept with my knife under the pillow. Haha...
Approx 1hr after they come back from Tarawih, i woke up. Felt better though was still dizzy. We helped Ain packed her things up for her departure to Dublin on Sunday.
She packed a whole luggage full of food but needed to take everything out again as JPA instructed the stdnts not to bring any food as the weight limit is only 20kg. And JPa do not want to have any problem arising later in the airport if their luggages are overweight.
So there goes Ain's ketupat, instant noodles, chocolate milk etc etc. And she bought a wool glove. Cute! And so, me and Atikah played with her glove before she gets the chance to use it in Ireland!

On the second day, Ain drove me and Atikah and her 12 year old niece to the beach (i didnt bother to ask what is the name of the beach, and i regretted it now).
We snapped a lot of pictures there and the best thing is, me and Ain accidentally wore the same tshirts and even our hijab is of the same colour... Comelnye... (Perasan sendiri)

Ain's eldest brother then sent us to Melaka Sentral where me and Atikah boarded a bus to Seremban. As soon as we reached Seremban, Atikah's 2nd brother (the one whose wedding function i attended last month) fetched us and we went for watch-hunting. But why? Because Atikah's flying to India (sad...) on Sept 11 and her brother wants to give her a memorable, practical, expensive and nice watch.
And so followed them (her brother and wife and Atikah).
Four of us went to few shops around Seremban town (i dont know the name of the places, not familiar with the places) and our last destination was Jusco.

Frankly speaking, I hvnt fully recover and so during the watch-hunting i was kinda dizzy but the illness is easily forgotten when i'm with Atikah. Haha.. She and her jokes, i even forgot i hvnt been eating since sahur that morning.
There was a funny moment when her brother was driving into the parking area in Jusco, where a woman stared at her brother while me and Atikah's sister-in-law looking at that lady. I dont think i'll be able to deliver the story nicely here, so i'll just let it go.

When we reached Atikah's hse, it's very near to buka puasa time and i managed to help only a bit in laying the table. Most of her brothers and the only sister she have are at home.
And guess what?
I was so lucky that that day was the celebration day of little Harith's birthday.
And so there was a "Chocolate Indulgence" by Secret Recipe. Nyam nyam nyam...

I snapped a lot of pics but couldnt upload it here due to aurat reasons.
This is the only suitable pict i can upload.
Notice Harith's expression? The whole house roared into laughter when he first learnt how to do that facial expression. Atikah said that little boy had just learnt how to control his own eyebrows. Haha...
For those who don't know, Harith is Atikah's first nephew, her first brother's first son, the apple of everyone's eyes.

The next day, on Sunday we went out of her hse at 7am.
Atikah's parents drove us to KLIA.
Ain's flight was at 10am.
At around 7.50 am she called us, she said she has only 10mins left, and we were still far from KLIA. Atikah's father said there was no way we can reach KLIA in 10mins.
I was very frustrated and blamed myself for setting off late.
My father wanted to fetch me from KLIA at 8am because he knows by then Ain will hv checked in. But being blurr, i did not actually followed his advise.

As we reached KLIA, me and Atikah rushed out the car running into the departure section. And we managed to meet Ain before she checked in.
We managed to snap some picts with her.

The best shot I can have with Ain

Her mother cried, and she let out some tears too.
We managed to see her for only 10mins before she went in.
And there goes my bestfriend to Dublin, Ireland.

O Allah, please protect my friend over there.
I hope she'll return to Malaysia, safe and sound, successfull in her studies and as a better person.

My father fetched me and Atikah before 9am and we headed to my hse.
Atika spent approx one hr in my hse, going thru my photo albums collection and then we went to Masjid India.
After Masjid India, i sent her to Serdang KTM station and she went back to Seremban.

I drove back home, and went flat as soon as i reached home.
Slept for 2hrs before my mother woke me up to go out for breaking fast.

Is this post long enough?
I dont know, but this a brief account on how i spent my weekend.

I sincerely and honestly pray this friendship will last forever. Amin...

Life is a test.